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October 2013 Newsletter
ASSIST creates life-changing opportunities for outstanding international scholars to attend and contribute to the finest American independent secondary schools to promote mutual understanding, cultural interchange, and global citizenship. 
ASSIST 2013/14 Orientation Slideshow
ASSIST Class of 2014

*  161 Scholars from
    20 countries
*  88 Member Schools
*  Founded 1969
*  4,300+ Alumni from
    50 countries 

 Thank You!  
Ethel Walker girls
The Class of 2014 joins the ASSIST Board and staff in expressing a personal thank you to each of the 490 contributors to the 2012/13 Annual Fund  
Andrea Manrique
Andrea '13 on her way to conquer Mount Nebo, in the Wasatch Range of Utah!
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"I can think of no better way to make a difference in a young person's life than to sponsor an ASSIST  Scholar." 

-J. Wood Rutter 
 Headmaster Emeritus 
 Beaufort Academy

 30-year member of the 
 ASSIST Board of Directors 
"Thank you ASSIST for this amazing, life-changing experience! I will be forever thankful."
-Paula Salva '13
   Episcopal Academy (PA)
"I love the notion that if you embrace an opportunity, somehow what you embrace becomes a gift. That is exactly what happened with Jacque, our 17-year-old ASSIST Scholar from Australia. She personified the 'typical Australian' - outgoing, upbeat and incredilby personable - and she immediately became a sister to my girls and a fourth daughter to me and my husband."

-ASSIST Host Family
  Sewickley Academy (PA) 
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A Winning Year for ASSIST

RAS new
As President John F. Kennedy noted, "Things do not happen. They are made to happen." ASSIST's successes this past year are a direct result of the energy, enterprise, and contributions of many within the ASSIST community who have given of their time, talent and financial support. We send our thanks to each for helping 'make things happen' for ASSIST during 2012/13. We enrolled a record number of Scholars and member schools, set an Annual Fund record, launched a new website (assist-inc.org), increased our Facebook fans to almost 900, delivered an alumni e-network, and made an impressive progress on implementing our What a way to begin celebrating our 45th year. With best regards,
Bob's sig
Bob Stanley,
ASSIST Alumnus, Accomplished Academic, Prize Winner, and Proud Father
Fabian Lange '90, Putney School (VT), Germany

Fabian Lange
Fabian Lange '90 with his wife, Chriscinda Henry, and their daughter, Ella
Fabian received his Ph.D. in economics at the University of Chicago in 2004 and subsequently joined the Department of Economics at Yale as an Assistant Professor. In 2010, he was promoted to Associate Professor at Yale and from there joined the economics department at Canada's McGill University in 2012. Fabian has held visiting positions at the University of Chicago, Oberlin College, and the University of Michigan. 

Fabian's economics research and writing have focused on population, health, and labor economics.  He has studied the link between schooling and fertility decisions, the socio-economic determinants in health, and how workers' careers are shaped by the information processing of their employers.  Fabian received the H.G. Lewis Prize and the IZA Young Economist Award in 2008 for his work in labor economics. 

According to Fabian, ASSIST had a role in seeding his impressive academic career, his ability to adapt, and his appreciation of the importance of cultural understanding - all cornerstones of the ASSIST experience. 
"I tried to think back to my time at Putney School in Vermont. What struck me then, as it does now, was how different a place it was from my much more conservative school in Germany. The experience of having to adapt to such a different environment at Putney has stayed with me...and has made me think more critically about my environment and culture. ASSIST also has, I believe, broadened my mind to different approaches to life - made me more tolerant."

Passionate Supporter of Global Education & ASSIST Enthusiast
Cathy Tinsley, ASSIST Board of Directors
Cathy didn't hesitate when asked to join the ASSIST Board of Directors in 2006.  For her, ASSIST champions her passions - children, education, and the power of a cross-cultural experience. She is no stranger to what it means to learn and live in another culture.  She took a sabbatical college year to study in France, and later spent almost ten years raising her children in the Netherlands. She now encourages others to benefit from similar life-changing experiences. Over the past seven years, Cathy has contributed to a number of important Board committees and was a strong voice in framing ASSIST's strategic plan.  Her entrepreneurial spirit led to the founding of ASSIST's first Chapter in Washington, D.C.  In the fall and spring, Cathy masterminds events for the ASSIST community in the area. Included are ASSIST Scholars and their host families, alumni, ASSIST friends, and representatives from the thirteen ASSIST member schools in the area (stretching from Baltimore to Richmond). Cathy is not shy about saying that, "It is a gift to be a member of the ASSIST Board, and to work with others who share my passion for educating young people to the wonders of the global community, to equip them with the knowledge and skills to navigate through different countries and cultures."  We thank you, Cathy, for your generosity of spirit, your hard work on our behalf, and your unwavering belief in ASSIST's mission.

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Magician Behind the Scenes
Paul Breault, Database & Web Coordinator

Paul was welcomed to the ASSIST staff in March. He manages office technologies, maintains and further develops the ASSIST website, creates and amplifies our social media presence, and oversees ASSIST's administrative, constituency, and fundraising databases. Paul earned undergraduate degrees in Computer and Information Systems and Business Management, and is currently working on his MBA. He has become a special friend and cheerleader to the Class of 2014, having encouraged all but 4 of the 161 Scholars to become members of the Class Facebook group and having inspired a 77% return on the Class post-Orientation survey (Orientation received gold stars again this year!). He hasn't missed sending an e-birthday greeting to any Class member as their date on the calendar rolls around.
Lessons from F.H. Wandelt III
A Life Well Led
ASSIST lost a great friend and leader when Board member Ferdie Wandelt passed away in July. He left us with many memories, and gave his all to ASSIST, for FerdiesBookCoverwhich we will be forever grateful.  Just before he died, he wrote a short book that is a collection of lessons he learned over his lifetime.  Each of Ferdie's 39 lessons comes from his heart and are the standards by which he led his life and modeled for so many of us.  We share a few below:

Life's Reward - Lesson #15
At the breakfast bar in my home late one afternoon, my good friend queried, "Ferd, at our age we look back on our years and ask what we have done with our lives?  Have we made anything or anyone's life better?  Have we made a difference?" - a question that we are all sure to ask ourselves in our later years.  The answer for most of us is yes, that we have made a small difference in someone else's life and that very difference is life's greatest reward.  I responded in this way to my friend, and he said, "Good answer - it is that very reward that makes life worth living."

Communication - Lesson #20
Communication is a most important life skill.  One who has mastered the art of communication has, first and foremost, mastered the art of listening.

Problem Solving - Lesson #26
Never waste time or energy wondering why you are faced with the problem and who is to blame. Rather, devote all your efforts into solving the problem.  Once it is resolved, figure out why it occurred in the first place.

Another Journey - Returning Home
Reflections from the Class of 2013
Welcome Home
"I've got one more challenge tomorrow before I fly back home - put my best international student face on, charm the check-in lady, and get my ridiculously overweight stuff on the plane." - Lovro, Croatia

"It was truly an amazing, memorable year...I see the world through different eyes now and my attitude is a lot more mature than before. I did not expect that this school year would be so influential." - Gabor, Hungary

"I am sad about the end of my ASSIST year, but I am excited about the new beginning of my life...I borrow a line from a song by  Semisonic that reads, 'Time to go back to the places you will be from.'  Now is that time. I could not resist tears as I wrote my sponsor at the end of the year about my gratitude for the gift that I was given." - Matus, Slovakia

"Two days ago, I arrived back in Moldova. I am very happy to be with my family and friends...and to share my ASSIST experience. I will strive to be accepted at an American university and be a responsible world citizen. I will try to create a similar experience for others in my country to transform them as it did me into becoming more open and ready to meet life's challenges." - Dumitru, Moldova 

Rankings of Universities Worldwide

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings, powered by Thomson Reuters, are the only global university performance tables to judge world-class universities across all of their core missions - teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.  The top university rankings employ 13 carefully calibrated performance indicators to provide the most comprehensive and balanced comparisons available, which are trusted by students, academics, university leaders industry and government.

The 2013-14 rankings can be found

The top 25 U.S. college destinations for ASSIST alumni can be found here.

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Cultivating Cultural Awareness
Press Kit Released

ASSIST works closely throughout the year with its member schools (88 this year).  This year, we provided members with ways to be publicly proud of their international diversity and the contributing role of ASSIST - two press releases and media attention enhancing tips. One begins with the following introduction:  "As a nation, only 37% of our young Americans can find Iraq on a map, 20% think that Sudan is in Asia, and that Africa is the largest country.  Over half can't find New York State on a map.  If we are globally illiterate to that extent, what does that say about our ability as a nation to cooperate and to take yeoman steps to overcome the challenges and realizing the opportunities this century presents.  And there are many of both!"

We invite you to review the ASSIST press kit

Did You Know?
a.   Latest country within ASSIST?     Somaliland  
b.   % Increase in Annual Fund giving?     18%
c.   The cost of Orientation?     US $110,000 
d.   Combined years of experience of ASSIST staff?   96  
e.   # of ASSIST alumni on the ASSIST Board?   5 
g.   % of 2013 Scholars earning honors & high honors grades?   94%
Note from the Editor

We invite our readers to submit news, pictures, and videos that might be of interest to others in the ASSIST community. Please send them to Meg Moulton, VP for Marketing & Communications:meg@assist-inc.org.
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