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November, 2012
Amsoil Preferred Customers - Thank You!

 I wanted to thank our most dedicated customers for using and trusting the best lubricants on the planet! I don't write many of these editions so let me introduce myself. My name is Ches Cain, owner of The Synthetic Warehouse. I have been full time with my AMSOIL/AGGRAND business since 2003 and started as a dealer in 1998.
In 2011 I opened a warehouse and retail store in Sioux Falls, SD as I could see the one shortcoming regarding AMSOIL was lack of retail supply. Rather than fight with retail stores to get our product on their shelves in limited arrays I took the risk of having a fully stocked store to see if the AMSOIL name could support the level of sales needed to survive. Turned out we were right!!
And now one of the points of this newsletter is that we also ship which for many of our PC's we can ship to you saving you the sales tax. In some situations we may actually have a dealer near you (we have over 400 now).

Many of our PC's (Preferred Customers) order through us by phone. We have a technical and social advantage over AMSOIL as we can to a better degree answer your questions and provide a little personality over the phone. Although there is a limit to the number of call we can handle ordering by phone whether it be through myself or AMSOIL is better than online for various reasons.
One reason calling here is best is because when your preferred customer membership runs out you can rely on our service to get you the best price all the time without having to pay the $20 renewal fee. But if you want to keep up on AMSOIL's product lines, technical info and the ability to order online please renew so that you get the magazine and easy online ordering. Registered PC's may also upgrade to a dealer to earn $$ back on orders. 
My number is 1-800-579-0580 or direct 605-274-2580 (saves us on the 800 charge).

Why are you getting this newsletter?
Good question. If you are seeing this then you at one point purchased AMSOIL products by signing up through our account which triggers from visiting our high ranking site Therefore we are your AMSOIL representative.
Most find our website and click through to the ordering. It's our responsibility to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase and I also wish to hear from you on your experience. I absolutely love talking to our customers which many have become friends over the years. Because of my dedication to our customers and our dealers, my group of dealers and customers ranks my group of dealers at 3rd in sales for the company.

I hope you enjoy the material here. While these newsletter are infrequent I hope to provide one at least four times each year.


Amsoil Diesel Oil Selection Guide

AMSOIL now offers nine different Synthetic Diesel choices!!
Amsoil's Oil Selection and Interval guide (G1490) will help you make the best choice but you should read the product data sheets of each product you are considering as there are pros and cons for each.

The photo above is my diesel product display in the store. Sold out and missing is the ACD (red label) 10W30/SAE30 and on another shelf is the multipurpose AMO 10W40 and ARO 20W50 which I will explain last.

Engine Groups
Basically diesel engines can be divided into three categories. The first would be Non-turbo diesel work and/or stationary engines (including skid steers, farm tractors, etc). The second would be mid year 2007 and earlier light and heavy duty trucks as well as cars w/o DPF devices (diesel particulate filters) and the 3rd would be passenger cars and light & heavy duty trucks with DPF systems.

Diesel Oil Groups
To categorize the oils for our customers I like to group them in three levels and the first one having a subgroup.
The first being the latest and most advanced formula for all diesels manufactured today and compatible for those older engines which didn't have the emissions devices or for CJ4 requirements. DME 15W40, DEO 5W40 (Amsoil's favorite pick), OED 15W40 and OEC 10W30. This first group has a subgroup which is the new OE product priced for those who want or are required to do OEM drain intervals only. (OED and OEC).

The 2nd category are our diesel oils which offer protection specifically for the diesel engines which do not have exhaust emissions devices (DPF). The products are AME 15W40 (best seller), HDD 5W30 Series 3000 (Earns us the most satisfied customers), ACD 10W30/SAE30, ARO 20W50, AMO 10W40 and ASE 10W30 (for small engines).

The 3rd category is for the European car owners. (See article in sidebar). AMSOIL makes three products to comply with the new ACEA categories based on engine performance and emissions needs. The products are AFL 5W40 Medium SAPS, AEL 5W30 Low SAPS and the latest 3rd product EFM 5W40 Full SAPS. The selection with these are simple - just follow the manufacture's recommendation and match to our oil. There is no pattern with year, make or model on these except the EFM 5W40 is not as elegant of a low emission product thus easier to produce and a lower cost. You will see it as the suggestion for older diesel cars.

To add more detail on the 1st category:
Let's say you have a new 2007 to 2013 Lt. duty diesel pick-up calling for CJ4. These all have a warning due to possible fuel dilution problem created by the process needed to clean the catalyst in the exhaust. (See AMSOIL Technical Service Bulletin on this subject)
So therefore here's your choice - You can use the less costly OE series which is an excellent product, saves you fuel and performs similar to the premium formula. It's TBN and viscosity retention is not as robust but it is still better than any shelf brand and the perfect choice for OEM intervals. The new 10W30 version is selling well. I even had a 2002 Ford 7.3 owner try it and was pleased about the better starts below 40F.
But if you simply want the best oil for the best performance, one size fits all select the DEO 5W40. Amsoil does back it for older engines too. You can increase intervals to 3X LONGER in 07 to present light duty trucks with oil analysis. That will protect you. On OTR trucks it's absolutely the best choice and some truckers are seeing it last 50,000 miles easy without bypass filtration!

In early 07 and older vehicles without DPF the AME 15W40 is the easy choice. It's legendary!! AME contains the original detergents and high Zinc. But for winter and really the best performance year round the HDD 5W30 has earned me dozens of repeat business over the years! The only reason it's not the #1 seller is due to price and worry regarding the lighter viscosity. Don't let that scare you as many of these customers live in the hottest climates.

As for the ARO 20W50 and AMO 10W40 (Amsoil's first product), these are generally for gasoline engines but they do exceed turbo-diesel performance and meet several specifications as listed. The ARO 20W50 isn't very popular in my climate but is useful in older diesels which have severe oil consumption problems. Some dealers prefer it in OTR trucks but AMSOIL doesn't feel it's needed in most of these cases. Both the ARO and AMO also meet motorcycle oil specifications and are great as a lower cost motorcycle synthetic.

Lastly, don't forget our oil filters are designed to meet the extended intervals thanks to the nanofiber technology and they are made in USA!

Help Every Day! Facebook Help Desk & Tech Center
dealer training Facebook PageI started a 2nd Facebook page for our customers. I have one for dealer training and mentoring so this new version will fill the hole for product technical help and questions.

Do It Yourself AMSOIL - The Synthetic Warehouse

The purpose of this quick newsletter was to announce my new Facebook AMSOIL page. For this dealer group I appropriately called it, "The Synthetic Warehouse - Amsoil Training Center."

So just copy this link:
and paste to your browser and you're in!

It will be a great place to ask your questions too. Warranty, sales, formats, tech, compatibility, stock, dates, status, events and more. I'll even post customer complaints if it will help prevent another one.

Before I close I want to ask you to consider joining us as a dealer. I am working to open a 2nd AMSOIL retail store in Omaha (with a propane refill station too) and have other dealers in several cities considering opening retail stores as well. I am the only dealer with a proven formula you can apply and grow on your own. It's an exciting chance to be a one of a kind retailer with a product everyone needs!! Contact me if you are interested. Of course you can always work from home which is the typical AMSOIL model but customers want to buy today and not wait on product. Inventory works!
Thanks again for reading and thank you for using AMSOIL & AGGRAND products!
Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse
4612 W. 12th St Suite 1
Sioux Falls, SD 57107

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