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Wine Retailing: Private Label Brands are Critical...to Enhancing Margins, Growing Business
A Newborn for 2012:...Black Elk...Welcomes a new Varietal to its Family!
The Next-Level: "Direct-to-Consumer" Wine Shipments An Opportunity for New, Private Label Brands
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Ripley and Romeo are unabashedly content with their lives as suburban Porties, each with his own comfortable leather chair, an ongoing reserved spot in a king-sized bed at night, tennis balls lying in wait around the house and cookies in the pantry closet.


Their work as wine industry bloggers is extremely rewarding.


"We're lucky dogs. And we know it," offered Romie before leaving to meet a friend at the park.


Sadly, most dogs are not so lucky. It's important we do what we can to better the lot of the less-fortunate canines among us - those without homes or even those who are sick and without adequate medical care.



People/Animals = Companions Together ("PACT") is a Pennsylvania 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that develops, implents and administers programs that directly benefit companion animals and their owners. PACT believes that knowledge, concentrating resources, coordinating efforts and inspiring the community is the best way to effectively improve the lives of companion animals and their human owners. PACT needs your support to continue its programs! Please visit their site and consider a donation. Here is the link:  https://pactforanimals.org.


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KDM Global Partners, LLC is a wine producer and importer whose core business is creating and building new wine brands for its clientele of retail chains, restaurants, hotel/resorts, corporations, meetings/events - and individual brand owners. 


With corporate offices in Philadelphia, PA and wine-making capabilities throughout the world's premier viticulture regions, KDM's turnkey brand-building capabilities are unparalleled: packaging design, regulatory approvals, warehousing and distribution (to all 50 states and overseas)...all varietals, price points, low case minimums. 

And now...direct shipment to retail wine customers, where permitted by law.


The world of wine production, distribution and sale is evolving quickly, creating compelling opportunities for businesses of all types. 


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An older woman, sitting on the patio with her husband, was sipping her glass of Chardonnay.


"I love you so much," she says. "I don't know how I could ever live without you!"


Hearing her pronouncement, the husband asks "Is that you - or the wine - talking?"


The wife: "It's me... talking to the wine."



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    WineRetailing: Private Label Brands are Now Critical to Enhancing Margins 

    and Growing Business

    Wine retailers in the US are increasingly choosing to launch their own "house brands" of wine for their stores, hotels and restaurants.


    This trend is apparent not only for large, national retailers (big box, supermarkets, club stores) as well as "mom and pop" wine retailers.


    The reasons are many: (1) retailers earn higher profits on private label wines designed especially for their stores - and the wines are better than comparably-priced national brands; (2) the wines cultivate customer loyalty and repeat business since these products are available only at the brand owner's place of business; and (3) the wines help to "brand" the store and differentiate it from the competition.




    Everyone ignored the convenience store channel for its potential wine sales. 7-Eleven felt otherwise and, several years ago, introduced its proprietary Thousand Oaks Vineyards line of California varietal wines and then others. Retailers everywhere now recognize the value and potential for PL wines at their locations.


    For a small retailer, especially, to ignore the opportunity of PL wine is to do so at its own peril. These shops are already fighting battles on many fronts - from losing customers to big box chains, supermarkets and larger regional wine retail chains, to being 'squeezed' for margins by the big brands (and wholesalers), to competing for sales with Web-based retailers.


    To retain market share, wine retailers are now fighting back - and regaining business.


    By offering their own proprietary label wines, these stores are cultivating their customers' loyalty by offering wines that can only be purchased at their stores - or enjoyed in their restaurants.  And they are earning higher margins in the process. http://bit.ly/cAH9pR.


    Plus - many of these retailers are setting up Web-based fulfillment mechanisms whereby their customers can order these wines for direct shipment from the winery to the customer's home! This is an additional revenue stream that should not be ignored.


    While most large wine programs often involve thousands of specially-manufactured cases, retailers not only need to commit to much lesser case minimums. This helps to minimize their upfront investment and allows these smaller stores and restaurants to compete with the big players for a relatively low sum.


    For a restaurant, the benefit of an 'own brand' wine has multiple benefits: (i) increased profits on the house pour (either bottle sales or wines-by-the-glass; (ii) enhances the restaurant's differentiation and branding; and (iii) eliminates the "sticker shock" by a restaurant patron, who recognizes a wine on the menu that he/she knows can be purchased for significantly less at retail - not a recommended way to cultivate customer loyalty by showcasing the house's 300% margin on wine! http://bit.ly/kT5Ms.


    For all private label wine programs, various varietal choices and price points are available. And lower case minimums are ways to build your business - but without significant upfront cost


    4 Key Benefits of Private Label Wine for your Restaurant 


    For more information about this opportunity for your business: 




    A New Year's Baby:

    Black Elk Welcomes 

    a new Varietal to the Family!


    If you have been stranded or delayed recently at JFK Airport or LaGuardia Airport in New York, or at airports in Philadelphia, Orlando, Washington, Orlando or many other major airports, you might have de-stressed with a glass of Black Elk wine at a Cibo Bistro or Jet Rock while you cooled your heels.


    Black Elk is a multi-country import wine brand that has been featured at these ubiquitous airport watering holes. The Black Elk program is a line of premium varietal wines, from a different world growing regions - and all packaged under the same Black Elk brand moniker. These are wonderful (and representative) premium varietal wines, beautifully packaged, and a very 'user friendly' multi-country wine brand.   More information is also available at the Black Elk Web site: www.BlackElkWine.com.




    Black Elk varietals currently available are: (i) Shiraz; (ii) Chardonnay; and (iii) Tempranillo.


    In the coming weeks, Black Elk will be adding a new varietal wine - a Moscato from Spain. Moscato is - by far - the fastest growing wine varietal in the country, representing a 600% growth in sales in the past three years.




    Black Elk Moscato is a very easy-drinking, aromatic wine, slightly effervescent, and reminiscent of peach, pear, honey and light citrus. It is from Castilla (Vino de la Tierra) in the region of LaMancha, also famous for its windmill-dotted landscape featured in Cervantes' beloved novel Don Quixote. Heavily perfumed and sweet, some theorize that the varietal name was derived from the French "musque," - or, literally, to be perfumed.


    Black Elk is now being sold in other retail locations, too.  For information about availability of the Black Elk Moscato or the Black Elk wines, generally, contact [email protected].



    The Next-Level

    Wine Shipments


    People differ about whether the recession is over or whether the economy is showing real signs of improvement, As always, some sectors recover faster than others and some businesses change forever and need to reinvent themselves, make permanent changes in order to survive successfully. 


    Whether you are a small wine retailer, a corner restaurant or a national supermarket, a chain of hotels or a national association of independently-owned retailers, during the past few years you have already come to recognize the value of selling your own private label wine brand to customers. 


    Shipping Map 


    And the law continues to evolve in the various states concerning your ability to ship wine to your customers - that is, apart from ongoing sales at your bricks-and-mortar locations. Many businesses are also selling their wines on orders taken over the Web.


    This is a separate, potentially-lucrative, new revenue stream enabled by these evolving sets of laws throughout the country.


    And, in addition to the additional revenue opportunity, being able to sell/ship direct  (where permitted by individual state law) enhances branding, creates broader public awareness of your store, your restaurant, your wine brand. Strengthen your connection to existing customers and find new customers.


    For more information about this evolving sales channel opportunity, contact [email protected]