May 2016

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Substance Education

June 2
4 to 8 p.m.

July 21
4 to 8 p.m.

June 16
4:00 to 8:00 p.m.

YouthZone: 1988 - 1995

As the 1980s transitioned into the early 1990s, we saw the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the end of the Cold war, only to soon find our nation entrenched in a war in the Gulf after Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990.  At home, teens in the United Sates followed the lives of twins Brandon and Kelly and their wealthy friends on the popular show Beverly Hills 90210 while heavy metal hair bands were leaving the scene to make way for a new style of music - Grunge.  Parents all over the Valley began wondering . . . when did fleece become cool?

Here in Colorado, Youthzone was getting ready to "Catch a Calf" in 1989 ... an effort that would eventually make way for the popular "Kiss-n-Squeal fundraiser that began in 1992.  (continue reading)

Next Month: 1996-1999
Welcome Andi!

YouthZone is pleased to welcome Andie Scott to our organization.  Andi recently joined YouthZone as our new CMP Coordinator.  Originally from Nashville, Andi relocated to Colorado in 20104.  Andi has a bachelor of science in speech language pathology and a masters of arts in Civic Leadership.  Prior to joining YouthZone, Andi worked as a Foundation Coordinator with the Garfield County Public Library and as a Library Assistant with the Glenwood Springs Library.  In her spare time, she likes to hike with her canine child, Scout, and enjoying her hobbies of dancing, yoga and arts and crafts.
Art Project in Rifle Soon Underway!
Thank you to the Embrey Family Foundation for making this incredible project a reality!

Allowing young people to express themselves through art is a magical opportunity, and YouthZone is excited to announce that the organization has recently received a significant grant from the Embrey Family Foundation for an exciting new art project in Rifle.
Starting in June, 10 to 15 youth in Rifle and Parachute will begin working with 2 to 3 local artists.  The kids will be provided the opportunity to create a community art piece that expresses social issues that are near to their hearts, and the finished product will be displayed within the City of Rifle.
"This is an amazing opportunity for kids to fully express themselves through art," said YouthZone's Lori Mueller.  "This program will not only engage them fully in the artistic process, but will empower them to have a strong voice in the project."
Of the youth selected, some have experience in art, while others do not. This unique balance will provide for an interesting perspective on the project, while also allowing for mentoring relationships to blossom.
The Embrey Family Foundation is dedicated to supporting organizations that focus on human rights, social justice and community enrichment.  The organization believes in the ability of the arts to strengthen and enhance the well-being of communities, as well as individuals. 
"The Embrey Family Foundation likes to partner with non-profit organizations on projects that will have a positive impact on the people they serve," said Gayle Embrey, Vice President of the Embrey Family Foundation.  "We chose to work with YouthZone on this project because of the success of a prior partnership, as well as their proven record of providing positive and much needed opportunities for youth in the Roaring Fork and Grand River Valleys.  We know that with YouthZone running the program, teens will be given a potentially life-changing experience that the community of Rifle can appreciate and support."
Please stay tuned for pictures, as the project unfolds in the weeks to come, that will be shared on Facebook and in the Newsletter! 
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YouthZone Ascent Fundraiser
(Replacing Kiss-n-Squeal)
Saturday, October 8

40th Year Appreciation Celebration
Thursday, November 10
Lori Mueller, Executive Director