The Eleven Twelve Project
Volume #18
March 2010
Do you have a deepening love for people who dislike God?  This is critical to the evangelism efforts of Christians. Without love, the best evangelism efforts are like the sound of alley cats fighting for garbage can rights.
I encourage you to read 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 about God's expectations for Christ-like love, before reading the rest of this issue.  Then filter what you read in our newsletter through the Scriptures.
Scott McIntyre
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In This Issue
Good News Clues: Drama on Craigslist - Part III
Confidence Builders: Encouragement Efforts
Ministry Partner of the Month: Forgiveness Ministries
Training Tools: Be Powerful, Be Real
Good News Clues
Drama on Craigslist - Part III
"Jesus is a myth, just like the Easter Bunny. 
Please stop posting your crap on Craigslist,
you're not getting my money."
I'm no theologian but even I could conclude the person responsible for that quote was no God loving, sold out follower of Jesus.  In fact, they were responding to an 'ad' I placed on Craigslist. (Read how the Drama on Craigslist started in Part I or Part II of this series)
One of our subscribers took the Good News Clues Challenge, and replied to the question I posed in a previous issue...
Me: What do you think would have been a good way to respond to them? 
Maybe ask the person how he knows for sure that Christ doesn't exist? Then follow up with the wind! Can't see it but we know it's there because of the effects on the world around us...can't wait to read bout what happens next.
Tim's going to have to wait a little longer to hear the end of our drama because we want to give everyone another chance to contribute their thoughts on that same question.  What could you say to someone who is obviously antagonistic toward Christ?  Here's a couple of ideas to get your evangelistic juices flowing. 
  • Have you ever felt like our mystery writer when it comes to Jesus?  If you'd made a similar statement in the past, what type of response might you have appreciated?
  • Perhaps you have strong feelings about something today.  How do you want people to treat you when you share those beliefs?
  • Maybe you've encountered someone with an intense conviction.  Did you learn something from your conversations that might help here?
  WoW!  Now I'm looking forward to what happens next!

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Confidence Builders
Photo of Burney Falls 
Encouragement Efforts
No Christian is immune from discouragement. If you don't believe me, just read this biographical note from Paul, the Apostle.  Maybe that's one of the reasons God clearly commanded His people to "consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds." (Hebrews 10:24)

We hope these short 'encouragement efforts' spur you on toward the good deed of evangelism, with a heart of love. 
  1. God did not really need our help rescuing people from their sin. He knew Jesus, the Slain Lamb, would fully pay their penalty and the Holy Spirit would convict them of their need for Christ. Yet he deliberately allowed the early followers of Jesus the privilege of laboring with him in the harvest field. It is an honor we still have today.
  2. You've just shared the most precious message your friend could hear. Deeply convinced of the reality of heaven and hell, and equally sure of everyone's status before God on their own merits, you've carefully explained the truth of the gospel. Congratulations! You've done what God wants...the rest is up to Him.
  3. Jesus, following God's plan to perfection, told the first disciples to pray for harvest workers. Every time we share the gospel, we're an answer to their prayer.
Ministry Partner
Help Graphic 
Forgiveness Ministries
Helping people develop a lifestyle of authentic, biblical forgiveness is the goal of Forgiveness Ministries.  This move toward greater emotionally and spiritual wholeness, enables Christians to more effectively love the people around them with the love of Jesus.
If you or someone you know would like to major in the forgiving behavior of our Savior, visit their website and find out more.  A good place to start might be where you can learn a bit about the founder, Steve Diehl.
Training Tools
Picture of a Power Switch 
Be Powerful, Be Real
Real love by real people is a source of power for sharing the gospel. 
We can think we need to be all shiny paper and fancy bows on the outside to have a chance to affect friends for Christ.  In reality, our friends usually know when the outside wrapping is just for show.  What they want is for you and me to be real.
Here are three ways to turn on the real you that God is working on, and shine your light on those you love.
  1. Don't hide your discouragement - Life is hard and ups and downs are expected.  Let them see you seek help through prayer or the wisdom of a more mature Christian.  Don't be fake, they may have their hypocrisy radar on!
  2. Say, "I don't know." - If something has caused them to question God, stay away from pat, cliche answers.  Admitting you still don't understand everything, is ok.
  3. Love them in their sin - When it comes to sin, we were once just like them.  Read Romans 6:17-18, and you'll see that sin, for the person without Christ, is as unavoidable as an infant falling while learning to walk.  You wouldn't get mad at a baby would you?
It's not easy to be real.  We're afraid to let people see the crumpled brown paper we sometimes are.  Remember, our friends know what fake looks like, and they will usually put up with our imperfections when they trust our intentions.
I think I'm beginning to get it.  I'm not supposed to make friends so that I can witness to them.  I'm not even charged with making friends.  God wants me to love people! 
Sometimes, they will become friends.  Other times, my love will be demonstrated only once as I exchange a kind word with a stranger or stop to help someone pick up groceries they dropped.  True love will include meeting needs I'm able and willing to meet. 
If God brings a person into my life with the spiritual need of hearing the gospel, am I prepared to demonstrate my love for them by my willingness and ability to clearly explain the message of the cross?  Are you?
Scott McIntyre
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Later, I realized he was a good picture of our need for Christ. Without Him, we can't move forward.
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