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November 2008
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Serving the Medical Market Segment
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This month we are pleased to bring you another success story about Dynamic Air Cleaners in the healthcare industry.  Dynamic Air Cleaners proved successful in removing odors from outside air for sensitive cancer care patients.

Carl Mitchell, Vice-President Sales
Serving the Medical Market Segment
Cancer Care Center of York County notes marked improvement in air quality with Dynamic 
Located between Kennebunk and Sanford, Maine, the Cancer Care Center of York County (CCCYC) represents collaboration between Maine Medical Center, Goodall Hospital, and Southern Maine Medical Center to provide state-of-the-art treatment for patients living in rural Maine.

The new cancer care facility offers advanced cancer treatments including medical oncology and chemotherapy and radiation oncology, in addition to other services.  The care and treatment plans follow the same treatment protocols given in Boston, New York, Houston, or other large accredited cancer centers.
"When patients are diagnosed with cancer, they want to be assured that they are receiving the very latest cancer care treatments.  The center offers cutting edge technology and leading cancer specialists in a uniquely soothing and supportive environment," according to CCCYC Executive Director Dee Hopper.  Hopper also noted that the center was designed with patient comfort in mind to enhance the healing process.  Warm earth tones, a large fieldstone fireplace and soothing views of a forested landscape add peaceful touches to help patients on the road to recovery.

Clean air is important but it was extremely important when the facility opened in 2006.  "There was a problem at the site," according to engineer Michael Johnson with Johnson & Jordan, Inc. "There was a rubber plant located nearby.  Cancer patients, with the medications they are on, are prone to getting sick to their stomachs and the rubber odor was exacerbating the situation."
Dan Broderick, sales engineer with New England Trane in Portland, Maine recommended Dynamic Air Cleaners when the standard air filters in new rooftop units did not address the odor issue. Six 2" polarized-media electronic Dynamic Air Cleaners were installed in the Trane rooftop units.

According to Johnson, "Since the Dynamic Air Cleaners were installed, the complaints and problems associated with the rubber plant have all but disappeared."

And the staff at the CCCYC was pleased, too.  From Executive Director Dee Hopper, "There is marked improvement in the interior air quality with the new filters.  We have had no complaints about the rubber odor from patients or staff since they've been installed even though the odor directly outside has been really bad at times.  One staff member was getting headaches from the odor and now she is not.  I am very pleased."

For more information on the Cancer Care Center of York County visit the website at

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