MAY 29, 2012
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Another contractor pleads out in corruption probe

Written by Wendy Fry | April 26, 2012 | U-T San Diego


EXCERPT: CHULA VISTA - Another contractor pleaded out Thursday in the District Attorney's widening corruption probe into South County construction contracts awarded under voter-approved bond programs at Southwestern College and Sweetwater schools.


Rene Flores, president of Seville Group Inc., sent his attorney to enter his plea of no contest Thursday to misdemeanor charges of aiding in the commission of a misdemeanor -- stemming from the failure of public officials to disclose meals he bought them on state-mandated forms.


Through his attorney, Flores declared that the meals, entertainment and gifts he provided were made at the request of public officials at Sweetwater schools including former Superintendent Jesus Gandara.


"At no time did the elected board members or superintendent reimburse me for the donations, meals, tickets or gifts," a Flores statement said.


Flores' plea bargain is contingent on him testifying in court against the Sweetwater defendants, according to court documents. Flores' company oversaw $644 million in construction bond money.


He did not respond to requests for comment Thursday.


Gandara, along with Sweetwater trustees Arlie Ricasa and Pearl Quiñones and former board member Greg Sandoval, have all denied felony charges that they accepted meals and other gifts and then failed to report them. ...


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Blog post by former Detroit Free Press reporter who exposed CABs in Michigan, which led to their state prohibition in 1994:

See no evil: CABS and media - Joel on the Road - May 16, 2012

Comment on above blog in response to CABs and Consequences:

Mr. Thurtell:  On Friday, May 11, I attended the annual conference of the California League of Bond Oversight Committees in Sacramento. The increasing use of Capital Appreciation Bonds (CABs) to fund construction in California school districts (and fund the funding of school construction) was extensively discussed. Your articles were briefly mentioned by one speaker as influential in banning CABs in Michigan. You may be the catalyst to get CABs banned in California before the next generation of property owners in this state is saddled with a huge burden for construction completed 30-40 years earlier, when the political culture in this state revolved around the principle of "spend now / let someone else pay later." You need to do a speaking tour in California. I recommend contacting the California Association of County Treasurers and Tax Collectors, the California League of Bond Oversight Committees, and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. - Kevin Dayton, President and CEO, Labor Issues Solutions, LLC


First Annual CaLBOC Conference Handouts, May 11, 2012
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Preserving the Public Trust: Case Studies in Technical Financial Analysis

Lori Raineri, President of Government Financial Strategies

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Forensic Accounting Tips

Alicia Minyen, CPA, CFE, CaLBOC Board Member

Detecting waste and illegal misuses of bond proceeds. Capital Appreciation Bonds and their negative implications on school financing.

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Another Contractor Pleads Out in Corruption Probe
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