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Weird Type 

I've done some pretty strange lettering in my life but most of these examples in Sonia Mansfield's top 10 list of bizarre typography (and lettering) far surpass the wildest, kitschiest jobs that I've done. 


In particular, #10 is quite intriguing ...and disgusting.




Book cover: What Doesn't Kill You

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Issue 24            
January 2011
Monotype card

Monotype card photo

Peace is good in every season,

and in every language.

I designed this season's greeting card for Monotype at the end of last year. I jumped at the opportunity to hand letter 'peace' in various languages and scripts and they heartily approved. A few were set in my fonts Smack and Carumba, and "Peace" was black foil stamped.

A most enjoyable job!



The most expensive book in the world

Last month, the world's most expensive book, a copy of John James Audubon's

Birds of America, sold at auction for just over 7.3 million in the UK. That's over 11.5 million dollars in the US! Volume 2 (of 4) of this rare 19th century book was purchased by collector Michael Tollemache.


It's size Audubon bookcertainly matches it's  price: when opened it is over four feet wide. The reason for the immensity was because Audubon wanted to portray the larger birds at their actual size. 


Long an admirer of Audubon's lush and detailed illustrations, I was a bit surprised to find out that he shot and stuffed his subjects so they wouldn't fly off. It makes sense, but it also makes me a little sad as well.

Note from Jill
I just wanted to share the message in this great video because I think it is We Are All Connectedimportant. We Are All Connected.  It's a much needed paradigm, delivered in a poetic and artistic way. As we continue to deal with global problems, and as peace is such a fleeting thing, it becomes even more imperative to our continued existence as a species that we see the big picture. This is a glimpse. It's beautifully done, as are the other videos by Symphony of Science. Enjoy...and take this thought with you into the new year.



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