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Burning Man Update #1
Prepare for your Burning Man Adventure!


The time is near and we can feel the excitement growing!

As you prepare yourself for your Burning Man adventure, here is some mandatory reading from the folks at Burning Man. Make sure you take time to read the online Survival Guide, even if you have already been to Burning Man, as it has some changes that apply to 2012. It is now online and mobile friendly, making it even easier to view!

Don't underestimate the potential for dust storms on the Playa and be sure to come well equipped, as this year may be one of the dustiest yet. Here is a little advice from the Burning Man organizers: 

"Be forewarned that this is looking to be our dustiest year in years... perhaps ever! So you're going to want to really double down on your dust prevention efforts, kids. Goggles, dust masks (we like bandanas), plastic tubs and ziplock bags to keep your stuff dust-free (until it's not), dust-proofing your shelter, fat-tired bikes, extra contact lenses... you get the idea. Veteran Burners will tell you that dust is always an integral part of the experience, and it's so true... but as much as we revel in its alkaline awesomeness, it's critical to be prepared."

Don't wait to make your reservations at the GT hostel! Call them directly to book ASAP, as they are filling quickly!

We will be sending you a short series of emails that contain more information about your upcoming trip. Consider this one the "appetizer."

Happy reading!
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