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The Research Retirement Challenge
August 27, 2013

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,  

Thank you to all who stepped up to help our Independence Day match to build habitats for Don King and Sloth, the two capuchin monkeys ready to retire from research. The habitat-building is under way!

UGA 7 collage
Please help us make room for Mickey, Xenon,
Leo, Xavier, Nick, Chris, and Job at Jungle Friends.
Now we have seven more research monkeys in need. Mickey, Xenon, Leo, Xavier, Nick, Chris, and Job have spent their whole lives -- an average of 25 years -- in a behavioral research lab. The University of Georgia is willing to retire them, but if we can't take them, they could be moved to other research. We can't let that happen!

But this is bigger than just building more habitats. Jungle Friends has reached capacity on our 12 acres. We are asking everyone we know to read this proposal and pass it along to their friends, foundations and organizations who might help us make room for these seven monkeys and others like them.

We will need $185,000 to buy the adjoining 5 acres and build habitats. Lifetime care just for these seven will cost another $235,000. $22,500 is pledged so far, and every little bit helps, so please donate as much as you can!

Kari Bagnall Lots of monkey love from Kari




Please to everyone you know. Help us raise the funds to get these boys out of research.
A Match Made in Munchkinland
Raja and Rory collage
Raja (with a grape in his mouth) and Rory are both juveniles who recently came to Jungle Friends separately -- and now they are inseparable.

The match meant Raja needed a vasectomy -- fast! Now that it's over, he's back to his silly self. Rory, who came to us last May out of research, is being very serious about the whole thing. We think she just wants some privacy.

Sponsor Raja and Rory!
Jersey the Grease Monkey?
Jersey collage
Jersey is keeping very busy now that he is outside. In addition to all the swinging and climbing, he has been working on his car and catching lots of bugs. Check out all of Jersey's grease monkey and bug hunting photos on Facebook, and then sponsor Jersey so he can get his car washed!
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