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Tues 23rd Aug 2011


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Drink Driver

Drink Driver


Europe is in crisis: bond markets are collapsing; the proles are rioting; and governments everywhere are running out of other people's money to spend

But, fear not! For those who are bold enough to go forth and seek it, there is liquidity aplenty. And it tastes good


To help boost Eurozone confidence the internationally renowned NGO 
has organized a special moral-boosting Triathlon starting on the 29th August in Amsterdam then taking in Bruges and Brussels. At each stage the participants - unpaid volunteers all - will selflessly be doing their bit to lift spirits

And (never ones to shirk from our journalistic duties) the GTG's staff will be there in the thick of it reporting events as they unfold


Countdown Reviews


To help the participants get in the mood and as a general celebration of the event, we're publishing a special series of  7 daily bulletins featuring reviews of our favourite beverages and bars

Our second featured beer is Chimay Bleue, another stonking Trappist brew but contrasting in character to the Westmalle: it's smooth and comforting but with a hint of spice to keep you awake


The tour culminates at the Brussels Beer Weekend in Grand Place Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th September


We can't possibly cover all of the worthy beverages in seven bulletins, but we hope these little tasters help wet the appetite and get the heart pounding.




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 Beer of the Day
 Chimay Bleue



 Comfort Food from a Bottle


Comfort Food from a Bottle

Annotated Diagram


Vital Statistics


Brewer:                           Notre-Dame de Scourmont Abbey
Style:                               Dark Trappist beer
Strength:                          9% ABV


AI Value:*                       9


Killer App:                       Makes every day feel like Christmas     


Medicinal Qualities:        Steroid-free growth: turns Bears into Bulls


Tasting notes:                   Rich, dark and spicy: comfort food in a bottle


Grey Scale Rating:**       Platinum

Wt Relativity Index:***   9.7





* AI, or Alcoholic Index is a key parameter in the temporal equation defining  (perceived) Drink Time. Ref. Alcohol Induced Time Dilation Effect, 'Quantum Qorner' section
GTG Dec 2009 
** The official GTG product review rating scale:
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Beer of the Day
Vital Statistics
Watering Hole: Recommended Bar
Brew Basics 



Origin - Happy Christmas! 


The Cistercian Trappist monks at Chimay have been developing their beers and cheeses since 1862. In 1948 they isolated the the yeast strain that's still in use today and later in the same year they introduced a Christmas beer which in time became Chimay Bleue


Chimay Bleue is also available in 75cl bottles, in which it's named Grand Reserve, and 150cl bottles, named Magnum Grand Reserve



What's so special about Trappist Beers?


Essentially, to be called Trappist the beers must be brewed within the boundaries of the monastery or under the direct supervision of the monks. The brewery also has to be run with  a monastic ethos and any profits over and above those needed to run the monastery must be used for charitable and social causes


Its good to know that with every sip you are helping a worthy cause!  


There are seven Trappist breweries, six in Belgium (Achel, Chimay, Orval, Rochefort, Westvleteren and Westmalle) and one in the Netherlands (La Trappe) 



More info: Notre-Dame de Scourmont Abbey  


Watering Hole  
A great place to enjoy today's featured beverage 


Drinking Den

Drinking Den

Aux Bon Vieux Temps, Brussels


Drinker's Hideaway   


Hidden down a tiny alleyway, not far from Grand Place, Aux Bon Vieux Temps is like a time capsule, where you can enjoy a drink or three in an environment that would probably be recognisable to drinkers of yore (assuming after a life of drinking Trappist beer they could remember anything...)

The bar was founded in 1695 and it's quite possible much of decor is original, perhaps too, some of the staff. Dominant features include the large open fireplace and stained glass window, complemented by furniture and fittings that all add up to a feeling of a bygone age

I don't know if Belgium has bothered to implement EU anti-smoking regulations but centuries of being stepped on by marauding foreigners has probably given it's people a healthy disregard towards impertinent rules and regulations, and this establishment would appear consistent with that philosophy

The beer selection is not huge by local standards but more than ample, with a good selection of Trappist and Abbey beers and, for any billionaires or judgement-impaired customers who might fancy a treat they often stock the elusive beers from St 'S' (that's S for Shush..don't say!), albeit the latter at prices that would make NASA blush

Aux Bon Vieux Temps, Impasse St.Nicholas 4, off Rue Marché Aux Herbes 12, Brussels 1000

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