Dairyland News
  • Yakima Valley Dairyland News
  • Yakima Dairyland News Issue #15 12/1/16
  • 4th Congressional Dist Director tours modern dairy farm
    Latino co-workers value full-time work, dairy values
    Dairy farm worker safety program and Dairy Federation meeting
  • Yakima Dairyland News Issue #14 10/1/2016
  • Fair showcases dairy hertiage, prize heifers, health benefits & milking parlor dedication
    Dairy cow feed formulas increase milk production, reduce odor
    Researchers 'astonished' that farm dust enhances immune system
  • Yakima Dairyland News Volume #13 8/1/16
  • Valley soil nitrate levels in dairy crop land decreasing, producers attend manure nutrient management training
    Regulation, technology, economies of scale & scope drive growth of larger dairy operations
    Valley dairy emissions in perspective: processes & procedures support air quality
  • Yakima Dairyland News Volume #12 6/2/16
  • Livestock ammonia emissions in perspective, need more study
    Valley dairy invests in high-tech manure management systems
    L&I dairy farm safety checklist helps farmers prevent injuries
  • Yakima Dairyland News Volume #11 4/1/16
  • Dairy water filtration pilot project reduces nitrogen to create cleaner water for irrigation
    Farmers invest in research & technology to improve production, water and air quality
    SYCD Manure Management Workshop provides regulatory updates & best farm practices
  • Yakima Dairyland News Volume #10 2/2/16
  • Farm ammonia insignificant compared to wood stoves, vehicle emissions
    Dairy farm safety programs protect workers
    Air quality management improves for future generations
  • Yakima Dairyland News Volume #9 12/3/15
  • Dairy equipment innovations help farmers improve operations
    Darigold plant expansion to add new jobs in Yakima Valley
    People living on or near dairy farms have fewer allergies
  • Yakima Dairyland News Volume #8 10/2/15
  • WSDA Director tours Valley dairies
    Valley dairy tests drought resistant feed crops
    Dairies and air quality: Another Perspective
  • Yakima Dairyland News Volume #7 - 7/30/15
  • Valley dairy manure nutrient lagoons follow NRCS development standards
    Valley dairies improve manure nutrients by adding centrifuge separator machines
    Education and technology will deliver sustainable Valley dairy farm operations
  • Yakima Dairyland News Volume #6 - 6/2/15
  • WSDA enforces Dairy Nutrient Act to help dairy famers implement Best Management Practices
    Dairy compost increases yields, retains water for reduced usage
    Dairy producers lead NW Farmers Fighting Hunger Project
    Tri-City Herald Progress Edition: Dairy farming thriving in Washington
  • Yakima Dairyland News Volume #5 - 4/1/15
  • Valley dairies export 60-70% of manure as compost
    Dairy farmer gives "Cowed" author reason to pause
    Waste to Worth conference focuses on animal ag-sustainability
    Outdated information clouds current science, technology advances
  • Yakima Dairyland News Volume #4 - 2/5/15
  • Bovine Experience Program educates student veterinarians about large animal healthcare
    Manure nutrient workshop attracts 50 Valley dairy farmers & custom applicators
    Yakima Valley dairies have "stepped up" to mitigate groundwater nitrate content
    Dairy farmers forge partnerships milk donations to Washington food banks
  • Yakima Dairyland News Volume #3 - 12/5/14
  • Valley's Dairy Exports Add to International Presence
    Clean Air Agency Reports Valley Dairies Deploy "High Degree of Best Management Practices"
    Healthy Cows Produce More, Emit Less
    Newer Digestion Systems Produce Electricity or Natural Gas from Manure & Food Waste
  • Yakima Dairyland News Volume #2 - 9/30/14
  • Expert Clarifies Difference Between Human Waste & Livestock Manure
    Dairy Farm Industry Contributes $938M, 4,800 Jobs to Yakima Valley Economy
    Renewable Natural Gas May Give New Life to Dairy Digesters
    Yakima Chamber Recognizes Dairyman for Community Service
  • Yakima Dairyland News Volume #1 - 7/23/14
  • Yakima Valley Dairies Contribute $500M to Economy
    Yakima Dairy Farm Families Volunteer for 2nd Harvest
    Composted Livestock Manure Produces Nutrient-Rich Fertilizer
    Ground Water Committee Implements Deep Soil Sampling Process
  • Whatcom Dairyland News
  • Whatcom Dairyland News Volume #14 12/1/16
  • Darigold heritae anchored to Whatcom family dairies
    Dairy farm worker safety expert at Dairy Federation meeting
    Grant funds WSU mobile system
  • Whatcom Dairyland News Volume #13 10/1/2016
  • New Appel Creamery facility aims to meet demand for artisanal cheeses
    Precision dairy cow feeding produces more milk, less manure & odor
    Family members use best farm practices at Coldstream Farms
  • Whatcom Dairyland News Volume #12 8/1/16
  • Whatcom soil nitrate levels in dairy crop land decreasing, producers attend manure nutrient management training
    Twin Brook Creamery implements multi-faceted water quality stewardship activities
    Anaerobic digestion field day explains conversion of manure nutrients into useful byproducts
  • Whatcom Dairyland News Volume #11 6/2/16
  • "Gearing Up For Safety" class aims to prevent farm machinery related injuries
    Discover Soils Field Day events focus on soil care and health
    Dairy farm equipment innovations help deliver "precision farming" to manage manure
  • Whatcom Dairyland News Volume #10 4/1/16
  • Dairy farm worker safety training promotes injury-free farming
    Manure nutrient application training helps farmers apply at the right time, place, rate and source
    Anaerobic digestion webinar April 6 will provide tools to assess economics of manure recovery technologies
  • Whatcom Dairyland News Volume #9 2/2/16
  • Lynden school barn serves as agriculture-based classroom
    Calf care in groups & automated feeders produce healthy milking cows
    Farmers grow cover crops for feed, soil health & to protect water quality
  • Whatcom Dairyland News Volume #8 12/3/15
  • Farm soil test assessments improve crop production, water quality
    Discovery Farms program to validate farm practices, improve others with real world data
    Regenis explores new uses for anaerobic digestion, adds research & tech expert
  • Whatcom Dairyland News Volume #7 10/2/15
  • Whatcom dairy farmers take precautions for proper manure fertilizer applications
    Online weather information helps farmers fertilize & irrigate at right time
    WSDA launches Nutrient Application Education Project
  • Whatcom Dairyland News Volume #6 - 7/30/15
  • Bertrand Watershed Conference focuses on environment and agriculture
    Recordkeeping tools keep nutrient management plans up to date
    DariTech supports Whatcom dairy producers effective product solutions
  • Whatcom Dairyland News Volume #5 - 6/2/15
  • Manure lagoons are not major sources for high nitrate levels in Couny aquifers
    Experts tour model Whatcom manure nutrient digesters
    Active calf management & care workshop helps develop healthy milking cows
    Whatcom Watch: Before assessing blame, hear both sides
  • Whatcom Dairyland News Volume #4 - 4/7/15
  • Education series helps farmers with science-based best farm practices
    Waste to Worth Conference focuses on animal agriculture sustainability
    Dairy farmers embrace national animal well-being program
    Dairy cow stockmanship workshop for distress reductions & efficient handling
  • Whatcom Dairyland News Volume #3 - 2/5/15
  • Whatcom dairy powder fuels robust export markets
    Whatcom dairies support nutrient management workshop
    WSDA enforces Dairy Nutrient Act to help dairy farmers implement Best Management Practices
    Diary farmers forge partnerships for milk donations to Washington food banks
  • Whatcom Dairyland News Volume #2 - 12/5/14
  • Dairies Contribute $515M, 1,348 Jobs to Whatcom County Economy
    Dairy Farmers Learn to Minimize Risk of Manure Runoff
    Veterinary Students Gain Experience Working on Dairy Farms with Skilled Veterinarians
    Nutrient Rich Livestock Manure Differs from Human Waste
  • Whatcom Dairyland News Volume #1 - 10/6/14
  • Eaglemill Farm's Composted Manure Produces Nutrient-Rich Fertilizer
    Vander Haak Dairy Wins 2014 US Dairy Sustainability Award
    New Digestion Systems Produce Electricity or Natural Gas from Manure & Food Waste
    NW Farmers Cash/Food Drive Delivers Donations Equal to 90,000+ lbs of Food
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