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January 2015
Volume 6 | Issue 1
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A Note to Our Readers:

We believe that leaders cannot be effective without a strong and ongoing commitment to mentoring excellence. This belief, our passion for mentoring excellence, and our extensive experience in the field with organizations led us to create the Center for Mentoring Excellence. 


At our virtual center,, you will find mentoring tools and resources, expert advice and a forum for sharing best mentoring practices. We hope that you will visit us there and let us know how we can continue to help you raise the bar on mentoring in your organization.

Thank you to all our readers for your continued support throughout the years. We are entering our sixth year of publication and are excited to start 2015 with a line up of many mentoring tips, thought provoking interviews, and much more!

Happy New Year from the
Center for Mentoring Excellence Team!

2014 proved to be the year of interviewing interesting players in the mentoring community. As we look back and reflect on the wisdom shared, we have chosen a few of our favorite highlights.....
In January 2014 we interviewed Dr. Ellen Ensher. She described her model, "power mentoring." It offers an alternative to the traditional practice of being mentored by one person and offers a network of mentors that will get you to your goal quicker while at the same time making available different perspectives. To quote Ellen, "Unlike a marriage, you are not required to be monogamous in power mentoring relationships!

Power mentoring might make your resolution list for 2015!

You may not always have time to read an interview, let alone an entire book, but want to grow your knowledge for mentoring. For some quick mentoring information visit our blog.

  1. Be open and honest.
  2. Prepare an agenda or points for discussion and send them to your mentor in advance of your meetings.  
  3. Create a written mentoring agreement.  
  4. Identify stretch goals that will truly impact your success, and push yourself to produce discernible results.    
  5. Take charge of your relationship.  

Why not put attending a Mentoring Conference on your bucket list for 2015?

The annual University of New Mexico Mentoring Conference is held during the fall semester brings national and international researchers and practitioners together for the purpose of sharing and disseminating mentoring best practices. With annual attendance of more than 600 participants, the conference has become the place for students, staff, and faculty to exchange ideas for knowledge creation, transfer of know how, and innovation. The program is of academic nature and focuses on higher education.

The International Mentoring Conference will be held April 22-24th, 2015 at the SanTan Elegante Conference Center at the DoubleTree by Hilton Phoenix-Gilbert. This conference is sponsored by the IMA and provides a broader forum for both researchers and practitioners. It offers a wider variety of themes and topics in the areas of program development for K-12, business/industry, government/military, and heath care/human services. Additionally, the majority of participants' roles shift from research and teaching to program administration, human resources, management, and technology.    


Will we see you there? 

Need a quick refresher on some proven mentoring strategies for your 2015 mentoring game plan?  Revisit the 12 Strategies for Mentoring Success in our August 2014 eletter.
  1. Don't assume you and your mentoring partner know each other just because you have worked together.
  2. It is easier to reschedule a mentoring meeting when a date is already on your calendar.  
  3. Advance preparation will help you and your mentoring partner make better use of your mentoring time.....

Wondering how mentoring is practiced in other countries? See our September eletter where we interviewed Eric Ng, our Asia Pacific representative.

How are you celebrating National Mentoring Month?

For more mentoring interviews and information visit our website, blog or eletter archives at your convenience.