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April 19, 2011    

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ALS, Chemlube, and Safety-Kleen Up Prices    

Advanced Lubrication Specialties (ALS) will increase finished lubricant prices effective May 9, 2011.  Conventional and synthetic blends will increase by $0.60 a gallon. Its price on full synthetics will increase by $0.80 a gallon. In addition, ALS advised it will also be adjusting freight cost due to the higher cost of fuel.  


Chemlube announced today it will increase bulk lubricant prices (except synthetics by $0.50 a gallon. Bulk synthetics will increase by $0.80 a gallon, and hydraulic fluids will go up by $0.40 a gallon. Orders must be placed by May 4th and shipped by May 13th in order to maintain the previous price.  


Safety-Kleen will increase its bulk lubricant prices by $0.50 a gallon effective May 15, 2011.   

Price Increase Summary as of April 19, 2011



Shell Implements Temporary Fuel Credit

Shell increases its DFOA (aka buyback) fee in response to higher fuel prices. As such, effective May 1, 2011, Shell will implement a temporary fuel credit on its standard DFOA rates.  The temporary credit adds $0.03 a gallon to the DFOA on lubricants, and $0.01 a gallon for products sound in pounds.  




Posted March 30, 2011 



We currently have exciting opportunities for experienced and proactive outside sales representatives to help grow our business by taking initiative to reach our goals of positive growth and expansion into new territories.


Farrell Oil, a successful and growing, 2nd generation company, has been a distributor of quality lubricants in Upstate New York and has reliably serviced customers throughout the region for over 33 years.  Since 2004 we have also serviced the Hudson Valley.  We have been certified by Conoco Phillips as a Top Tier distributor since 2007.  We are a "family style" firm with a professional attitude.


Posted April 11, 2011

Rapidly expanding National Lubricant Supplier is currently accepting resumes for experienced and energetic sales representatives to join their dynamic team.  They are accepting resumes for a C-level sales executive and have multiple openings in their national account sales division.  

Seeking representatives with industry experience, high-integrity and a great work ethic.
 Please forward resumes for consideration to:   


Champion Brands LLC Rolling Out New Diesel Engine Oil

Champion Brands LLC rolling out new diesel engine oil specifically designed to meet the demands of diesel competition builders and enthusiasts of turbo and super-charged pre-2007 MY diesel engines.


According to Champion Brands, its Classic Blue Flame is a unique hybrid synthetic blend 15W-40 diesel engine oil that combines workhorse high-zinc performance additives, superior protection, advanced polymer technology, and high TBN supported by a carrier blend of synthetic and conventional base fluids.


Why offer such a product? 2007 marked a significant change ushering in an emission reduction mandate imposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Many fundamental engine oil protection additives could no longer be used in engines fitted with diesel particulate filtration (DPF) devices. It became clear that engine oil's ash, sulfur and phosphorous content, and other additives were targeted for substantial reduction to meet new requirements, says Champion Brands.


These new engine oils were designated API service category CJ-4 to meet the normal driving conditions in post 2007 MY diesel engines. However, today's diesel enthusiasts who do not have a DPF mounted on board gave out loud cry for better protection and increased performance beyond that of conventional CJ-4 lubricant.


Champion Brands says its Classic Blue Flame raises the bar of performance beyond API CJ-4, or any previous conventional API service category. Performance diesel owners have reported increased cylinder, cam, and bearing wear in their early model engines, especially in competition diesel engines.. Development included attention to concentration and synergistic behavior of anti-wear and detergent additives for more robust protection at high temperature and heavy load. Champion Brands says its Classic Blue Flame also utilizes TVS® (Thermal Viscosity Stabilizer) polymer chemistry, borrowed from CHAMPION RACING OIL technology, and a dynamic backbone of enhanced shear stability and viscosity control.


In addition, Champion Brands says its Classic Blue Flame Diesel Engine Oil delivers unmatched high temperature film strength and lubricity protection, has the muscle to combat oil shear, maximizes and sustains cylinder compression, and is proven to increase engine horse power and torque. Champion Brands Classic Blue Flame 15W-40 is purpose built for extreme protection and performance. Available now in quart and gallon packages.


CHAMPION BRANDS ALSO ANNOUNCED: Champion Brands announced it has signed an official product sponsorship agreement with the National Association of Diesel Motorsports (NADM), and will be the official Diesel Oil of this sanctioning organization.


"We are excited about our new partnership with the NADM race series," stated Champion's VP

Mike Reddick, "In addition to being the premiere sanctioning series for competitive Diesel racing; it is an ideal proving ground for our new "Blue Flame" Performance Diesel Motor Oil technology." Reddick added, "We had great success in just about every high performance market, but we are new to the racing diesel market. By being an official product of NADM we hope to reach racers and create awareness about our rich 55 year history and our expansive line

Of "purpose---built" Blue Flame Diesel Motor oils."



For more information about Champion Brands go to:



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