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Peace love and understanding  

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Issue 33              December 2011
Peace, Compassion greeting


Peace, Compassion, Wisdom, Love from Jill Bell  


Season's Greetings

It's that time of yearMerry Christmas  


One of the things that lettering artists do over and over again in their careers is seasonal greetings, even if you don't work full time for a greeting card company (which I don't).


Peace with dove
When I started searching my computer for ideas to include in this newsletter, I couldn't believe how many varieties of lettering and copy I came up with on the year end holiday theme.

Season's Greetings
My favorite is "Peace" and I have as many of them as all the other Christmas, holiday, and seasonal greetings put together. Many were done for my own greetings, posters and cards, and about a third of them have a dove.  Last year I designed and lettered Monotype's card with peace in multiple languages and scripts, and yes, with a dove, which was an incredibly enjoyable job.

Note from Jill
Peace dove


to you and yours.

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