July 2016

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YouthZone was recently featured in two article in the Post Independent:

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Upcoming Events

Substance Education

August 4
4 to 8 p.m.

September 15
4 to 8 p.m.

August 18
4 to 8 p.m.

Program Spotlight

Juvenile Diversion Program:

This program is designed to help prevent first-time and low-level offenders at the district court level from entering the juvenile justice system.  Cases are referred by the district attorney and if a youth successfully completes his/her diversion program, no charges are filed.

Deferred / Suspeneded Sentencing:

YouthZone provides a comprehensive assessment and supportive case management to youth referred by a county or municipal court.  Similar to Juvenile Diversion, if a youth successfully completes his or her sentencing program, the charges are dismissed.
YouthZone: 2000-2003

As the nation breathed a sigh of relief that all of our computers were still functional in 2000, we had no idea what the next few years would have in store for us. As President Clinton left office, his wife, Hillary, was elected to the Senate, launching her own political career that would lead her to winning the democratic part nomination for President in 2016.  

On September 11, 2001, the United States would experience the largest terrorist attack on American soil, changing forever our sense of security and comfort in our homeland.
While 2001 will forever remain a year remembered with frustration and sadness, there were some bright moments to remember, as YouthZone celebrated 25 years of serving the youth in our community.  After raising more than $127,000, "Kiss-a-Pig" winner Ken Kris received the honor of kissing the pig at the Garfield County Fair.  Soon after, the annual event would become known as "Kiss-n-Squeal."
Despite receiving significant budget cuts from the State of Colorado in 2002, resulting in a loss of $114,000 in funding, YouthZone progressed on and continued helping youth throughout the Roaring Fork and Grand River Valleys.  In 2003, YouthZone began two very important financial endeavors - the organization began charging nominal fees for services and started the YouthZone Foundation.  The entity also increased programming in Pitkin County.
Despite the difficult state our country was in during the early 2000s, YouthZone persevered and proved that it could be a viable and strong non-for-profit for years to come.
Next Month: 2004-2007
Beyond the Screen

Please join us for the unveiling of the Rifle mural project:

Beyond the Screen
Wednesday, August 3, 2016
5:00 p.m.

Thanks to a very generous donation from the Embrey Foundation, a group of young people worked with local artists and the Bookcliffs Art Center to create a 68' x 9' mural on the pedestrian underpass in Rifle.  We hope you will join us in celebrating their success with this project!

The Mural is located on 16th street, near the skate park.
Welcome New Legacy Club Members

The Legacy Club is designed to recognize and continue to honor those who have made provisions for a future gift through a bequest, life insurance, annuity, or trust agreement or an outright gift to the endowment fund. We have the great pleasure of inviting our many friends and supporters to become members of the Legacy Club.

In July, we welcomed Martha and Ken Robinson and Susie Richardson to the Legacy Club!  If you would like more details on the YouthZone Legacy Club, please contact Robin Tolan at rtolan@youthzone.com

Take a Trip and Support YouthZone!

We're adding items to the auction for this Fall's YouthZone Ascent fundraiser!  If you are planning to take a trip to a specific destination in the next year, please let Lisa Sobke know so she can add your destination to the auction!

Save the Dates!


YouthZone Ascent Fundraiser
(Replacing Kiss-n-Squeal)
Saturday, October 8

40th Year Appreciation Celebration
Thursday, November 10
Lori Mueller, Executive Director