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The American Tackle Company's global network is continuously expanding. There is no better way to serve the world's angling markets than working closely with manufacturers in the USA as well as fishing rod brands worldwide. This necessitates ample global representation in order to facilitate optimum assistance.


Due to this growing expansion, American Tackle Company is proud to introduce Gerald Cong and Kevin Wong as the newest sales specialists servicing China and throughout Asia. Both will be headquartered in Weihai, China. They will be tasked with handling logistics for U.S. and European projects as well as developing our network into China's own growing domestic markets.    


Gerald and Kevin holding the new ATC Microwave Guide Board and Super Guide Board


Both Gerald and Kevin have 8 years' experience in finished rods and other tackle related products within the fishing industry. Gerald is fluent in English and Kevin in Korean. Their experience will be vital to American Tackle's expansion into all Asian markets.


Welcome Aboard Gerald and Kevin!


For immediate contact, Gerald can be reached at:


Available for Distribution



In order to more effectively introduce American Tackle's line guide products to the worldwide market, distribution of product displays have been initiated. The "Super Guide Board" as well as "MicroWave Guide Board" has been developed to showcase AT's extensive line guide selection. Focusing on Titan solid titanium frames and exclusive Ring Lock designed guides, the Super Guide Board provides physical differentiation as well as descriptive copy and explanations.



The boards have a dual language advantage where the standard front side uses English copy alongside the physical samples while the back side has Chinese translations as in this example shown.



For more information about these guide boards please contact:  


400 Kane Court #100
Oviedo, Florida 32765

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Hurricane Sandy

All of us at American Tackle have been deeply saddened by the profound human suffering caused by Hurricane Sandy. Tens of thousands of people are now living in circumstances we never imagined possible. Our hearts go out to all the families and communities and businesses that have been directly affected by one of the most devastating natural disasters in our nation's history.


From all of us at American Tackle, we wish everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy a safe and speedy recovery.  To all those who have lost a loved one, we will keep you in our hearts and prayers.


God Bless.