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New York Mets Adopt Vino Solo this Season Throughout Citi Field
Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking
Staving Off Dementia? Try Alcohol in Moderation

A View from our Yard

Ripley and Romeo are unabashedly content with their lives as suburban Porties, each with his own comfortable leather chair, reserved space in a king-sized bed at night and tennis balls lying in wait throughout the house. Also, their work as wine industry bloggers is extremely rewarding.


"We're lucky dogs. And we know it," offered Romie before leaving to meet a friend at the park.


Sadly, most dogs are not so lucky. It's important we do what we can to better the lot of the less-fortunate canines among us - those without homes or even those who are sick and without adequate medical care.


We are big fans of all 'no kill' shelters, including the Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia. The Morris Animal Refuge offers innovative and high quality care for cats, dogs and other small animals. It provides a full range of preventive, protective and adoption services for abused, neglected and abandoned animals. No animal has ever been turned away from its door. Founded in 1874 by Elizabeth Morris, an early US pioneer in animal welfare, the Refuge continues to operate today in Center City Philadelphia.  Morris Animal Refuge.


Please consider making an online donation to the Morris Animal Refuge and, in doing so, have a direct and immediate impact on the lives of even one animal! 


Here is the link:  Morris Animal Refuge Donation Form.


Thank you.

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About KDM

KDM Global Partners, LLC is a wine producer and importer whose core business is creating and building new wine brands for its clientele of retail chains, restaurants, hotel/resorts, corporations, meetings/events - and individual brand owners. 


With corporate offices in Philadelphia, PA and wine-making capabilities throughout the world's premier viticulture regions, KDM's turnkey brand-building capabilities are unparalleled: packaging design, regulatory approvals, warehousing and distribution (to all 50 states and overseas)...all varietals, price points, low case minimums. 


Singlz KDM North America has now proudly launched its innovative and proprietary Vino Solo brand throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. 


The world of wine production, distribution and sale is evolving quickly, creating compelling opportunities for businesses of all types. 


We'll take you there. 


Learn more here: KDMGlobalPartners.com


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Up to the age of forty, eating is beneficial. After forty, drinking.

The Talmud, 200 BC




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    New York Mets Adopt Innovative  

    Vino Solo Product this Season 

    at Citi Fiel


    The U.S. launch of Vino Solo in late November, 2010, immediately caught the attention of Andrew McMurray, Vice President of Zachys Wine & Liquor in Scarsdale, NY. As part of the consulting team that assembles the wine program for the New York Mets at Citi Field, McMurray is constantly on the lookout for products that are ideal for attending fans and oenophiles alike. 


    Vino Solo is a 187ml PET plastic wine bottle with its own attached drinking flute. The Vino Solo brand - and accompanying packaging - are both proprietary to Singlz KDM North America. 


    Visit the new Vino Solo Web site here: www.VinoSolo.com.






    Through the efforts of McMurray, the Mets will have a unique version of Vino Solo to start the season under the "Fin" label - a Chardonnay and a Cabernet Sauvignon, both from California.


    Not only will baseball fans enjoy the wine itself but, for the Food & Beverage operation at these baseball venues and other major on-premise organizations, the unique bottle-and-drinking flute combination offers unprecedented service efficiencies:  (i) the Vino Solo bottle-and-flute-combination reduce inventory costs and other issues concerning the storage and transport of wine glasses. Plus the bottle and flute still only use the same amount of storage space as any other 187ml product; and (ii) Using Vino Solo dramatically reduces beverage service time: the server simply opens the tamper-evident seal and then hands the unit to the customer. And faster beverage service translates to greater sales and more profitable operations. The PET package also weighs one-sixth the weight of glass and is recyclable/environmentally-friendly.


    Jonathan Gelula, President of Singlz KDM North America, offered: ""The Vino Solo package - including the Fin brand - represents an entirely new product sub-category in the wine marketplace. Many people have associated the 187ml package, generally, with 'institutional' wine, and by default, tend to attribute low-end product characteristics to it. We are now at a departure point from this. Consumers want a higher-quality wine that also offers compelling convenience and style qualities. And, for all on-premise wine vendors, whether they are a MLB team or an airline, a cruise ship, a convention center, caterer or performing arts center, this unique packaging helps to sell more wine quickly, enabling beverage service to be more profitable."


    When asked how this would improve wine service to the consumer, McMurray commented: "Cracking the code for getting a high-quality glass pour that is easy to handle, serve and consumer in a general concession setting has been a challenge for us since day one. The Vino Solo package answered that dilemma in one fell swoop. This revolutionary packaging will now give us the ability to make premium varietals available to attending guests and fans for in-seat service and general concessions."


    It is anticipated that other major league teams and their ballpark venues will be serving Vino Solo this summer, too. 


    Stay tuned! 


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    Wine Drinking for 

    Inspired Thinking


    Michael Gelb has led an eclectic life. From juggling onstage with the Rolling Stones to teaching martial arts, Gelb has also written 12 books, including How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci.



     Gelb has not taken his life passions - juggling, art and now wine - and translated them into life-coaching techniques. His new offering, Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking, Uncork your Creative Juices, helps readers to take a more constructive (and creative) approach to their lives ... and to drinking wine.



    In a recent conversation with Wine Spectator, Gelb elaborated on why he feels that drinking wine is the key to creativity: "The through-line of my work over the past 30 years is about taking the great minds of history and making their wisdom accessible to people so that they can live more creative lives. It's about brain power, improving your mind as you grow older. When we drink wine we feel the animated spirit of the get-togethers at the Medici Palazzo, the creativity around Thomas Jefferson's dinner table...Every country has a phrase for the joy of life. The Italians have la dolce vita. The French have joie de vivre. But in the USA all we have is happy hour. We shouldn't be drinking to get drunk. Applying the intelligence of moderation, it is an exquisite elixir you can enjoy every day."


    Staving Off Dementia? 

    Try Alcohol - in Moderation


    Experts agree that long-term alcohol abuse is detrimental to memory function and can cause neuro-degenerative disease. However, according to a study published in Age and Ageing by Oxford University Press, there is evidence that light-to-moderate alcohol consumption may decrease the risk of cognitive decline or dementia.




    Estimates from various studies have suggested the prevalence of alcohol-related dementia to be about 10% of all cases of dementia. Now researchers have found after analyzing studies of subjects aged 65 years and older that the impact of small amounts of alcohol was associated with lower incidence rates of overall dementia and Alzheimer dementia.


    It is still an open question whether different alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine and spirits, all have a similar effect. Some studies have shown a positive effect of wine only.



    ...Certainly cause to keep current with one's wine tasting!