On April 22, 2015 we welcomed 33 cotton-top tamarins to their new home at CottonTopolis. These monkeys represent the final group of cotton-tops being released from a university research lab that is closing its doors. If you remember, we received the first group last June and a second group in October of last year.

Construction for CottonTopolis began on Feb. 2 with the arrival of the building for the monkeys' indoor enclosures. From that day, it took our team less than three months to run water and electrical lines; build and install both indoor enclosures and outdoor habitats; construct and connect runways between habitats; and finalize landscaping, whew!
Gretel was the first to explore her outdoor habitat, you go girl!
Watch our video documenting the arrival of the cotton-tops. Learn how we introduce monkeys to the great outdoors and get an up-close look at our new arrivals.

At 19 minutes long, this video is definitely worth watching. You will meet each of the 33 cotton top tamarins. Watch as the monkeys peek out of the crate where they spent the last 24 hours, stepping into their new enclosures and finally -- exploring their outdoor habitats for the very first time!

 Watch the Cotton-Tops Arrive at CottonTopolis

Alana is bold and beautiful and as you can see, she really enjoys showing off her belly tattoo. Alana is a "sturdy girl". 
Pretty Girl is diabetic and she loves nothing more than food! She is a champion eater! 
Sir William is a single fellow and very curious. Although he prefers to watch the world from the safety of his nest box.
Chet is very shy around people, but quite the adventurer. He was the second monkey to go explore their outdoor habitat!

Norman is a quiet, inquisitive cotton-top who loves watching the monkeys and people around him go about their business.

Winthrop is usually very cautious, although he made it to his habitat before most and enjoyed climbing to the very top of his habitat.
Next month 57 squirrel monkeys are retiring from research. Construction for their new homes at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary has begun! These monkeys will be directly across from OZ, so their area will be called Emerald City. All we need is a Yellow Brick Road!

Please consider sponsoring one of our new arrivals today so that we may continue to provide homes to monkeys in need! Sponsorships make wonderful and compassionate gifts.
Kari Bagnall

Kari Bagnall, Founder & Executive Director
Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary 
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