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                    January 2015


Welcome to our January newsletter! If you cannot read this email, please click here to view it from our web site.

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In this Issue...
...we share three stories about three very special Eskies and their equally special fosters. Without their loving foster families, these dogs' stories may have had different endings. ERU is always in need of caring foster homes for our R'Eskies. To find out more about becoming a foster and making a difference in Eskie lives, visit the
Fosters Needed page on our website.

Remember,"Saving just one dog won't change the world, but surely, the world will change for that one dog!" Read on to see how the world changed for these three dogs.


Duke is one of the Eskies featured on our wine-bottle labels (see below). He and his adoptive parents, Shawn and Lizz, embody the spirit of the Eskie breed and the people who love them. Shawn and Lizz share Duke's story:   

"The hardships Duke experienced before he was rescued, and the significant obstacles he has overcome, have not put a damper on his spirits. A year and a half ago, Duke was run over by his owner. The owner did not get him proper medical care, and when he dropped off Duke at a shelter in Kentucky, the shelter DVMs decided that the best course of action would be to amputate his rear legs. Luckily, ERU rescued him from this situation, and Pilots 'n Paws flew him to Maryland, where he could see an orthopedic surgeon and receive exceptional medical care. He had surgery on one of his back legs and faced a long recovery process. After almost two months, Duke had healed enough to be put up for adoption.


When we first adopted Duke, he was unable to go up more than two stairs independently. His surgeon expressed that exercise was the best way to help Duke heal. Within a few weeks, Duke was navigating full flights of stairs like a pro. We took Duke back to his surgeon for his six-month, post-surgery check-up. From not being able to stand correctly, to walking completely normally in six short months! Duke's surgeon was impressed.  


Duke is unstoppable--he loves to play with his sister, Lilly, who is a Lab mix; play fetch with us; and run and explore outside! He is almost as fast as Lilly, but much more agile. He can change direction in an instant!

We are so fortunate for the fantastic care ERU was able to find for Duke. He won our hearts over immediately and became an important part of our family right away. We can't imagine our lives without our impressive Duke!"


Join in a Toast to the R'Eskies
Order our special wines

ERU has partnered with to offer six delicious wines. Each custom-designed label features one of our Eskies; Duke's wine is a Sauvignon Blanc. Wines are available by the single bottle or in combination packages. A portion of the proceeds from each sale is donated to ERU. This is a great way to add to your wine collection or give a unique gift--and support Eskie Rescuers United at the same time! For more information, click here.

Henry Makes a Turnaround
And finds his furever home!

Maybe not every Eskie can be saved, but Henry is a great example that even some dogs possibly considered "too far gone" can be turned around and find forever homes. ERU's Reese Pettinger, who worked with Henry for nearly three months, tells his story: 


"Although we don't know all of Henry's background, he arrived in mid-February as a stray at a Los Angeles shelter with week-old, untreated injuries to his neck. He was taken to a local vet, but it was definitely touch-and-go whether he would recover. Due to the type of injuries and trachea puncture wounds, the vet believed that he had been attacked by a dog. His neck needed reconstruction, as he was missing a grapefruit-sized section of skin from the left side. Through the generous contributions of donors, the necessary vet procedures were taken care of, and Henry slowly began to recover. Some 83 days of hospitalization later, he was finally ready for a foster home. He bonded well with his foster mom, but seemed to have aggression issues with others. A change in the foster mom's circumstances arose, and he was moved to a specialized foster home for behaviorally challenged Eskies. That's where I came in.


My first meeting with Henry was less than amicable, as within the first minute he bit my leg, which led to an immediate correction. The next few days were difficult, as I had to wear boots and leather gloves whenever I would handle him, as he would always try to go after me. I had a couple of conversations with my Regional Director about whether he could be redeemed or not. It was obvious that he didn't recognize me as pack lead, and he would fight me whenever he could. He needed discipline from a strong leader. He was the most aggressive dog I had ever fostered; for three days, bites (usually on my gloved hand) were followed by correction until he submitted. Then, almost overnight, he seemed to come to recognize me as his leader. Within a week, he fully trusted me and wanted nothing more than love and affection.


Henry and I went to weekly training with a trainer who specializes in aggressive dogs. The trainer's sharp eye and expert knowledge helped me provide the necessary corrections. Daily training included making him sit and stay while I set food down, and petting him while he ate. I kept a daily routine of playing with him, getting more and more physical to get him used to human contact. I would push his limits, making him accept more and more from me each day, even putting my whole body on top of his to make him submit. Trips to pet stores and Home Depot helped to get him socialized with other people and dogs.

It took nearly three months to get Henry accepting of people. Meanwhile, we were concerned about who would be willing to adopt a dog with his vicious background. In October we were contacted by Nita and Lester, who were looking for a companion for their other dog. They lived in Oregon, and without being able to do a "meet and greet," there was a large unknown about how Henry would act towards them. My Regional Director and I held some long phone calls with them, as well as a couple of Skype sessions so that they could see how he acted and the type of training we provided. Late in November, Nita and Lester adopted Henry, and he was shipped north. He has settled into his new home very well, and is loved by his new family. Best of all, he has shown no aggression toward them. They continue to work on his training, and keep in regular touch with us for advice and updates.   


Henry's success story is a compilation of the efforts of many people and the support of ERU, and is a great example that even problem dogs can be turned around with the right care and training."


Kuma's Christmas Miracle
An amazing recovery

Some time ago a picture of Kuma was posted on our Facebook page, asking for your healing thoughts for a cervical-disc injury. There was much more to his injury, and his recovery has been nothing short of a Christmas miracle.   


Kuma was playing with a ball and a split second later, had stroke-like symptoms and was unable to move. He was actually carried into the neurologist's office on a board, paralyzed from the neck down and unable to eat or eliminate.  


The neurologist's prognosis was horrible:  

It probably was an embolism on the spine, could be a tumor, bleeding of the spine, a ruptured disc.... Kuma was given less than a 50/50 chance of recovery and of ever being able to walk again. The neurologist mentioned perhaps euthanasia was the kindest option.  


The team of fosters with him were determined to give Kuma a chance. He was put on cage rest and given a bevy of drugs: prednisone, antibiotics, muscle relaxer, and serious pain medicine. But for three days, other than being able to eat, no change.... He could not stand, walk or eliminate. The vet overseeing his care mentioned perhaps euthanasia was the kindest option.


The weekend was approaching, and Kuma needed to be moved to a 24/7 nursing-care facility. A foster said "No, he's coming home with me," and she went to get him, along with a lesson on how to insert a catheter. She absolutely believed in Kuma's spirit and will, and said he would walk again--he needed to be in a home, with the positive energy of other dogs and the love of a family.


The very next morning Kuma was getting up on his own and taking his first steps! Even the neurologist acknowledged this recovery was unbelievable.  


But, Kuma was still unable to eliminate on his own. The foster insisted he just needed more time, and she was right! Three days later Kuma finally urinated on his own (YAY!!) and in another three days, he finally defecated. Yes, he felt pretty great that day!


Healing thoughts and prayers are still very much needed for Kuma. He still has weeks of cage rest, leash walks, and recovery ahead of him. However, our Christmas Miracle is on his feet, walking, and getting stronger every day! Watch his first steps here:

kuma movie
Kuma's first steps 


Many thanks to ERU's wonderful fosters Leslie Braddock, Brenda and Glenn Ritter, and Cheryl Babcock, for fighting for and loving this sweet boy so much! This is what fostering is all about--truly saving the life of a R'Eskie.


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