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January 24, 2012  



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Oil Additives
Winter "W" Weight??
Diesel Oil Selection
Dealer Camp Out & Get Together??
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Good day!
The last newsletter in November I wrote how things picked up and I see the same happened for many of you. Nine dealers had more than 1000 commissions and the winner of the case giveaway was Michael Fehler thanks to his ever growing list of retail accounts!! Congratulations to Michael for his work.
For January I'm having a new contest but it requires dealer participation. See the end of the newsletter for details.

Today's topics:
  • Dealer Communications & Accounts  
  • New AMSOIL Field Sales Help   
  • Winter Weight Viscosity Misunderstandings 
  • Addressing diesel customers - Choosing the right oil.
  • Dealer Camp Out Idea 

One of the things which makes a dealership really click is having a balanced business. You can have good sales but to really expand and make money while you take a break you need a mix of accounts and dealers. But all this will gradually fade away without a good communication network.
Starting with my PC's I have been fine tuning a short newsletter which goes out only to PC's who ordered that month. I also have a 2nd one for renewal time. You can see one of these through this link to a recent newsletter. If I'm having a slow month these newsletters seem to really make things click and that's why I do them!!
Local accounts (com and rots) you should simply drop by to say hello and check up by dropping some type of print out. I like the tech articles from the magazine. This month I see there's a badly needed one on ALA's (Aftermarket Oil Additives).. You want to be seen as helpful. Articles copied from Lubes N Greases and other lubrication magazines let them know you care. And of course a short thank you card or email newsletter is icing on the cake when they order.
With this I see one dealer is doing a weekly call in meeting. He is posting the recording of the dealer meeting on his website. I am considering starting one of these too but I hope you give it a try before I can. I would love to help you make it work.
It's all about communications and I do what I am comfortable with. I hope you can at least exceed my efforts and innovate something no one else is doing.

Amsoil Dealer Sales Liaison

I received a pleasant call from a new employee at AMSOIL. They have two positions which will be announced later but I wanted to break the ice with you. The first is working under Tim Golden as a contact between us out here in the field and AMSOIL. His name is Mark Kroll. He is anxious to get on the road and visit with us at your local dealer meetings and see what's needed out here. He's also willing to assist in putting on small technical meetings if we schedule them in advanced. That cracks the ice for that - isn't that great? I know once per month or quarterly we should all be doing something to meet up in our areas with our dealers. Consider working on this for your area.

The 2nd position is (I only got his first name) "Chad" who was hired in October is tackling for the company how and what is needed to drastically enhance your success in the installer market. In short I hear he's biased on our side out here in the field to collect criticism and push for more co-op help and better market data. (cash for advertising and swag). On field visits he could also great your account or prospect on behalf of the company.

Daily Tips and forum:
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Frustration - Finding out customers don't understand viscosity labeling.

Almost every other new customer who comes in for diesel oil I run into what seems like a brick wall when suggesting a 5W40 or any thing other than a 15W-XX. Living in a cold climate my advantage is to sell the oil which I know the customer will benifit from best. Whether we are talking about 5W40 vs. 15W40 and 5W-30 vs 10W30  for diesel, 0W20 vs. 5W20 or AZO 0W30 over the ASL 5W30 for gas engines in any climate, the lower W or Winter weight offers the best performance.

About 1/2 or more believe the W or Winter weight is the actual winter viscosity. There is a misconception that the two numbers on the multi-weight are of the same type of measurement. They are not!!
The winter weight is based on a test regarding it's cold cranking resistance (Pumping Viscosity called Brookfield Viscosity measured in cenetpoise (cP)).
There is a maximum energy value allowed for each 'W' weight category. Know that this rating can effect the oil's performance all the way up the temperature curve. After examining the numbers you should see why people notice our 5W30 seems to start easier and run smoother than someone else's 5W30.

The number on the right is the actual "Primary" operating viscosity or the amount of oil that flows based on gravity during a given time at 100*C (not the amount of energy it takes but simply flow).
If a 5W30 was actually a SAE 5 in the winter as many of my customers thought, the engine would be destroyed.
My signal that they don't understand these concepts is when I'll suggest the AZO 0W30 for a car or HDD 5W30 for an older diesel and they say, "Oh, a 5 weight is way too thin for my car, it will cause too much wear.." I have to comment, Well they are both
30 weight oils. Look at the data sheets, one only flows better as it warms up. And it's closer to its operating as it warms up.
As for the diesel the 5W40 replacing the 15W40 is also the smart choice. Then for the early ones the HDD 5W30 vs. the 15W40 is really just a change from a 40WT to a 30 which is allowed for in their owners manual but the 5W seems to create worry.

To get over this I recommend reading over the dealer training series book titles "Engine Lubrication". Go to page 23 for a full explanation. The chart from the book is seen below.

But the key point is to be able to help the customer understand how these numbers are two mutually exclusive figures. It's just another thing they will remember you for as the only automotive jobber who seemed to know something about lubricants other than what is assumed.
Follow material on page 23 of "Engine Lubrication" training series booklet G2884
My Thoughts on AMSOIL Diesel Oil Selection

AMSOIL now offers nine different Synthetic Diesel choices!!

This was copied from my Preferred Customer newsletter.

Amsoil's Oil Selection and Interval guide (G1490) will help you make the best choice but you should read the product data sheets of each product you are considering as there are pros and cons for each.

The photo above is my diesel product display in the store. Sold out and missing is the ACD (red label) 10W30/SAE30 and on another shelf is the multipurpose AMO 10W40 and ARO 20W50 which I will explain last.

Engine Groups
Basically diesel engines can be divided into three categories. The first would be Non-turbo diesel work and/or stationary engines (including skid steers, farm tractors, etc). The second would be mid year 2007 and earlier light and heavy duty trucks as well as cars w/o DPF devices (diesel particulate filters) and the 3rd would be passenger cars and light & heavy duty trucks with DPF systems.

Diesel Oil Groups
To categorize the oils for our customers I like to group them in three levels and the first one having a subgroup.
The first being the latest and most advanced formula for all diesels manufactured today and compatible for those older engines which didn't have the emissions devices or for CJ4 requirements. DME 15W40, DEO 5W40 (Amsoil's favorite pick), OED 15W40 and OEC 10W30. This first group has a subgroup which is the new OE product priced for those who want or are required to do OEM drain intervals only. (OED and OEC).

The 2nd category are our diesel oils which offer protection specifically for the diesel engines which do not have exhaust emissions devices (DPF). The products are AME 15W40 (best seller), HDD 5W30 Series 3000 (Earns us the most satisfied customers), ACD 10W30/SAE30, ARO 20W50, AMO 10W40 and ASE 10W30 (for small engines).

The 3rd category is for the European car owners. (See article in sidebar). AMSOIL makes three products to comply with the new ACEA categories based on engine performance and emissions needs. The products are AFL 5W40 Medium SAPS, AEL 5W30 Low SAPS and the latest 3rd product EFM 5W40 Full SAPS. The selection with these are simple - just follow the manufacture's recommendation and match to our oil. There is no pattern with year, make or model on these except the EFM 5W40 is not as elegant of a low emission product thus easier to produce and a lower cost. You will see it as the suggestion for older diesel cars.

To add more detail on the 1st category:
Let's say you have a new 2007 to 2013 Lt. duty diesel pick-up calling for CJ4. These all have a warning due to possible fuel dilution problem created by the process needed to clean the catalyst in the exhaust. (See AMSOIL Technical Service Bulletin on this subject)
So therefore here's your choice - You can use the less costly OE series which is an excellent product, saves you fuel and performs similar to the premium formula. It's TBN and viscosity retention is not as robust but it is still better than any shelf brand and the perfect choice for OEM intervals. The new 10W30 version is selling well. I even had a 2002 Ford 7.3 owner try it and was pleased about the better starts below 40F.
But if you simply want the best oil for the best performance, one size fits all select the DEO 5W40. Amsoil does back it for older engines too. You can increase intervals to 3X LONGER in 07 to present light duty trucks with oil analysis. That will protect you. On OTR trucks it's absolutely the best choice and some truckers are seeing it last 50,000 miles easy without bypass filtration!

In early 07 and older vehicles without DPF the AME 15W40 is the easy choice. It's legendary!! AME contains the original detergents and high Zinc. But for winter and really the best performance year round the HDD 5W30 has earned me dozens of repeat business over the years! The only reason it's not the #1 seller is due to price and worry regarding the lighter viscosity. Don't let that scare you as many of these customers live in the hottest climates.

As for the ARO 20W50 and AMO 10W40 (Amsoil's first product), these are generally for gasoline engines but they do exceed turbo-diesel performance and meet several specifications as listed. The ARO 20W50 isn't very popular in my climate but is useful in older diesels which have severe oil consumption problems. Some dealers prefer it in OTR trucks but AMSOIL doesn't feel it's needed in most of these cases. Both the ARO and AMO also meet motorcycle oil specifications and are great as a lower cost motorcycle synthetic.

Lastly, don't forget our oil filters are designed to meet the extended intervals thanks to the nanofiber technology and they are made in USA!



Amsoil Dealer Camp Out Weekend

I was thinking of planning a late Spring/Summer AMSOIL dealer campout which any and all dealers are invited. If it gets promoted well we could have a good count and a great time.
So first I want to see if I get any feedback but if I do this I would want to schedule it around May 30th through June 2nd.
The place is Ponca State Park along the Missouri River in NE Nebraska. The park features many primitive and modern campsites with excellent tree cover, pool, fishing, hiking, archery and gun range, cabins and more. It's situated both on top and below a massive bluff looking out over the river. It's about a 20 minute drive from Sioux City, IA.
I think it would be a lot of fun. We could all share war stories, kick tires, etc.. Bring your bike, car, tent or camper. We could use the group camping area or just do your own thing and meet over meals.

So, let me know if you would be interested!! I may just schedule it as I like going there anyway and if people show up, they show up!

Ponca State Park Website


Reminders and Closing:
If you missed last months newsletter please look up in the archives. Here are the topics covered:
  • Polaris Cross Reference Part Numbers (Unpublished) 
  • PC Price Lists  
  • NGK Wires & Cabin Air Filters 
  • Jacket and Oil Case Giveaway
  • Ford 6.0 Bypass parts
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401 - 600 pounds = $0.18/lb
601 - 800 pounds = $0.12/lb
801 - 1600 pounds = $0.08/lb
1601 pounds and up = $0.04/lb
Above 300 pounds consider Freight Collect. $60 to $90 flat rates for full skids anywhere but rural areas.
Suggestion: Retail Accounts I rebate mine 100%
Commercial Accounts 0%
Use Freight Collect when AMSOIL's shipping is over $80 for better value!!

Remember to subscribe to the Premium Zone and use the Catalog Customer (CR) and Preferred Customer (PC) sales reports to your advantage. Thank them and let them know you are there. See new dealers deep within your downlines and send encouragement!

If you have not visited the "Secrete" dealer area on my site please call or email me for the login so you can absorb some of the 2010 & 2011 Amsoil U presentations. My getting started word document is also in that area.

Thanks for reading and pass along to your dealers and remind me to add your new ones!!

Good Day,

Ches Cain
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