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Dear Mike,  
I hope you enjoy this inaugural newsletter from LeadershipOD.  I am enjoying this method of communicating with my patients and have decided I should reach out to the friends of Leadership OD with the same tool.  These are certainly some exciting times.
In this issue of our newsletter (which has yet to be named) we are happy to announce the re-launch of the Meta-MORE-Phosis program from our partner, Doug HansonMy staff, my family and I have all gotten a lot out of the program and our previous releases through Leadership OD received amazing reviews. 
We also share some ideas that will help you in your practice. As you know, my big interest is getting the most out of your team, so you'll notice that theme in our articles.  Please enjoy and let me know what you think.
Also, be on the lookout for a survey asking for what you would like us to share with you through this newsletter. 
Sincerely yours,
Mike Rothschild, Leadership OD
Leadership Tips 
Dr. Mike Rothschild
First - Become a Leader
No matter our position in a practice, we have the opportunity to lead.  We have chances to influence team members, patients or vendors to help us accomplish our vision for the practice.  To lead effectively, it's best to look at what matters most and find a way to dedicate time to the tasks that actually matter. 
Take a moment to answer these questions:
1) What interests you most?
2) What to you feel passionate about?
3) What do you want to accomplish?
4) What do you believe in?
5) What is your potential?
After you've taken the time to honestly answer these questions with good consideration, you can begin to see where to start developing yourself.
Meta MORE Phosis Summer Launch 
Meta MORE phosis
If you aren't directing the thoughts and mindset of your employees - who is?
You CAN transform the mindset and attitude of every employee in your office with Meta-MORE-Phosis, a one-of-a-kind experience that incorporates weekly inspiring messages, challenging competition, and online team scoring, all reinforced through habit-forming daily action steps. The end result is an engaged workforce, unified teams, renewed loyalty and a high performance culture, all without anyone taking a single day off work.
  1. No Financial Risk: If it doesn't work, you don't pay.
  2. No Loss in Productivity: No time off work, no hidden travel costs.
  3. Getting Started is Simple: No extensive pre-work or strategy sessions.
  4. No Additional Resources: No dedicated admin costs, no tech support. 
  5. Best Bang for Your Buck: Amazingly affordable. Where else can you get 8 weeks of training, teambuilding, and motivation for as low as $399 per employee?