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Are you drained by the end of the workday?
Do you feel trapped in an unfulfilling career?
Does the job hunting process leave you feeling paralyzed?
Are you unclear about what's next in your career?

Regardless of your situation, using willpower, sheer effort, and fear to change your situation is inefficient, ineffective, and unnatural. I'd like to teach you how to create satisfying, sustainable work in ways that work for you. Click on the articles below to learn some new ways to think about what's going on and practical ways you can move towards what you want. If you need more support for you &/or your employees, please visit my website to learn more.

What would you like to change about work?

Live well,
Christine Gust, MBA
Doctor of Naturopathy
Christine Gust, MBA & Doctor of Naturopathy - PO Box 20743 - Boulder, Colorado 80308 - 303-444-4839
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