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Volume 2 - Issue 7, February 2011 - July 2011  
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Suzhou Nanotech Capability
China Nanovation Initiative - Nanopolis Suzhou
Creating Strategic Platform - Nanomanufacturing Towards Sustainable Society
Nanotech Connect - China Meets USA
Launching Nano Education Program - NanoProfessor Partnership
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Our Previous Activities 

Dr Liu participated in the Japan NanoTech 2011 - NBCI (a Japan nanotech industry association) round table and presented the overview of Asia nanotech commercialization landscape. 

NanoGlobe participated in the EuroNano Forum, Europe's leading nanotech event in 2011, and brought the Asia Nano Forum to EU. We also introduced China  Nanopolis Suzhou to the EU industry leaders and EC policy makers.  

Dr Lerwen Liu gave an invited talk titled "Highlight on Nanotech Enabled Sustainable Development Efforts in Asia" at the Foresight Institute 25th Anniversary Conference. 


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ServicesOur Services 


  • Strategic support of R&D, commercialization and internationalization via information intelligence, network, case studies, due diligence, market, technology and IP competitive analysis.    
  • Strategy and business development support for international companies expanding throughout Asia and locating business and R&D headquarters in Singapore, China, and other strategic locations.
  • Specific technology capability assessments: in-depth capability assessment of regions for corporations, investors, and governments.
  • Global marketing (Newsletter, Trade show, Press release, Site visits, Video, Seminars and other strategic communication).
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PublicationsOur Publications 
We published a book titled "Emerging Nanotechnology Power: Nanotechnology R&D and Business Trends in the Asia Pacific Rim" which is the only book today covering nanotech updated development in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of policy, funding, infrastructure, education, R&D and commercialization, and standardization and risk management.

Emerging Nanotech Power

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MeetUsMeet Us 


NANO KOREA 2011 - August 24-26, 2011, Seoul Korea


Water Treatment Technologies - September 16, 2011, Suzhou China


4th NRW Nano-Conference - October 17-18, Dortmund  


CHInano 2011 - October 27-29, 2011, Suzhou China

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It has been an exciting few months since the last NanoGlobe newsletter. Our NanoGlobe team has been busy around the globe helping business development for our clients, organizing and participating in leading nanotech related events and connecting with worldwide leaders from funding agencies, research institutions and industries. 


Our efforts this year have been dedicated to sustainable development of nanotech and to accelerate its adoption. We have followed exciting advancements in nanocarbon (including CNT & Graphene), nanomanufacturing technologies (MEMS, Nanoimprint, Printed Electronics), and energy sectors (PV, Batteries). Most recently we partner with NanoProfessor in USA to launch the nanoscience education program in Asia. We are also partnering with Suzhou Nanotech in China to organize the International Nanovation Summit 2011.  


We are happy to share with you our activities and we look forward to working with you and connecting you to Asia, one of the most dynamic regions for nanotech advancement today!



Dr. Lerwen Liu, the Asia Nanotech Ambassador

Suzhou Nanotech Capability 


In May 2011, NanoGlobe, together with Suzhou Nanotech, launched the Nanotechnology Capabilities Report of Suzhou (free for downloading in English and Chinese versions), which provides comprehensive information on the nanotech capabilities and ecosystem in Suzhou, China. The extensive report covers detailed nanotech activities of research institutes, universities, companies, start-ups, as well as the platforms, infrastructure and the whole nanotech ecosystem that has been built up in Suzhou, the nanotech commercialization hub in China. In addition, this report provides valuable information for companies or research organizations who wish to identify collaboration partners, expand in the region, or seek incubation, application development and investment support.


The large investments and the rapid advancement in nanotech R&D and commercialization in Suzhou makes this report a must-read for executives, research & development leaders and business development managers in nanotech enabled industries.



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China Nanovation Initiative - Nanopolis Suzhou 


The Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) already houses 20,000 multinational and national companies, and is now home to Nanopolis Suzhou, a focal point for nanotech commercialization. A 10 billion RMB (about 1.5 B USD) investment has been committed to build Nanopolis Suzhou (total one square kilometer in size) to further develop Suzhou's high-tech and nanotech enabled industries.


The industry ecosystem in SIP includes Printed Electronics, MEMS, Water Treatment, Electric Vehicle, LED/OLED and others. If you are interested in business opportunities in this innovative nanotech hub, contact us




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Creating Strategic Platform - Nanomanufacturing Towards Sustainable Society


NanoGlobe, in partnership with Suzhou Nanotech, launched the bimonthly workshop series on Manufacturing Technologies for a Sustainable Society  in March 2011. The series aim to promote and facilitate nanotech application development, partnerships and market access in China.


NanoGlobe co-organized 3 successful workshops on different themes since the launch. Over 30 experts worldwide from both research institutes and industries were invited to present at the series to-date and share their insights on the emerging nanotech enabled solutions, business opportunities and challenges related to nanomanufacturing.


          sustain able society 1


     sustainable 1 

 The just concluded  3rd  workshop on the theme of  MEMS, held on July  11,   2011, invited highly  valued  specialists from  Asia,  EU and  USA. Topics  of  discussion  included  emerging  MEMS  products, MEMS foundry services, market trends and China MEMS industry & business opportunities. 


The 4th workshop on water treatment technologies will be held on September 16, 2011 in Suzhou China.


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Nanotech Connect - China Meets USA


We chaired the US - China Nanotech Connect Session at the annual Nanotech Conference & Expo 2011 in Boston. This was one of the most popular sessions presenting an ambitious effort from China in accelerating the commercialization and adoption of nanotech. China is aggressively pursuing global partnerships with their state-of-the-art infrastructures, world class R&D capabilities and strong government incentives. NanoGlobe is there to connect you.   


         NSTI 2011


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Launching Nano Education Program

NanoProfessor Partnership

With our passion for nanotech education, NanoGlobe will bring the affordable hands-on NanoProfessor education program to Asia, helping polytechnic and undergraduate students in the region gain valuable skills and experiences necessary for promising careers in the rapidly emerging field of nanotech, enabling the Asia-Pacific region to be a global leader in tomorrow's nanotech industryPlease view press release.




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I hope you have enjoyed this issue of our NanoGlobe newsletter. NanoGlobe's competitive strength lies in business development and intelligence services to our worldwide clients. We look forward to meeting with you and sharing our latest insights in various areas of nanotech advancement and commercialization.