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 - November, 2014
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I wanted to get this one out ASAP - The main section below will certainly give your business a major boost.
Also I am continuing the better rebate rates through the end of November. The order has to be before the 1st of December. You can send me a copy of your invoice any time though even if you don't get around to it till after the new year...

A shout out to a new local dealer Jon Wilgers. Jon is responsible for the equipment and trucks for a large fleet used for tree trimming. This firm has the state contract as well as trimming for the power companies. In other words they are busy!! I think he has bought no less than six diesel twin packs five times in the last year plus several other products including cases of diesel fuel additive. I'll try to get a statement from Jon but a fleet like this has reasonable overhead costs which you can improve.
Lastly be sure to grab those air filters while you can. At 50% off they are a bargain! I sell a lot of the 08, 74, 200 and 189. Remember they are not dropping the EAAU. I sell a ton of them due to my nice display. More on that below. I'm also happy to see AMSOIL brought back the bomber hat!! Order G#3317. It's only $22. I use the old one in my propane business when it's 15 to -20 here in Sioux Falls and it works! See the G1650 clothing catalog for all the new stuff.

Websites made easy!  

After discussing a Wordpress site and it's unique advantages (as well with a couple disadvantages) with friends I jumped in and watched two tutorials. I took my time taking notes so the two hours of video actually took me 5 or more hours to digest. I soon realized the tremendous potential and felt urged to test and get this tip out to you... So please give this a shot.
How To Make A Website With WordPress - Beginners Tutorial
How To Make A Website With WordPress - Beginners Tutorial
I wanted to get the newsletter out to encourage you to try it yourself. I can help you with hosting if needed but the videos do show you some great options and how to do everything. I used a local hosting company who has proven to exceed all requirements one could ever demand!

Soon there will be additional menu items, forms, product listings, videos, etc..

This is VERY basic but after I studied the methods in the tutorials total time to make this was no more than three hours (in an 8 hour period) as I had many interruptions. A wordpress site can work as a normal website with many features (plun-ins) and/or as a blog. The search engines rank blog sites very highly! I suggest you watch a couple of the tutorials by James Stafford (above video and site to learn all the tools available. You can definitely build as you go.

My plan is to use the site for local traffic and to highlight the products I want to sell the most. Product locals are already searching for but in other brands. I want to target the transmission fluid searches and the cold air intake replacement filter customers right away. Then I'll start with the fuel additives. Customers who buy the additives, chemicals, sprays and small stuff are always going to step up to the lubricants. I've already had the mailouts highlighted below sent to all the automotive shops and stores in town (700 total). We are seeing customers being sent from NAPA already!!

In just one week the page is indexing well. Google and Yahoo love wordpress sites for several reasons but the templates (themes) are already formatted for the latest SEO trends. There is a plug-in for site mapping of your site which ensures your new material will be included in the searches.

Here you can see the title and description. The first listing is on the 2nd page of Yahoo for "Amsoil Omaha" search although my Yahoo free local listing puts me on a map on page one. I am more interested in being #1 locally when people search for specific oil types and that is EASY with wordpress.

Here's the Yahoo listing

And Google

If any reason to do this it is seen above .. There are many dealers on this google maps but only two with supporting websites. Having a local site on your google listing jets you to the top. Wordpress tools help you get an image on with your listing. The site above ( offers additional tutorials and even a premium level which sort of teaches you in modules as you build your site. When you look through the templates (Themes) there are links to see others who have completed their sites based on those themes. Some of them are quite the transformation.

 I haven't seen a solution like this ever. Makes the AMSOIL dealer website template ( totally obsolete! I hope you take advantage of this!


Local Flyers

I had these made for door hangers. I simply walk the neighborhoods and tape them to doorknobs or appropriate surfaces. It's workin'!! You can see ones for both Sioux Falls and Omaha. Eventually we will cover 1000's of homes. Can't wait to see double traffic in either of the stores. In Sioux Falls I am now beyond 10,500 transactions since I opened! Marketing is a must and it works.

Special Shipping Rebates Continue

Repeat from last month as I'm continuing this through November:
I hope most of my dealer
s & downline know that I do shipping rebates. I rebate even my dealers dealers with the exception of Direct Jobbers & their lines below me. As they get full commissions that should be their responsibility to offer programs if they wish.
This is for dealers only. 

So from the moment you see this newsletter through November 30th, I am improving the shipping rebate rates to help make 2014 a record year. Please mail or scan/email your AMSOIL invoices and send to me for that period and I'll mail you back a check! I've offered rebates for six years or more and these are the best rates ever!!

Here's the rates per pound I will rebate:
One to 200 - $0.13/Lb
201 to 400 - $0.25/Lb
401 to 600 - $0.20/Lb
601 to 800 - $0.15/Lb
801 to 1600 - $0.11/Lb
1601 and more - $0.05/Lb

For Freight Collect please use the lowest rate carrier you can. Orders over 8 cases consider freight collect. You simply call the warehouse which serves you and ask who the shipping line who they use to send pallets out.
Then you call them using the class 65 and see what they would charge. They may have to arrange a sub-handler for the route.
My orders from Superior, WI go through two carriers and no matter what I can load on one pallet up to 8 feet tall they charge $87.70. That's a 8 hour drive from here. In summary I am paying to ship 90 cases of oil for what AMSOIL charges to ship 8 4-gallon cases!!!!!

If you don't order a lot consider group shipping with another area dealer.  

email your rebates to or mail to:
Synthetic Warehouse
4610 W. 12th St
Sioux Falls, SD 57107

Invoiced dated December 1st and later will go back to the previous rates:

1-200 LBS = $0.10/Lb
201-400 = $0.20/Lb
401-600 = $0.18/Lb
601-800 = $0.12/Lb
801-1600 = $0.08/Lb
1601 and more = $0.04/Lb

AMSOIL DEALER Ordering and Information Sheet (Shipping Rates & Purchase Discounts)

Wholesale Price List - G3500

Ches Cain
AMSOIL Direct Jobber 

4610 W. 12th St Ste. 1

Sioux Falls, SD 57107 

605-521-0742 -M
605-274-2580 -O   



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Project Silver Hawk 1957

As promised an update on my Studebaker project. I never intended on doing another resto job but the seats got hung up with a lousy company here in town so while I wait I started on the Corvair. It seems Corvairs are in my blood but I'll hold on to this Stude as long as I can. It is 80% mechanically but the interior still needs to be done. The underbody is rust free. I have a LOT of work in this one. The headliner alone was a job but the front suspension is all new including king pins, bushings and a heavy duty aftermarket stabilizer bar.
Disk brakes may come later but the stock drums (non-power) work better than I would have guessed but on a hill you must really pay attention!
Studebaker was the first manufacturer to offer disc brakes as standard on their cheapest cars - Lark in 1960.

Just like the Corvair the AMSOIL product have proven to make the difference. The transmission was not working well at all until I changed out just three quarts of ATF and it came to life. I do have a spare transmission from an Avanti if this one ever fails. This car has a LOT of grease points. Our heavyduty polymeric truck grease GPTR1CREA makes the grade. I also have a bypass kit - BMK-21, and a EAAU4091 air filter.
 I have never driven a V8 which sounds as smooth as this one. It has the stock Carter WCFB carb. I also have the factory A/C with it!

I would sell it if I had the right offer though but like I said, I'll drive it as long as I can find a place to keep it. It's just to nice now as I wanted a driver but the body work went over and above what I wanted. But maybe I'll have a decade of stories to go with it..
In haste after I had to give up on the upholstery guy I was fortunately to find a complete used 100% original interior about 180 miles away in Iowa for $75.

What's amazing is how easy it starts and idles. It can sit for six months (I bought it in 2008) and even after pulling the distributor and roughly stabbing it back in to a assumed correct position, it started strong as new. When I resealed the motor looking up from the pan area the OEM red dye was still visible through out the block. Studebaker used higher levels of nickle than others.

What do you think of the wheels??? They are Rocket Racing one piece alloy.
I still need to sound proof the floors to get carpet in and the passenger side needs a new axle shaft (new machined bolted type to replace the work keyway flanged).

I found the car on craigslist years ago in Vegas and my dad who lives there was nice enough to check it out. Paid $4000 for it. I'll get some engine photos later. It's clean, painted but Im doing some more work right now in fact.

Till next time..
Good Day

Ches Cain
AMSOIL Direct Jobber