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"Know This Truth:
It is the random method of determining goal weight that is flawed; it is not the patient who is flawed."

~ Kaye Bailey on
WLS Goal Weight

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Four Rules
Refresher Course:
Four Rules Magnet 2

We started 2011 with a 2-month comprehensive refresher course that covered the nitty-gritty of our weight loss surgery four rules. Our readers responded with excitement: it seems no matter where we are in the journey a little reminding goes a long way in keeping us on track. By popular demand we will address the rules again in January - February 2012. Until then here are quick links to our 2011 Refresher Course:

Rule #1 - Protein First:

LivingAfterWLS Weekly Digest January 20, 2011


Rule #2 - Lots of Water

  LivingAfterWLS Weekly Digest February 2, 2011 


Rule #3 - No Snacking

LivingAfterWLS Weekly Digest February 9, 2011  


Rule #4 - Daily Exercise

LivingAfterWLS Weekly Digest February 18, 2011  

The Four Rules: Should this be Rule #5?
LivingAfterWLS Weekly Digest February 24, 2011.


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5 Day Pouch Test Bulletin:
Favorite Features of 2011

You Deserve to beYour very Best
Separating the person from the disease
March 1, 2011

I suggest we take a clinical approach toward our obesity. management. When we lose weight we put obesity in remission. When we gain weight obesity is in relapse. As intelligent beings we can take an active role in managing our remission by using our experience and the knowledge we glean from others. We can return to the behaviors that worked shortly after surgery to help us lose weight. Behaviors that are not supportive of our health can be considered and replaced. We have opportunities every day to improve our health and enjoy the pleasures good health brings.
Link to Bulletin

Why they matter &
How to work them into your day
March 28, 2011

As informed and well-intentioned patients we do not willfully ignore the liquid restrictions. The reason it is easy to get away from them is that eating is more comfortable when we mix food with water to form a slurry rather than solid mass which tends to sit like a lump in our gastric pouch. Over time it becomes common to abandon the liquid restrictions all together as we return to a physically and socially more comfortable practice of eating and drinking together. This often leads to feelings of hunger not long after meals, and ultimately may lead to weight gain.
Link to the 5 Day Pouch Test Bulletin

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Stop the Comparison!
Weight Loss is Not a Competition
October 4, 2011

Unless you pound-for-pound and fork-for-fork competitively gained weight with another person you have no business competing to lose weight. Contrary to popular culture, weight loss is not a contest. Weight loss is a life saving initiative owned by the one taking action.
By all means we should compare our experiences. Let's share recipes and exercise tips. Let's give reminders to drink our water and take our supplements. But let's leave the competition to the amateurs. As weight loss surgery patients we understand that our lives were in danger from obesity and we took medical action to change the course. We are much wiser for it. Few people who join their positive energy forces in a united effort for better health ever feel burdened by not living up to an artificial contest.
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Year in Review: 

The Best of You Have Arrived Newsletters 2011     


December 12,  2011

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Hello and Welcome!


It's that time of year again when we prepare to close the cover on another calendar and reflect upon the year just finished before setting our sights on the new one. With pleasure we present you the best of our email newsletters from 2011. Not only do the newsletters give us a look back at what we learned, they can provide a source of inspiration and excitement for the year to come. Perhaps you'll find one of your favorites from our list here, or maybe come across one you missed. But most of all we hope these newsletters serve you well in your continued pursuit of health with weight loss surgery. We look forward to providing more meaningful content and useful recipes and ideas in 2012.






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Protein and Food Counters
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Bundle includes The Complete Food Counter (720 pages) and The Protein Counter (490 pages) both by Annette B. Natow, Ph.D. and Jo-Ann Heslin, M.A., R.D. and published by Pocket Books of Simon and Schuster.
List Price: $15.95
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Reader Favorites: 2011
~WLS Split Personality
~The Goal Weight Myth 
~Scared Straight
~Flattery Floosie or Yeah-But-Betty

HereRetro Icon Oval are the four most requested LivingAfterWLS Weekly Digests for 2011. Our digests are prepared for our ever growing community of Weight Loss Surgery patients of all currently practiced procedures. We focus on the big picture and the long journey that takes us beyond the first year after bariatric surgery into a lifetime of weight management and better health with the help of our weight loss surgery tool. You can find all of our digests in the online archive: Weekly Digest Archive.



Our most requested newsletter of 2011: 

Do you suffer from
WLS-Split Personality Syndrome?
January 4, 2011

If you have undergone a bariatric surgical procedure to control the metabolic disorder causing you to suffer from morbid obesity then you understand what it means to jump through hoops. Unlike any other life threatening illness people suffering from morbid obesity have to prove they are sick enough to undergo surgical intervention and mentally healthy enough to adapt to that treatment and its consequences.
Continue reading.

Avoid the Pitfalls Associated with a Single Goal   
May 10,  2011

Today I'm addressing goal weight as it relates to our experience with weight loss surgery. Prior to surgery patients are in cahoots with their surgeons as they plan for bariatric surgery, set the course and denote the finish line which will be crossed when goal weight is achieved. I don't particularly like to hear what I'm about to say and I know it is a tough thing for my WLS Neighbors to hear, but I'm putting it out there bluntly so we can face it and take action:

Few patients will ever reach goal weight.

There you have it. Numerous studies suggest that fewer than 20% of patients achieve goal weight. My work with patients of all gastric surgeries for weight management suggests the same thing. In fact, it is fairly common for me to meet someone who introduces themselves saying, "I'm one of those people who never made it to goal weight." Here is what you need to know about goal weight so it will cease to be a barrier to your pursuit of overall health. Continue Reading.

Follow-up: Calculating Goal Weight Range
The Process in Achievable Phases  
May 17,  2011

Warning Signs & Direct Conversation
August 9,  2011

So many of us go into surgery making hand-on-the-Bible
Four Rules Magnet
Recommended by Bariatric Centers for patients in all stages of WLS. Learn More
type promises to not become "one of those people who gain the weight back." Did you make that promise to yourself or to others? The best way I know to keep this promise is to learn from others and to keep building on personal experience and knowledge. So when I share with you what I've learned it is in the spirit of fellowship knowing we are all in this together. You can count on me to be direct and honest about my own experience and what I have learned from you. Here are a few nuggets of knowledge that are golden and that I learned in the WLS-afterlife, not from my bariatric center:
Continue Reading.

December 1,  2011

After attending several WLS events recently I started noticing a trend among our weight loss surgery sisters that may seem at first superficial but once examined reveals much about the emotional journey from obesity to healthy weight. Today we take a look at two party personalities, I call them Flattery-Floozie and Yeah-But-Betty. Maybe you will identify with one or the other. It's all in fun but I think there are some interesting insights into those of us who tend to treat ourselves a bit unkindly. This is the season of good will and gratitude. In our ongoing recovery and management of obesity maybe it's time we direct some of that good will and gratitude to within. I will work on this if you will.
Read more.

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Cooking with Kaye:
Keeping up with change
ChooseMyPlateThe year brought many changes in the world of food including a new food icon from the USDA and new guidelines for cooking pork from the same organization. We studied the news and provided our take on what these changes mean to us as weight loss surgery patients. And along the way we shared some great recipes many of you found delicious, easy to prepare and family friendly. Here are the top requested Cooking with Kaye newsletters from 2011:

Lower the Temp-Raise the Enjoyment!
June 1, 2011

Late last month (May 2011) the United States Department of Agriculture announced new cooking guidelines for pork and this is GREAT news for weight loss surgery patients. The old guidelines called for cooking pork to an internal temperature of 160 Degrees Fahrenheit. These high cooking temperatures were appropriate many years ago when pork contained much more fat and was also prone to carrying food borne illness. Advances in pork breeding now produce a leaner meat and improved standards in farming have decreased the chance of pork carrying illness causing bacteria. Now we may safely cook pork to an internal temperature of 145F. Cooked to this standard pork is juicier and more palatable. For those of us with weight loss surgery and following the liquid restrictions (no liquid with meals) a more succulent piece of meat is essential for our culinary enjoyment and pouch comfort.

In today's cooking with Kaye we have filled the page with great recipes starring pork that are high in protein and flavor. Give these recipes a try and I think you will enjoy pork more than ever before.

Pork CutsCaribbean Pork Kabobs
Grilled Peppered Pork Chops with Mediterranean Relish
Peppered Pork Chops with Peach-Vinegar Glaze
Creamy Dijon Pork Chops
Herbed Pork Chops
Carolina Country Style Ribs
Link to Newsletter

Making A Healthy Plate for LivingAfterWLS!
June 3, 2011

After 19 years the USDA has this week updated food guidelines in a move that makes a lot of sense: a Food Plate. The flagship icon is a color-blocked dinner plate (shown at left) with sections to represent four food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains and protein, with a side serving of dairy. According to Kathleen Zelman, RD with WebMD,  "We now have an easy-to-understand layout of what constitutes a healthy meal. Whether you are grocery shopping, packing lunches, or assembling a meal on a plate, the new food plan icon will serve as a constant reminder of the essential ingredients for a nutritious meal -- five easy pieces."

These guidelines are written for the population in general and they are a great improvement over the ambiguity of the iconic 19-year-old pyramid.  

But for those of us managing our weight with bariatric surgery by following the high protein diet and Four Rules recommended by our surgeons the new simple diagram needs a few more details. I feel it is safe to say that all of us are invested in a healthier life when we undergo surgical weight loss and we know and learn (and re-learn) that a healthier way of life takes vigilance and lots and lots of hard work. The comprehensive "Choose My Plate" program that accompanies the new plate icon is a terrific addition to our health management toolbox.

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Grains, Healthy Plate & WLS: Making it Work
June 14, 2011

This is our second Cooking with Kaye to discuss the newly introduced USDA Food Plate that replaced the 19-year-old Food Pyramid last month. Today we are discussing grains and the role they play in our diet after weight loss surgery. In the early months and even years following surgery a goodly number of patients report difficulty and discomfort when eating rice, pasta, and bread. "It just feels like a big ball is stuck" is a common description when we test drive pasta or rice after surgery and it does not go well.  

One reason we struggle with pasta or grains is that we do not chew them as well as we do other nutrients like solid protein. They are soft and down they go before being broken down by mastication. We can compound the problem by eating ahead of our pouch. By that I mean without realizing it, because the food is soft and goes down easy, we eat more volume than our pouch can hold. The warmth of the stomach, the gastric juices, and the partially chewed pasta actually do churn into a lump of sorts and in my experience it is painful to be in this predicament.
Continue Reading.

Scallops with Chipotle-Orange Sauce
Black Bean Salad with Quinoa
Yellow Pepper Rice
Almond Rice
Chickpea and Couscous Salad
Couscous Pilaf
Rice Pilaf with Green Onions


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