May 2013





Dr. Lindsay Thalheim


May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month
Given that May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, it is only appropriate to touch on the topic of screening tests for ruling in/out cancer in our beloved pets.  With millions of dollars spent each year on veterinary health care, our pets are living longer and thus, cancer is being diagnosed more often (since this is a disease that develops with increasing age). As a result, screening tests for various cancer types may become available and more widely utilized in older patients.  While there is a time and place to employ these tests, it is very important to keep in mind that the information obtained from them should be taken in the context of the entire


Clinical Trial


The Veterinary Cancer Center partners with ACI to offer Fully Funded Clinical Trials for Dogs with Lymphoma. This is a placebo-controlled study in dogs with measurable peripheral node lymphoma. 




The VCC 7th Annual CE Dinner!

We would like to thank every one that attended our 7th Annual CE Dinner at Dolce on April 17th 2013 on Multimodality approach to Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma. It was a great success and it was wonderful to see you all.


This year we have decided to add the presentation, as well as the speaker's notes to our website for those of you that had missed this year's lectures. Also, for those of you that missed the CE and would like to get the RACE credits for this recorded lecture we encourage you to visit our partners at VetVine




Top 5 things you should now about radiation therapy for your pet.
For many veterinarians giving a pet owner a diagnosis of cancer can be difficult.  After building up a relationship over years with well visits, preventative care and non-cancerous issues, pet owners can often become very distraught upon hearing the word "cancer." 

My Personal Experience at the Veterinary Cancer Center
-by Paul Potenza, DVM

We first welcomed Daisy into are home in May of 2003.  She was my youngest daughter's first puppy and my eldest daughter's second.  Our first puppy was 4 at the time and was also an Aussie, like Daisy.  It was so much fun having the two dogs together, and they bonded immediately.  I discovered that it was just as easy and twice the fun having two dogs in our home at once. 


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