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Spring 2012
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Ignore Reality! What Possible You Haven't Imagined?
Flower Essence: Purple Crocus
What Else is Possible: Teeth Can Heal?
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Christine Gust, MBA
Doctor of Naturopathy
ignoreIgnore Reality! What's Possible You Haven't Imagined?

When I say this in seminars, there is a mixed reaction. Some smile and nod, while others question the idea (and probably my sanity). As I explain further, "Paying attention to 'what is' gets you more of it. You have to focus on where you'd like to be." Sure, you've all heard sayings about focusing on dreams and quotes about creating solutions by Albert Einstein and other inventors, but they don't work where you do, right? :)

What's the "reality" about your job or career that you believe can't change? Here are a few examples from recent sessions:

From a "Financial Planning for Musicians" session- "Starvation is a sign of talent." "It's impossible (or incredibly difficult) for me to make good money as a musician. I don't have the skills to manage money."

From the session at Imagine!- "I'm a social worker. I can't think about taking care of me when I have 40 clients who have more urgent needs."

From a job seeker- "I haven't been in the workforce for a few years. I don't have the skills or specialization needed for today's job market."

Do these thoughts make you feel heavy or light? If you feel heavy and contracted, this is your body's way of telling you the thoughts aren't true for you. This is where a lot of people get stuck because they assume the thought is true. 

Instead ask, "What else is possible I haven't imagined yet?" This is tricky because if you knew, you'd already be doing it. So, just ask the question without figuring out an answer. Here are some questions that came out of the examples I mentioned:

Musician: "What skills do I have as a musician that I could apply to managing money in ways that would work for me?"

Social Worker: "Instead of focusing on how much I give to my clients today, what would happen if I focused on how much I could receive?"

Job seeker: "What would it take for a fun, well-paying job to show up?"

hmmmm . . . Sound crazy but interesting? When you give your mind a question or problem it doesn't know the answer to, it starts to search for solutions. This creates new neural pathways in your brain, and you'll become aware of options you haven't considered.

  • What would you and/or your team like to change about work? 
  • What would it take for work to work for you?
  • What would you like to experience in your career that you don't think is possible?  
Contact me to find out about classes and coaching, and let's go beyond business as usual and create work that works for you.

aWhat Else Is Possible: Teeth Can Heal?


How I use questions goes beyond the workplace. It's what led me into studying natural health, and I'm continually amazed at what I discover. For example, the current reality says that our bodies need interventions in order to be healthy, but what if that's not always true?

When I chipped a tooth a few months ago, I asked lots of questions, including, "What's right about this I'm not getting?" and "What else is possible that I haven't imagined?" My questions led me to a wholistic dentist who shared some of the latest developments in dental care and turned me onto resources that are rocking my world. Turns out, the teeth have the ability to heal themselves from decay! Does that possibility make you feel lighter? 


If you'd like to learn more, here are a few resources for you to explore. Please note these are for educational purposes and are not intended to be medical advice.

Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel
Self-Dentistry video by Nadine Artemis

I'm doing what I can on my own to support my dental health, and I also appreciate having a dentist who has the expertise to deal with any problems that need additional support.

What else is possible?!


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flowerFlower essences offer gentle support in facilitating changes you'd like to make in your life. I have an organic perma-culture garden and make flower essences to use in my work with clients who are interested. Here's some info about an early spring flower.

Purple Crocus
has to do with the throat and "speaking your truth." Crocus flower essence releases unexpressedCrocus Flower emotions held in this part of the body, notably sadness, regret, grief or loss. These fearful emotions are replaced by a sense of openness and clarity. Healing from past hurts, fears and anxieties ease, our joy, wisdom and personal power are strengthened. Our self-image improves, forgiveness and tolerance within us expands. As one of the first flowers in spring, it supports the beginning of a new cycle or season of life.
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"How do we find work that works for us? Christine helps her clients answer that question in ways that really work for them. This shift in focus means everything. Goodbye, trying to "fit a job description with a keyword focused resume." Hello, identifying work we love to do and getting it. Oh, and did I mention the process is kinda fun? In a five star world, I'd give Christine's skills six-stars-plus.
" - Sharon
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