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Practical Solutions for the Private Practice
Welcome to the PDS Newsletter Library!  Here you will find past issues of Practical Solutions for the Private Practice.  Each issue contains several brief articles on news, current events, and product offerings of interest to private practice physicians.
The newsletters also include Quick Links to a number of healthcare-related web sites that our clients and colleagues find particularly useful.  If you know of others that help make your job easier, please let us know and we'll add them to the list.
Finally, if you have a suggestion for a topic you'd like to learn more about, please send an email to and we'll do our best to include it in a future edition.  Thank you!

  • Past Issues:
  • December 2010 Newsletter
  • > Medicare Payment Cut Postponed
    > Payers Must Spend More on Care & Quality
    > Tip: Verify Eligibility Regularly
    > Deductible Reminder
    > California Fines Health Plans
  • November 2010 Newsletter
  • > PDS Launches New Web Site
    > Medicare Payment Cut?
    > Co-pays for Post-op Visits
    > EHR User Survey Results
  • June 2010 Newsletter
  • > Medicare Launches Provider Services Web Site
    > PECOS Registration - It's Mandatory
    > UnitedHealth: Big Payer with Big Problems
    > Why are my charges 3-4 times the Medicare allowable?
  • April 2010 Newsletter
  • > Capture Charges with MD Coder
    > Self Service vs. Full Service Billing - Which is right for you?
    > Medicare subscriber ID numbers
  • March 2010 Newsletter
  • > 21% Medicare Pay Cut Back On Again
    > New G Code for E-Prescribing in 2010
    > CMS Policy Change on Date of Service (DOS)
    > Aetna Reduces Rate for Assistant Surgeons
    > PDS Staff Receive McKesson Certification
  • December 2009 Newsletter
  • > CMS Eliminates Payment for Consults
    > Blue Cross Adopts CMS SoS Policy
    > PDS Reunites with Aviacode
    > 'Tis the Season for Deductibles
  • September 2009 Newsletter
  • > New "Cash for Clients" Program
    > Are you being paid correctly?
    > Online Patient Pre-Registration is Here!
    > Updated Superbills Prevent Claim Denials
  • July 2009 Newsletter
  • > Conversion Update
    > Did You Know? PDS moves servers to data center
    > PDS introduces powerful new online tools
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