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Burning Man Update #4
More helpful survival tips!
Green Tortoise Adventure Bus tours - Burning Man
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Your Burning Man trip is right around the corner. This year our camp is at D (Dandelion) and 6:30.  Here are some other things you should be aware of:


Burning Man is not selling any more tickets for the event this year.

Don't have one? CALL US IMMEDIATELY to check availability of tickets -- these will be first come, first serve!
Hostel Day Use and Reservations

Please note this year we do not have the option for Green Tortoise Hostel day use before or after your trip. Hostel use is only available if you have a reservation at the hostel. If you are not a hostel guest, please meet us at the appropriate time at the departure point; the hostel cannot accommodate day storage before OR after the trip. This also applies for the usage of the lockers during Burning Man. Therefore, pack accordingly! If you still do not have a reservation at the hostel, please make arrangements with the hostel ASAP as they always sell out! Make sure to mention you are taking the Green Tortoise Burning Man trip.  

If you have a reservation prior to the trip: Please be aware that you must check out of your room by 11 a.m. Please vacate your room at this time.

If you have a reservation at the hostel after the trip: Please be aware that check in is after 2 p.m. It will be a busy day for them, so please be patient with check in procedure.

If you have a reservation at the hostel before and after the trip: Please pay for your return reservation when you first check into the hostel.  

For all hostel reservations: Please be aware that the hostel has a 48-hour cancellation policy and that you must email or phone them DIRECTLY to alter or cancel a reservation. 

Alternate Pick-Up/Drop-Off Location

Green Tortoise has an alternate pick-up/drop off location this year for burning man departures:

1000 El Cerrito Plaza, El Cerrito, CA. This is one block south of the El Cerrito Plaza BART station.

If you are planning on driving, having a friend drop you off, riding the BART, or if you live in the East Bay, this is the location you will want to use. This alternate location features plenty of parking, bathrooms and stores (Lucky grocery, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Ross, Starbucks, CVS Pharmacy and Trader Joe's) for your last minute shopping/costuming pleasure. This will also be our last minute provisions stop, so if you get here before the bus, you'll be shopping for your last minute supplies in a more relaxed manner!

The bus loading area will be behind Lucky grocery/Jo-Ann Fabric store.

Because our former pick-up spot (Transbay Terminal) is no longer available, we are required to use a San Francisco pick-up location in an area of very heavy traffic. There is little to no parking available at the departure location in San Francisco and having someone stop in the street to drop you off is definitely not an option. If you are on foot and already in San Francisco this is the location to use, but if you are coming by any other method, plan on meeting us in El Cerrito. You'll be MUCH happier!


The El Cerrito Plaza BART station has long term parking available and is located just one block from our El Cerrito pick up/drop off location. You must arrange in advance for your parking through the BART website. Airport/Long Term parking is available for $5.00 a day at all East Bay BART parking lots and can be purchased online here:

Tents and Sleeping

You will need to bring your own tent and stakes (or heavy duty construction nails -- no rebar!), sleeping bag, and sleeping pad.

We require that you bring your own tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pads. You should bring heavy duty stakes to secure your tent- wind on the Playa can get pretty vicious. There are a couple of camping stores in San Francisco where you can pick up the gear you need at a reasonable price. You might even find something on Craigslist -- it's a community bulletin board where people sell and get rid of all kinds of stuff. Once you arrive in San Francisco, check out the sale/wanted section at and you may be able to find the things you need locally.

You will not be allowed to sleep on the bus during the event.

During the day, the buses will be utilized as a shuttle service for Burning Man, therefore no personal belongings will be allowed to remain on the bus. No sleeping pads may be taken off the buses. Labeling all of your equipment with a permanent marker is advisable. We are not responsible for items left on the Playa or on the bus at the end of the trip.
Medical Services

We hope, of course, that you won't get sick or hurt... but being radically self-reliant also means remembering that we have a fist aid kit at camp, treating yourself or your campmates for minor first aid needs.  Should your illness or injury be more severe than you can manage without help, there are Emergency Services Department (ESD) medical stations on the 3:00 and 9:00 plazas and the Rampart Clinic at 5:10 and Esplanade. You can identify the stations by the red LED cross on top.  

Lastly, don't forget to call us to confirm your trip this week.  We'll talk to you soon!
The Green Tortoise Crew
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