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We love you Bob Barker!
Bob Barker
Bob Barker and Federico
May 27, 2013

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,   

This just in...Jungle Friends now has the funds to expand our tiny clinic! The Bob Barker Medical Clinic is under construction thanks to a very generous grant from Mr. Barker himself. The grant will also fund medical equipment and a Veterinary Technician/Caregiver's salary.

But wait, there's more! The grant also enables us to accept more monkeys from our long waiting list, including six marmosets and six capuchins. Some of them are retiring from research, and others are former 'pets.' When we told Mr. Barker's team about the new monkeys, his representative said "We are so pleased that a few more helpless, innocent victims of human cruelty and insensitivity will have some peace and joy." Some of the new monkeys are shown below; keep watching Jungle News and Facebook for news of more arrivals.

Bob Barker's dedication to ending animal cruelty is well-known, and we are proud that he considers Jungle Friends worthy of his generous support.
Madison's human screamed into the phone "It's incredible, it's just incredible, it's making me cry. Please tell Bob Barker thank you" when we told her Madison's two-year wait is over. That was the typical reaction to this news!
Auric looking up
Auric was demoted from his place as alpha male in a laboratory colony, but that turned out well since he got to move to Jungle Friends and see the outdoors for the first time. Now he can find a new social group or a lovely lady to live with.
Things are looking up for Auric.
Lindsay and three marmosets
Lindsey carries Esmeralda, Raya, and Rory, former lab monkeys, to their new home in Munchkinland. Now they have comfy indoor/outdoor habitats right next to future friends.
Cookie and coffee
Cookie and coffee go together. With stevia and almond milk Cookie gets the sweet treat she was used to in her former home. Don't worry, it's decaf. We haven't met a monkey yet who needs caffeine!
Bob Barker Medical Clinic to the Rescue!
Jenni St. John
Jenni St. John, our fabulous new
Veterinary Technician/Caregiver, is here thanks to Mr. Barker's grant.
Kari with clinic sign
Our new clinic is ready for walls, floor tile and  equipment. Most importantly, we already have the
Bob Barker Medical Clinic sign!

Crowded clinic
The current clinic was far too small when we needed to bring in 14 diabetic monkeys for blood tests last week. We did A1C and fructosamine tests, as well as CBCs and blood chemistries, and we are happy to report that most have improved since the last tests.
Murphy Brown writing
Monkeys don't usually run loose in the clinic, but after her insulin Murphy Brown took notes while we researched her condition -- Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS).
We're building habitats for the new monkeys as fast as we can
Habitat building Plants for habitat