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February, 2015
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When you get finished with the next section and have time to sit back and watch one of the videos you will know what I mean when I ask, "Can you imagine the potential if I were to execute all the strategies mentioned in the video? How many dealers could I have signed up under me with the 100's of blog posts, transcribed youtube videos and the website/facebook interaction??

Here is a unique way to increase your advertising presence by one thousand times. I'll go into more detail in the next section.

Scan through the highlights of this newsletter with the menu on the left - here are several new printable two and three page PDFs to be used as handouts, web posts or blog text. Most are from the Amsoil magazine but the work of separating them is done.. Save these for your customers and web site use.

Oh - and our new Omaha store is now just starting to pick up in sales. Just about the break even point as I pay someone to run it full time. The Sioux Falls store and my website sales are keeping it going - just shows how much a serious website strategy pays off. But by summer I expect the Omaha sales to go beyond that of Sioux Falls. I'll keep you posted.

Oh, and for awhile we had a ring of frequent repeat customers but over the last 40 days we have seen mostly new customers. I have a audio & video security cameras so it's like I'm there  - I do chat with customers via phone.

It's been around 20*F all week and we are almost sold out on motorcycle oil! The Omaha store is becoming established and it's exciting! My local website and blog is starting to take effect. We have the facebook page, the blog & website and my main site which links them all together. The next step are the youtube videos. We dominate all the top searches for "Amsoil Omaha". This you can do in your city. Use the resources below. Get to where you think you understand the full limits of the concepts better than anyone and keep reading technical data relating to lubricants! Oh!! AND don't miss AMSOIL U this year!

Don't forget to take part in the AMSOIL drawing for free product below!! Enjoy!

Ches Cain

Learning Facebook Marketing AND a major marketing secrete for your Wordpress site/blog.   

Ok, the last newsletter we had in this section the tutorial to get started with a free and effective Wordpress website. I believe this is the way to go for several reasons. Better SEO (automatic), better ranking in searches by default, unlimited free plugins to patch in (image editing, audio/video, forms, page builder, social media) all for any beginner without coding, tons of support, blog and webpage formats work together, and it's just easy! Now I can make dozens of websites in the time it took me to plan and build one.
What we will discuss now is how to work a Facebook strategy and more importantly how to further enhance your Wordpress site effectiveness by mas producing posts via video!

Facebook Marketing:
First Facebook is an amazing tool. I first scoffed at the suggestion by AMSOIL to get active using it as a business tool but their approach was a little off. I later learned how to use it to target only your exact audience wherever you like that to be! Step 1 of course is to have a separate Facebook page for your business. Once that is done you need to concentrate on page likes before you start to promote ads for individual posts. Jerry Banfield's method show me how to take $5 to $10 to get over 1000 likes!! I did it and it worked. If someone sees your ad on the right hand side no matter how profound they won't click on it or take it seriously if it only has 20 or even 100 likes. If you page has 900 or more likes then they will be enticed. The key to this is targeting other countries to get that accomplished.

Once you have the likes there are a number of strategies and tools within Facebook which most never see on the surface. I'll go the the next discussion but here is the first video so you can learn too. A 2nd link below will take you to the $25 course. You basically learn what he uses to get a footprint of what every AMSOIL dealer combined has now - that is the potential! I can't wait to get on this process 100%. I am typing this newsletter as I am learning too but I want to get this out to all my dealers so you can get started too. It's that exciting knowing there's a better way and this process isn't like dragging your feet all over again like the long process I did in 2002 for my first site. 
Complete Facebook Advertising Tutorial: How To Get Cheap Clicks with Facebook Ads + Power Editor
Complete Facebook Advertising Tutorial: How To Get Cheap Clicks with Facebook Ads + Power Editor

This link will take you to the page which lists all his facebook related tip videos. Your quest is to basically do the same thing with AMSOIL products.

Wordpress expanded strategy: (work in addition to the above)
Once you have your wordpress site built you can take your time with additional pages but here below is a way to accelerate posts. The content in the posts is what will get your organic search ratings way up over other dealers. Watch this video carefully and take notes. I would actually plan two wordpress sites first. Find a local hosting company like I did which I pay one yearly rate for as many sites as I can make!!

Anyway one good way to do this for AMSOIL is  (Will make sense when you watch the below video) have one Wordpress website for local business and start a 2nd one for a national campaign (not targeted local) for a particular line of AMSOIL products such as the manual transmission fluids. People searching for a particular product are more than likely ready to buy than a group of people searching for AMSOIL or "synthetic oil" in general.
 In fact a youtube video explaining what is in this newsletter will attract anyone wanting to join as a dealer - well if they are already decided that they are going to sign up wouldn't they join the guy making the videos telling him how to be successful over the website which contains no such material?
Again these are things you can do now without spending any money. In the below video he even tells you what service he uses to record his audio and to record his screen shots for the youtube videos.He has someone transcribe his youtube "talking" video for him as it's faster to talk and read than type!

WordPress YouTube Content Marketing Strategy Optimized for Organic Search Traffic
WordPress YouTube Content Marketing Strategy Optimized for Organic Search Traffic

If you missed the last newsletter the links in the left column (above this subject box) contains a link to "Websites made easy" which I think has the best help on getting your wordpress site together fast and easy while reinforcing all the steps to to go on your own. You want to jump on this NOW before everyone else does.

Now here is Jerry Banfield's Udemy course page (link that follows). Although he charges $25 for each full course, you get to see the outline and preview first to see if it's something you want to try. I also found in youtube he often has a one hour video previewing the courses so just search for that within his Youtube page.

More courses to help with Facebook Marketing and high website traffic

#1-Jerry's Facebook training sessions

#2 -Jerry's Wordpress training sessions

Another training site
I was also referred to this man's Facebook "secrets + training" by a local business who is seeing great success with Facebook. Such that he was able to drop his radio ads.
Join this guys blog and get more tips
Jon Loomer - Advance Facebook Marketing

I've had better luck finding answers searching in Youtube than in Google for these procedures. Consider AMSOIL customers may be looking in the same place but the info is nowhere near complete.

A note on Pages vs. Posts

WordPress comes with two content types you get to use in unison; Pages & Posts.

A WordPress post is what makes up the blog aspect of your site.

  • These are generally news or informational updates about a certain topic or talking point.
  • Posts are listed in reverse chronological order and can be tagged, categorized and even archived on your site.
  • WordPress posts are what make up the RSS content of your WordPress blog. So, when someone subscribes to your RSS feed, your posts will be the content that's delivered to them.
  • Think of the posts at the news portion of your site. They're dynamic and constantly changing the content your end users sees.
  • May be responsible for the bulk of customers finding your site.As for AMSOIL use posts to tell about something related to a product, mention a recent use and finding about the product or just post something that is personally interesting to you.

    I found many "How To" answers thanks to blog posts such as adding disc brakes to Studebakers then I found the next one about replacing a windshield. An AMSOIL customer may find your site because you talked about your daughters positive reaction to the P.i. fuel additive in her car. Having a link to the online store may result in a commissionable and retail profit sale.

WordPress Pages are similar to posts in that they have a title and body text, but they are different because:

  • they are generally reserved for static content or information.
  • Examples of this would be an About Me, Contact Us, or Transmission Fluids page.
  • Pages are not listed by date and can't be categorized or tagged like WordPress posts,
  • Pages have a menu system and have a hierarchy, which means you can nest pages under other pages by making one the "Parent" of the other, thus creating a group of pages.
  • Due to their static nature, pages aren't included in RSS feeds and won't have date or time publishing but if they are content rich and that material is somewhat unique it will rank that page high for the subject at hand.


New Dirt Bike Oil

The potential of the above material is stuff to really get excited about but I'm even more excited about the new Dirt Bike motor oils. And yes there are two others AMSOIL just debuted but this in particular will draw in a hard core group of AMSOIL converts!

I already sell to an enormous motorcycle crowd for street bikes through the store and website generated phone calls/orders but the dirt bike crowd gravitates more toward supplies available at their dealerships where more specific oils already are on hand.
Think about it - dirt bike racing is the largest pool of racing enthusiasts and they are in it to beat the next gut. If there's an oil which can do something that the others can't and it's already being marketed within this genre from corporate it's a no brainer to what the potential will be!! Get you name and card to these people right away. I would not hesitate to donate some quarts to a few riders. They certainly don't wait a year between oil changes! 

AMSOIL claims this oil will keep the proper clutch grip through the entire oil interval. I have had dirtbike riders mention this exact problem as that is the main indicator when they change oil.

Reaching these new customers is quite easy. Unlike other motorists, dirt bike riders hang out in tight circles. In many cases it's as simple as locating the local track and converting a few there. The rest will come in due time. 


Special Shipping Rebates Continue

For Freight Collect please use the lowest rate carrier you can. Orders over 9 cases consider freight collect. You simply call the warehouse which serves you and ask who the shipping line who they use to send pallets out.
Then you call them using the class 65 and see what they would charge. They may have to arrange a sub-handler for the route.
My orders from Superior, WI go through two carriers and no matter what I can load on one pallet up to 8 feet tall they charge $87.70. That's a 8 hour drive from here. In summary I am paying to ship 90 cases of oil for what AMSOIL charges to ship 8 Four-gallon cases!!!!!

If you don't order a lot consider group shipping with another area dealer.  

email your rebates to or mail to:
Synthetic Warehouse
4610 W. 12th St
Sioux Falls, SD 57107
if you email - it must be a scanned copy of your AMSOIL invoice showing total weight.
Invoiced dated December 1st and later will go back to the previous rates:

1-200 LBS = $0.10/Lb
201-400 = $0.20/Lb
401-600 = $0.18/Lb
601-800 = $0.12/Lb
801-1600 = $0.08/Lb
1601 and more = $0.04/Lb

AMSOIL DEALER Ordering and Information Sheet (Shipping Rates & Purchase Discounts)

Wholesale Price List - G3500

Ches Cain
AMSOIL Direct Jobber 

4610 W. 12th St Ste. 1

Sioux Falls, SD 57107 

605-521-0742 -M
605-274-2580 -O   



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AMSOIL Case Drawing just for Reading!!

Just for reading, all you have to do to enter to win one of the two prizes is reply to me via email with "I read the Newsletter" then in the body include your name and ZO#. I will have a drawing in a week after this is sent.
First Place Prize is 6-Quarts of MTG and 6-Quarts of ASE 10W-30 which are two very practical and important products to have on hand!! 
And 2nd Place Prize is a Large AMSOIL Crew Jersey.

Good Luck!!
 Ches Cain