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Unwind and re-balance in this inspiring program that returns you to your innate wisdom through sensing, recognizing, and managing the mind-body connection. Explore exciting, rejuvenating processes guided by experienced practitioners, suitable for every age, fitness level, and condition.


"The instructors complemented each other and made this a fantastic weekend.  They were totally in-sync with our group ... very low-key and powerful ... they knew what they were teaching and made every class enjoyable." -- Maria M.


"I loved it.  It was insightful and informative." -- Patricia V.


"This is the first time I have slept well in months!" -- Sara R.





Eat Healthy!
Enjoy daily, delicious, organic, macrobiotic meals throughout the program, wonderfully prepared by our expert Kushi Institute chefs.

Ramp up your spirit!  Our two morning-filled cooking classes show you how to make nutritious dishes that can help you relax, reduce tension, and lift your mood!

Discover what it means to eat and cook with confidence; knowing what foods and recipes help calm your nervous system, boost your immunity, bust your stress, and allow you to energetically function throughout the day! 

Learn to create simple, sustaining breakfasts that support the mind and body from daybreak forward. Understand how specific foods and cooking styles help keep you centered and grounded by relaxing your organs. Create satisfying dishes and drinks made from super-nourishing foods that help relieve stress, revive your spirit, and improve your health.
Move Effortlessly!     
Much stress is avoided when the body is functioning well. Partake in these offerings that bring more awareness to the mind-body connection, nourishing you from the inside out.

Bust your stress with movement options you can easily practice in your office, your car, and at home. 

Feldenkrais Method® i
s an internationally acclaimed movement programFeldenkrais Movements that brings awareness to a range of motion options, balancing the cellular relationship between muscle, bone, and brain. Participants at Kushi Institute have remarked on how simple yet extraordinarily powerful and transformative these classes are. Gain better balance and flexibility, grace and ease, and comfortable posture as you explore your own ability for optimal functionality, through guided lessons that cue into your body's intelligence, sensitivity, and awareness.

The Method originates from the developmental moves of babies combined with the coordinated, efficient moves of martial artists. You will find them both familiar and unique.  


Its founder, Moshe Feldenkrais, was one of the 20th century's most innovative thinkers. Along with Ida Rolf and F.M. Alexander, he was a seminal figure in the body-mind field of somatics. His legacy has helped millions of people facing a wide range of ailments and disabilities, from common aches and pains to debilitating neurological problems. The Method is additionally known for assisting athletes and performers (musicians, dancers, actors) who wish to maintain and enhance their developed abilities. Practitioners around the world are located in private practice, in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, dance troupes, theater companies, and orchestras.

iew this YouTube demonstration and click here for written information (check the right side for articles). 


Build A Stronger Skeleton with Bones for Life®

Outsmart a fragile body and osteoporosis with strategies from Ruthy Alon's Bones for Life®, a method of maintaining and building bone tissue using an energetic focus of light bouncing and oscillations.  


In this quick introduction we will safely explore patterns of natural movement and your own weight-bearing posture to awaken your skeleton's natural intelligence -- consciously and on a cellular level. Discover a resilience inherent in your bones that energizes, invigorates, and revitalizes your entire self -- doable and effective at home or in your office beginning with only 10 minutes a day!


Ruthy Alon was one of Moshe Feldenkrais' first students. Now in her mid-80s, she continues to teach this program internationally with no signs of stopping.  Click here for full bio, and here for additional information.


Relax Deeply in Restorative Yoga and it's powerful ability to rest both the body and the mind. This very special approach of slow, soothing, well-supported postures and breath work allows for deep relaxation, stretching, and toning, especially of your slow-twitch muscles, to help generate more oxygen and physical stamina. Learn to trust you body's wisdom on and off the mat, sensing a place of contentment and peace that resides within you, discovered by this specialized practice of sustained, gentle poses.


Simple Yoga Pose

This weekend retreat includes:

  • Yoga appropriate for all bodies, ages, and levels
  • Postures that allow stress to melt away   
  • Gentle vinyasa (flows between 2 postures)
  • "Active relaxation" techniques to recharge your energy when you are feeling fatigued or weak
  • Modifications that you can do at home for full relaxation 
Expect to find rest, pleasure, and harmony in this practice. 


Breath, Meditation, and Contemplative Practices can deeply transform your experience of Self, moment by moment. Research studies acknowledge these processes as primary doorways to reducing stress. These practices are becoming more and more mainstream including programs in the public schools and in the military.  Dramatic changes occur in metabolic, bio-chemical, cardiovascular, body knowledge, and quality of life from meditation practices.  

Exploring and listening to your body's energy and emotions can be pro-active methods in self-care, essential to regul
ating self-healing, change, and a stress-less life.
Calm your nervous system and tap into your breath in the midst of chaos!

This weekend's approaches include: 
  • Guided Natural Breathing and Relaxed Postures for Sound Sleeping
  • Day and Night Tamers® for Relaxation
  • Body Scanning    
  • Moving, Concentration, Mindfulness, and  Mantra-style meditation    
  • Walking and Sitting Comfort for Meditation    
  • Loving Kindness
  • Discussion   
Click here for full schedule  
Diane Avoli

Diane Avoili  
Senior Macrobiotic Teacher and Counselor, has 40 years + of experience in this field. Beginning as a student herself, she studied with macrobiotic pioneers including Michio and Aveline Kushi, Cornelia Aihara, and Lima Ohsawa. Mother of eight, raised all macrobiotic, Diane is an example of life-long passion, health, and vitality.

Diane has a degree in education and has taught macrobiotic classes in the United States, Europe, and Australia. At Kushi Institute she is an integral part of the Macrobiotic Leadership Program, and Way To Health and Way To Health Plus.    
  Amber Maisano
Amber Maisano
is Kushi Institute's kitchen manager and head chef, responsible for menu design, meal preparation, kitchen
scheduling and kitchen volunteer training. Graduate of Kushi Institute's Macrobiotic Leadership Certificate Program, she is an experienced personal chef and caterer. For many years, Amber managed dual responsibilities during Kushi Institute Summer Conferences, as team leader in the cafe and co-leader for many cooking classes.  


Amber's great understanding of kitchen organization, and economical and effective menu planning, helps people make macrobiotic cooking work in their busy lives. 


Misha Forrester

Misha Forrester
is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais® & Bones for Life ® practitioner, yin-yoga instructor, and licensed massage therapist with specialized training in oncology massage and lymph drainage. With more than a decade of full-time practice, she has been presenting The Feldenkrais Method® at Kushi Institute for the past four years in various programs, including the Women's Retreat, Ageless Body, Able Mind, New Year's Retreat, Science of Relaxation, and Way to Health Plus programs. She is a staff member of Kushi Institute.   

You will find Misha traveling the tri-state area, teaching
Feldenkrais®, meditation, yin-yoga, and cancer massage techniques at senior centers, cancer support groups, yoga spaces, hospice, and private homes in addition to her work at Kushi Institute.

Anne Alquist

Annie Alquist 
is a certified yoga instructor with almost two decades of practice in Iyengar, Anusara, TriYoga and Kripalu-style traditions. Her background includes health coaching, massage training, and therapeutic yoga. Annie recently taught a sequential series 
of classes in Goddess Yoga and Weight Loss Yoga, both designed to use the benefits of yogic techniques, including posture, breath work, and meditation, to help heal personal relationships with food and achieve weight-loss goals. She also taught, along with Misha Forrester, in our Kushi Institute program, Ageless Body, Able Mind


You will find Annie teaching in many venues throughout Berkshire County including Berkshire Community College, TriYoga Studio, Great Barrington Yoga, and Mepal Spa. She has a busy partnership with Berkshire County school systems, assisting in the facilitation and teaching of Yoga in the Schools to high school students.


Front Field with Bench


Begin or Extend Your Stay with an extra day or longer


This is a great opportunity to enjoy Kushi Institute property, to explore some of the Berkshires' regional culture and outdoor activities

  • Mass MOCA Modern Art 
  • Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute  
  • Norman Rockwell Museum
  • Shakespeare & Company  
  • Antiquing 
  • Scenic Railway
  • Walking trails at Kennedy Park, Monument Mountain, or Mt. Greylock 
  • Skiing at Jiminy Peak or Butternut Basin  
  • Wildlife sanctuaries 

or to receive individual, private sessions (extra fees) at Kushi Institute per availability:

  • Macrobiotic consultations
  • Menu planning 
  • Restorative Massage
  • Feldenkrais Functional Integration®  
  • Shiatsu   

Extra days are only $75 per person per day includes housing and ALL meals; $95 per person per extra day includes housing, all meals, with a private bath. Continue to: 

  • Relax in our serene natural environment
  • Stroll along our scenic country road
  • Enjoy our delicious, whole-foods meals
  • Socialize with like-minded people who focus on health and natural healing  
Please call for availability 

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Thursday - Sunday

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  Shared Bath Options  
   $75 - North Hall Single 
   $75 - North Hall Double or Triple -  
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  $125 - Main House Shared Double -
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  $250 - Main House Single                    

  Rooms with Private Baths    
  $430 - North Hall or Main House


Friday - Sunday

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  Shared Bath Options   
   $50 - North Hall Single 
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   $80 - Main House Shared Double - 
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  $160 - Main House Single                    

  Rooms with Private Baths   
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