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September 2010- Vol 1, Issue 4
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I am happy to report that our newsletter is being quite well received.  Many of our readers are sharing their issue with others who are then signing up themselves.  Others are offering great feedback that we will be able to improve future issues. 
I have been talking to several experts who have agreed to write articles about subjects that I think will help us all. So please continue to read and share.
This month, we have finally gotten to a topic that most people believe is actual "leadership."  That is motivating others to work toward a goal that you (the leader) has given them.  Not to just work toward that goal, but to work hard and to love doing it. 
I do hope that you will take your leadership development one step at a time and not rush into anything.  Being a good leader is like being good at anything else, it just takes practice.
Mike Rothschild, LeadershipOD
Leadership Tips from Mike Rothschild
Dr. Mike Rothschild
Motivating the Team
As practicing leaders, many of us try to jump straight into team motivation, not recognizing the importance of laying the proper groundwork.  So first, a quick summary of previous Leadership Tips:  Becoming a Leader, Defining Your Vision and Communicating the Vision.
All organizations are led by someone.  It is not always the person "in charge" who is leading.  The leader is anyone who influences the direction of the individuals that make up the team.  Some actually lead the organization in an unproductive direction. 
 Many books and articles have been written about motivating a team.  Classes are taught about this subject and you can even earn a degree in aligning a team with a common goal.  The next several columns in this newsletter will focus on a variety of methods to use to accomplish group motivation.
Topics will include:
Listening to Individual Team Members
This is a skill that is more difficult than most think.  It is also more powerful than most can imagine.  Listening with empathy is listening with the intention to see things from that person's point of view.  It is typically not possible to change someone's motivation until you know where they are coming from.
Identifying Leaders (and Non-Leaders)
Who are the leaders in your organization?  How do you know?  It is often difficult to tell who has natural leadership skills, who has skills that can be developed and who needs to stay away from leadership positions.  There are some great tools to help sort through it all.
Momentum (Building It and Maintaining It)
Recognizing positive momentum in your organization is an opportunity that is easily missed.  Momentum in the wrong direction can cause tremendous harm if you don't catch it early.
Building Leadership Skills
Being a leader takes practice.  I have been guilty of thinking I am a good leader and therefore don't need to improve.  I have also been guilty of thinking that my team has had adequate leadership education because they've had more than most.  How do you continue to improve these important skills?
Delegating, Follow-up and Tracking Progress
The ability to effectively delegate is harder than it sounds.  That is why so many of us continue to do it ourselves.  We will cover laying the groundwork for proper delegation, scheduling a follow-up method (not micro-management), and proven methods to keep up with it all.
Capitalizing on the Talents, Skills and Goals of Many (Synergize)
Vanilla Ice said, "Stop, Collaborate and Listen."  It is this wisdom that encourages us to find ways to collect input, knowledge and motivation from all team members.  When this is done well, unbelievable goals can be accomplished.
Developing your Proactive Mentality
Before Leadership Insights had a name, our first article was titled "First - Become a Leader."  That's easy to do for a short time but it is hard to do over a long period of time.  How can you maintain that proactive mentality and how can you get it back when it gets "soft?"
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Your task is to evaluate your own knowledge and recent performance in each of the above areas.  As the lessons come, you will see how they begin to build on one another.  If you have an expertise or elevated interest in any of these areas - Please Share.
Update from Meta MORE Phosis
MMPGLeadershipOD launched the summer release of Meta-MORE-Phosis in July. 
The program begins with a link to Doug Hanson's inspirational presentation at the Vision Source National meeting.  Most offices watch the video as a group to "set the tone" for the beginning of the program.  It is a great way to get everyone off to a great start and in the same frame of mind.
Then, the program begins.  The first audio CD's are distributed that have an inspirational message from Doug.  Each lasts about an hour and outlines the tasks for the week. 
The first CD talks about finding out more about yourself and what is truly important to you.  It also introduces the program which leads into the first week of the program.  The daily tasks for the first week focus on recognizing your special qualities. 
At the end of week one, the second CD was assigned.  The daily messages for the week focus on developing new and empowering beliefs.  Each day, you are assigned an "Action Step" and an "MBS Habit" and an optional "Fitness Module."  Action Steps give an assignment to help us meet the objective for the week and MBS Habits recommend small changes to enhance our Mind, Body and Spirit. 
On the third week of the program, the focus is Expect More and is encouraging and inspiring the participants to clarify their vision and raises their standards.  The audio message that started the week had an goal setting exercise that will be referred back to during the week. 
Week Four is Become More and helps create a new identity and become someone worthy of the goals that have been set.  Week Five, Feel More is about managing your state and getting passionate about your goals.
Now that the participants are in Week 6, they are on the down hill slide and starting to sincerely appreciate the benefits of the program.  This week, they are being guided to think at a higher level and learning to push themselves to developing a winning strategy.
Week 7 is titled Do More and the final week is Finish Strong. 
To get an idea of how people feel about accomplishing this program, take a minute to read some previous testimonials. (You may see some name you recognize.)
Meta MORE phosis
If you did not get into the Summer group, stay tuned....LeadershipOD will host another release of the staff development program in the Fall. 
Keep reading Leadership Insights for details
OR to learn more about Meta- MORE-Phosis, click here.
Executive Coaching Services Now Available from LeadershipOD
LeadershipOD now offers Executive Coaching services 
Executive Coaching is a planned series of "assignments" designed to clarify your vision, set your goals and better utilize your team to accomplish your goals and is now available through LeadershipOD.com. 
The essence of the program is to help you get "unstuck" for your dilemmas and guide you to Unlock Your Potential.