Jersey moves outside, Pip recovers, Kooda arrives & Dodger's revenge!
Pip & Zeke Reunited
Video Pip's Release
Pip has made a full recovery and is back with his brother, Zeke.
 Watch Pip's Release.
Thank you for your support during Pip's illness!
Kooda - A surprise Rescue
Little Kooda arrived on Saturday. Watch her video snuggling under her covers. A former pet with bone disease, Kooda is a smartypants -- if you talk too much, she will put both hands over her ears so she doesn't have to hear! Who will be the first to Sponsor Kooda?
Dodger's Revenge
Tabitha's lip
Dodger got his revenge on Tabitha for all her bullying -- watch Don't be a Bully. She had a split lip that needed stitches last weekend and spent several days in the clinic. Nobody saw what happened, but we're guessing Dodger retaliated or maybe Lilly came to his aid.
Watch their sweet reunion!
Valuable Volunteers
Deirdre Doyle and Puchi
Deirdre Doyle took a vacation from her job in Boston and volunteered for a week with us. Thanks Deirdre!
Eric and Jersey
Eric Horesky gives Jersey his medication hidden in organic peach baby food.
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Kooda's Photo Album
Tabitha's Photo Album
Jersey's Photo Album
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Jersey has left the building!
August 15, 2013
Jersey on firehose
Jersey explores the great outdoors

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,   

Jersey is finally free to live like a monkey! We introduced him into his specially-adapted outdoor rehabitat earlier this week, and every day he gets around more confidently.

Best of all, he has lots of attention from his monkey neighbors: Elizabeth, Murphy and Connie share the indoor section of his enclosure and are neighbors to his outdoor habitat. On the other side are Monkers (who seems really interested in Jersey), Zumie, Dylan and Mochi.Very soon we will be introducing Jersey to monkey friends.

It's been a long road since Jersey arrived in May with his feet and hands bandaged from self-mutilations (read about it here). Once his leg and toes were amputated, he did so much better! Jersey's journey to recovery took a lot of patience on the part of his human caregivers and Jersey. Visit Jersey's Journey movie page to see videos of his rehabilitation every step of the way and check out his Photo Album .

Kari Bagnall Lots of monkey love from Kari




P.S. GREAT NEWS! We met out $5000 match!! Animal Warriors will be here Sunday to help build the first habitat for two monkeys getting out of laboratory research -- thank you all for making this happen! We have many more monkeys on the waiting list. Please make a donation to help us expand to make room for them too!
Jersey proves monkeys are not pets
If you have been following Jersey's Journey here or on Facebook, you've seen photos of Jersey in Kari's home, sleeping with humans, cuddled by humans, eating from the table...and gazing longingly out the window. Short of pitching a tent inside a monkey habitat or keeping him in a tiny cage in the clinic for months on end, that was the only way we could constantly monitor Jersey and stop him from picking at his wounds. It was a challenge!
Jersey inside
It may look cute, but stuffed animals are no substitute for real monkey friends. Jersey's face says it all.

Jersey demonstrated every day that monkeys are not pets. Even with just one leg and on medication, he could destroy a room in a matter of minutes and attack with little provocation. Despite our efforts to keep him busy Jersey could become bored and frustrated. Our ultimate goal was to get him outside to meet monkey friends, and we are happy to report that we have now achieved that goal!

Jersey's Journey will continue as he learns new ways to climb and play, but it will continue in the most natural setting we can possibly provide, for the rest of his life.

Won't you sponsor Jersey and be a part of his new monkey life?
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