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May 2010
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Air Traffic Control Using Dynamic to Clear the Air
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As you know, Dynamic Air Cleaners are effective at controlling unwanted outdoor odors in addition to indoor odors.  And the control of outdoor odors can be vitally important (Nov 2008 Cancer Care Center). This month we visit an air traffic control facility that has been using Dynamic Air Cleaners for several years.

Carl Mitchell, Vice-President Sales
Air Traffic Control Using Dynamic to Clear the Air
Alaska Trane and FAA rely on Dynamic V-Banks to handle IAQ at Anchorage TRACON

In November 2006, the FAA moved into its new TRACON facility at Anchorage International Airport.  TRACON stands for Terminal Radar Approach Control, which is an air traffic control facility usually located within the vicinity of a large airport. Typically, the TRACON controls aircraft within a 30-50 nautical mile radius of the airport between the surface and 10,000 to 15,000 feet (4,600 m). A TRACON is sometimes called Approach Control or Departure Control in radio transmissions.
TRACONs are responsible for providing all air traffic control services within their airspace, generally including departures, arrivals, over flights, and aircraft operating under Visual Flight Rules (VFR)

Between fifty and seventy-five people occupy the facility which includes offices near the base of the structure and the air traffic control tower above.  Shorty after the facility opened in 2006 there were complaints about odors and jet engine exhaust fumes migrating into the facility through the fresh air intakes.  Alaska Trane recommended Dynamic Air Cleaners to filter the incoming air.
One inch V-Bank Dynamic Air Cleaners were installed in the Trane M-Series Size 14 Air Handlers serving the facility.  According to Alaska Trane Account Manager Jordan Privoznik, "The Dynamic air cleaners filter the incoming fresh air in addition to some recirculated indoor air.  They have performed as expected, eliminating the odors and the complaints."
Recently Ray Markey, Western Region Commercial Manager for Dynamic Air Quality Solutions met with Jay Van Alstine, FAA Terminal Project Manager, and Jay was happy with the system performance.  The Dynamic Air Cleaners had successfully "cleared the air" and the wellness of the highly trained staff was no longer at risk from unwanted fumes.
According to Ray Markey, "This is another good demonstration of the ability of Dynamic Air Quality Solutions to provide a cost-effective alternative to carbon filtration in airport and aviation environments."  For more information about Dynamic V-Banks, including the new Dynamic V8 Series, visit www.dynamicaqs.com/commercial.
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