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Demonstrating the 
Microwave System

Since the MicroWave Line Control System's introduction at ICAST 2012, hundreds of hands-on demonstrations have been given. These demonstrations compared rods built with the Microwave System to the same exact rods built using the most popular Cone of Flight and New Guide Concept configurations. Each utilized identical reel sizes, lines and weighted plugs, cast side by side for direct evaluation.


Dan Paluch demonstrating the Microwave Guides in Sweden
Doug Hannon and Ben Stein demonstrating the Microwave Guides at ICAST


















This hands-on approach has proven to be the most influential way to illustrate actual benefits this system provides. It is ideal during product presentations, trade shows, custom rod building gatherings as well as real life sales situations. Literally around the world, it has been 100% effective in convincing even the most skeptical of anglers, rod designers and custom builders. Both AT personnel and ProStaffers report a "never fail to make the sale" record using this approach. 




When properly given, nobody can deny the effects instantly felt and visually seen using the Microwave System rods. However, the official AT demonstration is not required to reproduce the same results. Comparative rods and a few key points of interest are all that are needed for anyone to conduct their own evaluation.




For more information on how the demonstrations are conducted, refer to these step by step instructions and Ben Stein's Microwave guide demonstration video: 


Click here for step by step Instructions 

Microwave Line Control System
Microwave Line Control System Comparison Demonstration Video


Angling International, December 2012, Issue 59

Page 22



In the latest edition of Angling International,  American Tackle is featured in an article titled "American Tackle Opens in China."  This article features an interview with AT's president, Joe Meehan.  Mr. Meehan comments on goals and motivation regarding this recent development.


Gerald Cong and Kevin Gong headquartered at AT's Weihai Branch


Click below to read this article and turn to page 22:    


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