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Welcome to the Awakening Message newsletter archive. Our newsletter is designed to help people awaken to their full potential - to a life of purpose, abundance, joy, wonder and awe.
Designing Transformation is a community that brings together individuals, parents and Social Artists (creatives, activists, teachers, philosophers, innovators and healers) to inspire, support and share wisdom and resources for the purpose of awakening to a life full of meaning, abundance and joy. Designing Transformations serves by:

  • Reflecting the massive global transformation happening within individuals, and across society, technology, economy and environment.
  • Calling forth individuals creative yearning for a deeper purpose through connectivity.
  • Leveraging the latest web technology to accelerate connections, awareness, knowledge and idea sharing and collaboration.
  • Providing practical "how tos" and guidance for empowerment to facilitate rapid transformation.
  • Serving as a model for a new economy business which is sustainable, socially responsible, based on collaboration and focused on service.

In our newsletter, website and blog, we help you awaken to life - Mind, Body and Spirit through a vibrant community that supports the exploration of healthy and sustainable living, spirituality, creative expression, meaningful work and family. 

May you walk in beauty, wonder and awe,

Lianne Bridges

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  • March 11_2011
  • Apocalypse or Revolution in Consciousness - This week's message is about the extraordinary events that are taking place on our planet and how to best manage your way through them.
  • February 21_2011
  • Connecting to Nature - This week's message is about the importance of connecting to nature - both externally and internally. Connecting to nature helps to heal ourselves and the world!
  • February 14_2011
  • The Art of Love - This week's message celebrates love. Valentines Day is a reminder to us all that we need to honor the loving connections we have in our lives.
  • February 7_2011
  • Pure Work - This week's message is about bringing our gifts and passions out through our work. When we do this, not only do we help to heal the world, but we heal and strengthen our own heart.
  • Awakening Message Jan 31_2011
  • Courage in the Face of Adversity - This week's message is about facing adversity without fear and reconnecting to the inner strength that resides within each one of us.
  • Awakening Message Jan 24_2011
  • Weaving Your Divine Tapestry - This week's message is about allowing your unique gifts to shine through and lovingly letting your beauty touch the world.
  • Awakening Message Jan 17_2011
  • Finding the Divine Within - We have forgotten who we truly are. We have forgotten that we have sprung forth from divine force and creation.
  • New Horizons June 29_2010

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