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Green Tortoise Camp at Burning Man
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AM Departures
If you are a passenger departing from the Bay Area on the morning of Tuesday, August 28, you will arriving at the Playa that Tuesday night after dark. We will be stopping for dinner out in Sparks that evening.

PM Departures
If you are a passenger departing from the Bay Area on the evening of Tuesday, August 28, you will be arriving at the Playa around 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, August 29 (this, of course, will depend on a number of factors such as traffic conditions and restroom stops).

All Departures
Your first official meal with the Green Tortoise will be Wednesday morning around 9 a.m. At this breakfast, there will be a camp orientation that everyone must attend.

You will have expenses that you need money for such as driver/staff tips, food and drinks on the way to/from the event, and shuttle and town trips off the playa.

There isn't a lot to spend money on at Burning Man. In this non-vending community, only coffee/tea and ice can be purchased at center camp. It will be possible for you to get a ride into the town of Gerlach (for purchasing some supplies) on a shuttle bus for a small cost. Instead of money, bartering is big on the Playa. Bring useful items to trade and gift to people.

Please remember only CASH, MONEY ORDERS, TRAVELERS CHECKS OR A CASHIER'S CHECK will be accepted at the departure point for your balance if you haven't paid in full yet. If you must pay by a credit card, you must call the office at least a day in advance of your departure.
Playa Meals

Playa Meals will be prepared and served only within set time slots on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We welcome communal efforts to prepare these meals.  Our drivers and staff will facilitate them, but your participation is part of the fun of camping with an international, integrative camp at Burning Man.  

8 AM to 10 AM

12:30 PM to 2 PM

Dinner (W-F)
8 PM

Dinner SATURDAY (burning of the man) and SUNDAY (temple burn) 
5 PM (preparation @ 3pm)
Other Useful Information


Please, NO glass on the Playa! You will be able to shop at our El Cerrito Pick location for incidental items and alcohol; otherwise, a trip on the Burning Man shuttle to Gerlach is the only place to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Hydration and Sun

Please bring any items necessary for protection: EmergenC packets (available at healthfood stores), sun hat, sunscreen, goggles, particle dust masks, camera, batteries, and ziplock bags (to protect anything dust sensitive) are a good idea.


Wet wipes are great to have, plus hand sanitizer and other personal items.

In Our Lounge

We have increased our shaded areas this year and we will have ground cover in these areas. We also offer blankets and some pillows to lounge on. Due to limited cargo space we are unable to carry lawn chairs to the event.

As with every Green Tortoise trip we would like to provide seating or pillows for the entire group but alas, we are unable to due to limited cargo space. So, if you wish to bring some type of seating we encourage camp stools. They fold up small and will easily fit in your checked bag. These camp stools can be found at most sporting goods store or online.

If you haven't had a chance already, please check out the Burning Man website. There is valuable information about survival, the culture, and the history of Burning Man that will enhance your experience on the Playa greatly.  We like to reread the 10 Principles every year before we go.   

See you soon!
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