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Monkey Love at Sponsor Safari!

May 1, 2015



Lots of Monkey Love at Sponsor Safari!


Thank you to everyone who attended our very first Sponsor Safari on Saturday, April 18. Guests enjoyed live entertainment, a silent auction and tours of the sanctuary where each sponsor had a chance to meet their sponsored monkeys up-close and personal.


We are so grateful for everyone's participation and continued support of Jungle Friends. We honestly could not do what we do for the monkeys without the love and support from our dedicated sponsors.

The monkeys really enjoyed meeting their sponsors too! It was nice to see not only the human's reaction to meeting their monkeys, but the monkey's reactions to meeting their sponsors!


If you were not able to attend Sponsor Safari check out our photo album and watch the video capturing the day's festivities. And Cindi Harp was the big winner at Sponsor Safari...her name was drawn and she won the Monkey Cruise! Be sure to book your cruise and sail with us next February!  


I also had a really great time! It was wonderful to meet our monkey sponsors and their friends!! I hope to see you in October for Monkey Day, you will see CottonTopolis full of monkeys! Lots of very exciting stuff going on here at Jungle Friends...we are up to 240 monkeys and by Monkey Day we should have about 300, WOW, who would have thunk?!

Lots of monkey love from Kari

Our buildings just arrived today for Emerald City! Go to our Facebook Page for photos of Emerald City's progress -- the monkeys will be here the end of June, so we are going to have to hustle...anyone want to come out and help build?
Email me!

Bri, Lindsey, Denise and Britni all hope to see you here for Monkey Day!
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