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The new medical equipment is arriving already thanks to everyone who donated to Kari's birthday wish.
March 6, 2014


Thank you to every single person who helped make Kari's 60th birthday wish come true!  As always, we are overwhelmed by your generosity -- you exceeded Kari's $7,500 goal for a total of $8,810!

Now we will have everything we need for our veterinarians and vet techs to handle most emergency situations without transporting the monkeys to Dr. Schirmer!

We are almost ready to break ground on the new Bob Barker Medical Clinic, where all this equipment will eventually move. Before that happens, though, we're busy building habitats for the 10 monkeys being released from UGA and Wooster College (meet the Wooster monkeys below). 
Kendra and Connie
As much as we need the equipment, it can't replace old-fashioned TLC from Kendra when the monkeys get sick.

Kari, along with volunteers Elizabeth and Bri Fried and Claude Leasure, is in Vegas this week for the Almost Wild in Vegas fundraiser. (Otherwise she would send this thank you herself.) Keep up with the exciting news about Vegas on Facebook!

In the infamous words of Kari Bagnall.... Lots of monkey love!
Helene Goldson
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P.S. Check out the picture below of Maryanne meeting one of the UGA monkeys for the first time. And please make a donation today!

Pip and Zeke will reunite with their dad

Father's Day is coming early to Jungle Friends!

When brothers Pip and Zeke were released from a research project at Wooster College, their freedom was a little bittersweet because they had to leave their dad Alex, their Aunt Jake, and family friend Aunt Gizmo behind for a while. The family lived together in a lab where they were studied for their cognitive and behavioral skills (watch them in this video). Now it's time for Alex, Aunt Jake and Gizmo to be released, so we are making room for them in a habitat close to Pip and Zeke. Imagine the monkey shrieks when these five are reunited!

We could really use your help with funding the new habitat for the Wooster family. Please help us reunite this beautiful monkey family with a donation to the Research Retirement Fund.

Aunt Jake
Aunt Jake

Aunt Gizmo
Aunt Gizmo

Meeting the UGA monkeys for the first time
Maryanne Norris, Jungle Friends Special Needs coordinator, went to the University of Georgia in February to meet the seven monkeys -- Chris, Micky, Nick, Xenon, Job, Xavier, and Leo -- who will be released in the spring. "I fell in love at least seven times!" Maryanne said.

We applaud UGA for letting them come to Jungle Friends to spend their golden years and setting an example for other labs! Read more about the UGA monkeys here.
Mary Anne and Leo
Maryanne meets Leo in the UGA lab. Don't let the protective garb scare you -- it was lab protocol, and Maryanne took her own helmet cam so she could share her experience with the unlucky folks who didn't get to visit these boys. Watch this video put together by the UGA lab.
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