July 2, 2012 
State Announces $637.6 Million for Shovel-Ready School Construction Projects     
June 27, 2012 | www.dgs.ca.gov
The State Allocation Board (SAB) announced today that it has awarded approximately $637.6 million for shovel-ready school construction projects across the state. The state matching funds will help finance 198 school construction projects within 96 school districts. Funds for these projects are provided by bonds authorized under Propositions 1A, 1D, 47 and 55.  
     "Today's apportionments will be put to work statewide to fund 61 new construction projects, 97 modernization projects, and 40 projects from additional programs," said SAB Chair Pedro Reyes. "These funds will be distributed within 90 days to quickly benefit school districts and local communities."  
     The SAB's accelerated funding rules permit participating school districts with approved projects to submit advance certifications that they will meet requirements for fund release within 90 days of receiving an apportionment. These requirements include having local matching funds, usually 50 percent of the total project cost, in hand, and at least half of the construction contracts in place. School districts in financial hardship are also able to compete for priority-ordered funding to purchase sites or begin design work.


198 school construction projects:
Pasadena City College Board of Trustees Fire School Official Linked to Bribery Case
By Neil Protacio | www.altadena.patch.com | June 20, 2012  


EXCERPT: ... "This action will be final, effective immediately upon delivery of the Board's written decision to Dr. van Pelt," wrote Board President and Area 1 Trustee Geoffrey Baum in a release. "The Board's action is independent of the ongoing criminal investigation of the Los Angeles County District Attorney."
     According to Dave Demerjian of the Public Integrity Division of the District Attorney's Office, van Pelt was allegedly accepting bribes from contractors in exchange for construction contracts on campus. 
      "The allegation was a solicitation of contracts for the college," Demerjian said. "In March this year, the D.A. had received a complaint from an individual which prompted the investigation." 

       In an interview with the Courier, PCC's news publication, College President Dr. Mark Rocha would move forward with replacements regardless on whether van Pelt was found guilty.

     "The investigation if a whole separate matter," Rocha said in the interview. "Our main focus is moving forward." 

      Van Pelt played a critical role in the college administration, overseeing the college's business affairs, including the college's $100-million-plus annual expenditures. He was in charge of preparing the annual budget, planning and approving all maintenance and construction projects, managing payroll, and supervising the Campus Police Department and bookstore. ...

To read the complete article please visit:

Pasadena City College Measure P Bond: www.pasadena.edu/bond/
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