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The Reveal Surprises -All about New gTlds  
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13 July 2012       Internet industry updates, policy trends, tips, and news on Africa...   







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"You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor" -- Aristotle

"Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it. The man who knows how will always have a job. The man who also knows why will always be his boss". -- 

          Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Africa Brief
The Best: Top 10 Mobile Phone Apps in Africa 

African technology developers are coming up with award winning innovative farming, social and health-themed mobile-phone apps specifically tailored to Africa's unique challenges and opportunities.   


Our top 10 favorites.

In a continent which is fast developing, yet still grappling with poverty, inequality, natural disasters and unstable politics, the need for better infrastructure, more efficient health systems and access to basic necessities is a daily urgency. The good news is that Africa's mobile penetration of 60% (predicted to reach 100% by 2014*) means organisations can bypass bureaucracy and deliver solutions directly to the everyday 'mwananchi' **, empowering Africans to lift themselves into a better life. [more]
Infrastructure investment to boost Africa's internet connectivity

Internet connectivity spurs the growth of African economies, but investment in building the infrastructure to help meet growing demand for fast and reliable broadband -- especially in poorer countries needs to catch up.  EAST COAST OF AFRICA, MOMBASA, KENYA  (SEACOM)

The arrival of the fibre optic cable brought with it promises of faster more reliable internet -- the days of slow speeds and hours wasted staring at computer screens waiting for emails to download were gone.


Africa's internet connectivity through satellite is now almost a thing of the past as new terrestrial and submarine cables connect the continent to the rest of he world. Sub-Saharan Africa alone has nine submarine cables, with a total capacity of 22 terabytes, the volume of traffic that can be transmitted by optic fibre cables.[More]

Kenya is set to house the DOTAfrica (.africa) Domain...


CIO East Africa

 ..... that is going to establish a world-class Internet registry system infrastructure that is set to serve all of Africa and the global African Diasporas.  June 2012 Main Story:   [Full Read....]

DotAfrica is among the top fifty (50) hottest domains 
Thanks to DCA and its joint marketing effortwith United Domains recent  announcement on its pre-registrations ranking includes Africa is among the top fifty (50) hottest domains.   Check us out...

 Viva DCA!


United Domian Pre-registration .africa


 ICANN Brief- Prague and more

The debate in Prague as well as the key note speeches were mostly dominated by the issues of  openness  transparency and objectivity at ICANN and what is next for gtlds?  


DCA Welcome Fadi Chehade & Bids Farewell to Rod BeckStrom 


Rod Beckstrom - DotConnectAfrica
Rod BeckStrom, Outgoing CEO
Fadi Chehade - DotConnectAfrica
Fadi Chehade, Incoming CEO












DCA Joins the entire internet Fraternity in Welcoming ICANN president and CEO , Fadi Chehade.


DotConnectAfrica takes this auspicious opportunity to indeed humbly welcome the new CEO and President Mr. Chehade, having been among the many delegates represented at Prague 44th ICANN conference, we were indeed honored among the entire internet fraternity to listen to the introductory speech. Indeed the commitment for transparency and attention to the new frontiers like Africa shall go along way into extending the good work at ICANN.


Mr. Chahade is an endowed professional with a rich academic and career history and DotConnectAfrica believes that this will be translated in Continuing the legacy that ICANN has upheld thus far , the same process that has been upheld by the outgoing veteran Mr. Rob Beckstrom whose time at the helm brought about many firsts, the developments that include the expansion of the domain namespace that has yielded the just concluded application round.


DotConnectAfrica looks forward to a continued and sustained cooperation and increased collaboration ,that will prosper the all inclusive multistakeholder model that DCA supports entirely. 


Our favorate quotes at the opening speech of ICANN:


"The Internet is the Greatest Public Gift ...ICANN cannot become a fortress. ICANN must become an oasis, a place that people see and come to because it works, because it makes sense, because it's efficient" F Chehade


Some of the hot topics and news included:

Open Letter to ICANN's New CEO, Fadi Chehadé

Digital Archery Suspended 

Plan may allow new TLD applicants to fix errors


"ICANN has received requests for changes to submitted applications. We take these requests very seriously and are working on developing guidelines for these changes".   ICANN



Post Prague News:

IANA Logo -DotConnectAFricaCongratulations ICANN !

ICANN Awarded Contract to Continue to Perform Internet Assigned Numbers Authority Functions Announcement Comes After ICANN's Largest Ever Meeting [more]
In the News: ICANN Keeps Control Over IANA Internet Root [more]
 What is up at DCA?



DCA's Recent Commentaries 


Press Commentary: DCA Trust & UniForum SA have both applied for the same 'Africa' Geographic Name String 


A Moral Victory: ICANN's response to African Union 



People are talking: DCA is going to change the Continent's name if it does not have .africa !

Don't even think about it! 

dotdotafrica question


DCA's own "reveal" day for DOTAfrica and/or .africa was 7 years ago @ ICANN Paris 2006, and if one have not heard about DCA's Yes2dotAfrica campaign, then you are not in the ICANN society;) See our Press commentary to the right.. for ca


DCA's advisors, staff & partners giving their own perspectives on ICANN's reveal of gTLDs 


Sammy Buruchara DotConnctAfrica
Sammy Buruchera

 ICANN has opened up new opportunities, including Africa


Gidion Rop1
Gideon Rop

for Circle ID 


by Sammy Buruchara, 

Chairman of DCA Global Strategic 

Advisory Leadership Group 





17 African new gTLD Applications, Time for Reckoning the good start   [More] by Gideon Rop, DCA Project Support Engineer


Gavin Brown- CentralNic CTO -DotConnectAfrica
Gavin Brown

Expert view: Gavin Brown, CTO, CentralNic, seconded as CTO for DCA


Interview by .Nxt    

With the release of applications for the new gTLD process, .Nxt asked a number of industry experts for their views of what the information shows. [more]





DCA attended ICANN Prague and was also represented by its back-end Registry provider CentralNic who says it is excited to bring technology transfer to Africa and was also a sponsor at the ICANN event.   See our PR update ay link here......


ICAN Prague Logo- DotConnectAfricaSophia Bekele with CentralNic






New Development @ DCA      

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DCA local Activities Updates:  

  • DCA attended iHUB Kenya and reports: Webinars Provide Successful meetings in Africa, [more]
  • DCA attended and reports on IGF Kenya: Successful meeting [more]

INDUSTRYIndustry Brief:  New gTLD Update