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  April 2010

Pros & Cons of Creating Work That Works For You

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and the day came
when the effort it took to be good was harder than the practice of being real.

and the day came
when trying to be better was dissolved by realizing i am good enough.

and the day came
when holding on took more work than letting go.

and the day came
when musing over what  was drifted behind what is and what i can be.

and the day came
when my perceived flaws were seen as my gifts and my teachers.

and the day came when treading water i became tired and let myself ride the wave.

and the day came
when trying to be perfect
constrained the blossoming of who i really am.

and the day came
when my crossed arms of fear were opened
by the spread of my wings
and i flew.

(One of my clients sent me this poem when she flew. If you know the author, please email me.)
"Creating work you love and loving the work you have aren't selfish. They are the most generous things you can do because when you are nourished by work, you have more to give the world."

Ready to work in ways that are healthy, productive, and satisfying?

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First, let me clarify that "work that works for you" means it supports your needs and goals. It includes what you're doing, how you're doing it, and where you're doing it. For some, it means creating work that deeply inspires them, where their skills and knowledge are used in ways that fulfill their purpose. Their work is their calling.

For others, their highest priority may be something else, like family, so creating work that works for them means it provides a stable, livable income, reasonable hours so they can be home, and where the work itself doesn't drain them but rather supports them in their purpose.

What does "work that works for you" mean to you? What would it look like if your work works for you? if you have a minute, email me. (Tip: When you can identify what you want and write it down, your brain makes new neural pathways so you can achieve it.)

First, let's look at the reasons NOT to create work that works for you.
  1. You don't really know if you can achieve what you want, so you can avoid being disappointed or failing if you stay with what you know (even if you're not satisfied now).
  2. You'll have to make some changes, and we all know that's not easy or comfortable.
  3. You may not know how to create what you want. (If you did, you'd already be there, right?!) Fear of the unknown and making mistakes keeps many people in their comfort zone, even if they'd rather be doing something else.
  4. You may disappoint someone, or people will think you're crazy.
What other reasons can you think of not to create work that works for you?

When you consider these challenges, it seems smart and safe to stay where you are.

Now, here are the pros for creating work that works for you:
  1. You'll be healthier. Forcing yourself to work in ways that aren't  a good fit for you (e.g. hectic pace, high stress level, long hours, type of work, culture mismatch, work environment) drains you physically and mentally, like trying to walk 5 miles in the wrong size shoe. Forget "No pain, no gain." When the shoe fits, you can go farther and enjoy it, which translates into better health.
  2. You'll be more productive. Because your work supports your needs and goals, you can focus your attention on accomplishing what's important.
  3. You'll have more fun and look forward to going to work. (I hope that's obvious!)
  4. You'll be more successful overall. True success isn't limited on how much money you make or your title. It's much broader and includes the positive impact you have on others, your contributions to make the world a better place, and how much you enjoy your life.
  5. You'll develop the power and freedom to be who you are and do more of what you really want because you'll know yourself better and what you need to be your best self in the world.
What other reasons can you think of?

What can you do?
If work is working for you, GREAT! Keep it up. You're an inspiration for others. However, if you're not happy at work, overwhelmed, not performing well, and/or suffering physical or mental health issues, these are your clues to pay attention. The issue may be what
you're doing, how you're doing it, and/or where you're doing it.

Sometimes, people think the answer is to quit and go somewhere else, but they discover they can make changes right where they are to transform their situation.

Sometimes they're staying in a job that no longer serves them or the organization because they are unsure about what to do next or how to get there. Sometimes, the issue is not directly work-related but is impacting their performance and/or health.

When the pros outweigh the cons, it's time to take action. Before you act, answer these questions:
  • "If I could create work that works for me, what would that look like?" 
  • "What am I afraid of?" (Just naming fears helps reduce their grip on you.)
  • "How will I know it's time for me to take a step?" (I've included a poem that begins "and the day came" to help you recognize when it's time.)
If you want support in taking that step, sign up for the next series of sessions, set up an individual session, or form your own group.

When you create work that works for you, we all benefit.

Live well,

MBA, Doctor of Naturopathy
(c) 2010 Christine Gust
"Create Work You Love . . . A Natural Approach"
Whether the challenge is what you're doing, how you're doing it, or where you're doing it, these 3 weekly sessions invite you to experience a natural approach for finding or creating work that inspires you while enjoying the process. Instead of using willpower, sheer effort, and fear to drive you to action, you can tap into far greater resources, inspiration, creativity, and opportunities when you discover ways that feel more natural to who you are.

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Free Intro Talk- Creating Work You Love
April 14,  6 - 7 pm  

if you're interested in experience easier ways of finding work that inspires you or making your current job better, we invite you to a complimentary talk to explore this possibility. You'll understand how the stress of these challenges blocks the visioning, creativity, and energy needed to resolve your situation, and learn practical tips to move towards what you really want.

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For Human Resources Managers

Taking Care of Ourselves to Take Care of Others: Personal Sustainability for HR Managers

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Earthworks- May 22-23, 2010
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Personal Sustainability at Work:  How You Work Is Just As Important As What You Do

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