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Another Stake in the Ground!
Chevron Officially Says No To Dexos1(TM)

Chevron advised its customers today that it will not license its Havoline and Supreme motor oils under dexos1(TM)).

In a letter to its North American customers, Chevron says:

"General Motors has recently instituted a passenger car engine oil requirement for use in its 2011 model year cars and light duty trucks for factory and service fill applications. GM has registered the performance requirement under the dexos 1™ trademark. Lubricant manufacturers choosing to license and show the dexos 1 trademark must pay license and royalty fees to General Motors for use of the trademark.

Chevron believes the current ILSAC classification system for monitoring engine oil quality amply meets the needs of the North American PCMO market. As such, Chevron will not license its Havoline® and Supreme® motor oils under dexos 1. Havoline and Supreme motor oils will continue to meet the latest API/ILSAC standards for passenger car motor oils. However, though not formally licensed, a Chevron Supreme and Havoline product will be developed to meet the performance requirements of dexos 1 to ensure your Chevron product range is complete for use in all models of GM vehicles. We currently anticipate the reformulated product to be available by early next year and will provide you with more details in the near future.

We strive to efficiently manage cost and complexity to keep you as competitive as possible in the marketplace. The additional costs of the dexos 1 licensing and the added potential complexity of OEMs making separate decisions on product formulations were key decision factors for Chevron.

This decision was made with careful thought and with your needs front of mind. Our goal always is to offer you the best quality for your lubricant spend, which in turn enhances value for your customers. It is hoped this position is recognized as reinforcing that commitment.

Thank you for your loyalty to Chevron!"

Petro-Canada will Go with dexos1(TM)

"Petro-Canada advised JobbersWorld late last week that, "Petro-Canada Lubricants will be officially licensed dexos1(TM)."

CITGO Tells Marketers its in With Dexos1(TM)
CITGO verbally advised its marketers (at its 100 year Anniversary Meeting in Orlando) that they will have a licensed dexos1, as well as a non-licensed engine oil in the market. No further details were made available.
The dexos1(TM) Tally - Nay or Yeah
The following is a summary of the companies that have reportedly said the will offer a dexos licensed engine oil and those that say they will not. If your company is not listed and has already made a decision regarding dexos, please let us know by contacting: jobbersworld

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