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August 2014
Volume 5 | Issue 7
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Coming October 2014
The masters of mentoring have done it again! A hands-on and usable guide to making the first
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Starting Strong: A Mentoring Fable
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Lois J. Zachary and Lory A. Fischler weave a compelling tale that exemplifies the concepts, highlights the dynamics, and outlines the issues involved in mentoring relationships during the first ninety days. The authors use the form of a fable to tell the story of a budding mentoring relationship filled with possibilities, problems, and triumphs. Starting Strong offers a hands-on and readable guide to create effective mentoring relationships that will ensure the success of that transition.

Coming in September! 
Mentoring: Strategies for Success One Day Program
Mentoring: Strategies for Success (one day program)

Mentoring: Strategies for Success is an interactive experiential workshop for new mentors, experienced mentors who want to improve their mentoring skills and anyone responsible for the growth and development of others in their organization. It's content draws on over 20 tools provided in the best-selling mentoring book on the market today, The Mentor's Guide by Dr. Lois Zachary.
1. Don't assume you and your mentoring partner know each other just because you have worked together. Before you jump into the work of mentoring, get to know the person behind the job. It will allow you to develop the trust you need to grow a productive and mutually satisfying mentoring relationship.


2. It is easier to reschedule a mentoring meeting when a date is already on your calendar. Make it a habit to schedule dates far in advance and if you need to reschedule, do it immediately.



3. Advance preparation will help you and your mentoring partner make better use of your mentoring time. By preparing questions in advance, reviewing your notes and setting an agenda your mentoring conversations will be richer, deeper and more productive.



4. It is easy to get distracted by daily work pressures and problems. Don't let your mentee's day to day issues dominate your mentoring conversations. Stay focused on the real purpose of mentoring -- your mentee's personal, professional and career development.



5. When mentoring succeeds, learning is reciprocal. While mentees come to mentoring to learn from you, you will probably find that you learn even more from them. Challenge yourself to stay open to new ideas that might be unfamiliar or different from your own.


6. Mentoring partners who meet regularly create momentum and energy for achieving mentoring goals. Scheduling more frequent meetings at the start of your mentoring relationship will ensure you start off on the right foot.




7. Mentoring is a reflective practice. Allocate personal time for reflection and share your reflections with your mentoring partner. You may want to try journaling; it is a proven strategy for triggering new insights and learning.




8. Goals are the pathway to growth and development for both mentors and mentees. While you are helping your mentee achieve their stretch goals, don't forget to work on your own.




9. Progress is achieved through action. If you say you are going to do something, commit to it. Follow through. If you can't, be honest about it upfront. 


10. One of the most important benefits of a mentoring partnership is the candid feedback that occurs when both parties are open and honest with each other.. Start your relationship with the expectation that two-way feedback will be part of the process.


11. Mentoring relationships evolve over time. Situations change. New priorities emerge. Don't get locked into processes and patterns that are working against you.





12. Regular check-ins keep you on course. If you do sense something is amiss, don't ignore it or wait. Address it immediately.

While in-person mentoring is great, sometimes we have to be flexible.

Here are five simple tips to help keep your distance mentoring going strong:  

This program is designed for experienced trainers, those charged with delivering and supporting mentoring training, mentoring coaches and program coordinators who want to  deepen their understanding of mentoring or improve mentoring facilitation skills.

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