June 19, 2016


Happy Father's Day!

Jungle Friends is home to several monkey dads, but none can quite compare to the amazing cotton top tamarin fathers. Cotton-top tamarin dads play a major role in raising their offspring and are the main caregivers. These duties include carrying, protecting and feeding their young.  Dennett is a 25-year-old former research monkey, father AND grandfather!

Two of Dennett's children, Jane (now deceased) and Polly were also retired to Jungle Friends from research. Jane and her former partner Bloom had a son named Flynn while they lived in the lab and he also retired to Jungle Friends -- What a family tree!
Flynn, who was born in the laboratory is one of the 33 cotton tops who were retired to Jungle Friends in April 2015 after the lab shut its doors. Flynn's parents, Jane and Bloom, were among the first group of 20 cotton tops to retire to Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary in 2014. Flynn now lives with his loving companion Alanna.
Kari Bagnall
  Kari Bagnall, Founder & Executive Director 
  Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary 

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