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Wed 24th Aug 2011


T minus 5   
and counting...



Horse Drawn Pints

Horse Drawn Pints


Europe is in crisis: bond markets are collapsing; the proles are rioting; and governments everywhere are running out of other people's money to spend

But, fear not! For those who are bold enough to go forth and seek it, there is liquidity aplenty. And it tastes good


To help boost Eurozone confidence the internationally renowned NGO 
has organized a special moral-boosting Triathlon starting on the 29th August in Amsterdam then taking in Bruges and Brussels. At each stage the participants - unpaid volunteers all - will selflessly be doing their bit to lift spirits

And (never ones to shirk from our journalistic duties) the GTG's staff will be there in the thick of it reporting events as they unfold


Countdown Reviews


To help the participants get in the mood and as a general celebration of the event, we're publishing a special series of  7 daily bulletins featuring reviews of our favourite beverages and bars

Today we're featuring not a beer but a range of brews available from the amazing Brouwerij't IJ in Amsterdam


The WDT tour culminates at the Brussels Beer Weekend in Grand Place Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th September


We can't possibly cover all of the worthy beverages in seven bulletins, but we hope these little tasters help wet the appetite and get the heart pounding.




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Beer of the Day

Brouwerij't IJ




 Dutch Masters

Post-Impressionist Palette

A palette Van Gogh would give his right ear for 

Vital Statistics


Brewer:                           Brouwerij 't IJ, Amsterdam
Style:                               Extensive range of organic top-fermented beers

Strength:                          5 - 9% ABV


AI Value:*                       Field trials pending****


Killer App:                      Inspires the Artist in you      


Medicinal Qualities:        Cures colour blindness


Tasting notes:                   A bevy of hoppy blonds, lusty redheads
                                         and hearty brunettes eager to tickle your fancy


Grey Scale Rating:**       Platinum

Wt Relativity Index:***   Peer review pending****






* AI, or Alcoholic Index is a key parameter in the temporal equation defining  (perceived) Drink Time. Ref. Alcohol Induced Time Dilation Effect, 'Quantum Qorner' section
GTG Dec 2009 
** The official GTG product review rating scale:
Coal (pants)  Charcoal (bearable)  Gravel (average)  Ash (good)  Platinum (ace)
*** Westmalle Tripel Relativity Index: higher resolution drink-specific rating comparing beverages to the benchmark Westmalle Tripel, which itself rates the theoretical maximum of 10, with Platinum rated brews being in the range 9-10. Ref. Featured Beverage 'Downtime' section GTG April 2011
**** WDT field trials and peer reviews commence Mon 29th Aug 2011 
In This Issue
Beer of the Day
Vital Statistics
Watering Hole: Recommended Bar
Brew Basics 





Brouwerij 't IJ was founded in 1983 in a squatted building by the river IJ. In 1985 it moved to 'Funen' an empty former public bathhouse, where it's still located today   



What's so special? 


Choice and freshness

All Brouwerij't IJ beer is organic and brewed and bottled at Funenkade 7. The range of types and flavours is wide, but the quality consistent. The strong amber 'Columbus' is particularly enticing

Much of the beer never makes it off the premises because it is consumed at the adjacent bar! This isn't surprising: part of the appeal is undoubtedly being able to drink fresh product in the sunshine (if you're lucky). More in our 'Watering Hole' review below...



More info: Brouwerij't IJ 


Watering Hole  
The only place to really enjoy today's featured beverages  


Beer Pump

Beer Mill

Brouwerij't IJ, Amsterdam


Fresh Air, Fresh Beer     


The site which features an integral windmill, visible for miles, is located beside a canal. The outside seating area is particularly suited for large groups, with long tables, but soon gets busy!

When first entering the 'Tasting Room' you are hit by a heady smell of brewing beer and the enticing sight of  beer pumps and bottles too numerous to list. The only way to start is with a tasting selection (main picture) allowing you to choose 6 beers from the 10 or so varieties on offer. Various tasty meats and cheeses are also available

On a lazy afternoon there's nothing better than working through a few beers and arguing with like minded people over something about which you know nothing, but feel like an expert

If you're really lucky, you might even be treated to the spectacle of an impromptu shirt ripping 'domestic' between a well endowed local lass and her bewildered bloke. But that can't be guaranteed


Brouwerij't IJ, Funenkade 7, 1018 AL Amsterdam (note: the bar is open from 3pm to 8pm daily)

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