The CUNY Office of Human Resources Management is responsible for developing the University's human resources guidelines, standards, rules and regulations. We enforce federal, state and local employment laws, and ensure compliance with the CUNY Board of Trustees' policies and procedures regarding employment, including affirmative action and equal opportunity employment. OHRM administers employee benefits and professional development programs for University staff, and oversees the administration of Civil Service examinations. 

Our Mission:  To provide strategic, consultative and effective human resources services that promote organizational success, individual achievement, inclusiveness and excellence.


Our Vision: OHRM will serve the University community by embracing the dual roles of transaction and transformation in response to the current and emerging needs of the University and its workforce.  It will become a model for human resources as internal consultant and problem-solver; it will provide expertise and leadership to enable the campuses and the University to achieve their goals while complying with pertinent HR policies and regulations.  In all matters, OHRM will carry out its duties in a manner that is respectful, knowledgeable, and that reflects the highest standards of inclusiveness and excellence.   

  • OHRM in the News - Vice Chancellor Waters Honored for Distinguished Service
  • OHRM in the News - OHRM Sponsors Faculty Fellowship Publishers Roundtable
  • OHRM in the News - OHRM Honors Achievement, Leadership and Productivity in 2015
  • On Friday, December 18th, Vice Chancellor Ginger Waters and her senior staff recognized members of the Office of Human Resources Management for outstanding achievement, productivity and leadership during the 2015 calendar year. Executive Vice Chancellor Allan Dobrin joined in the festivities, thanking OHRM’s staff for their many contributions to the University.
  • OHRM in the News - Faculty Fellowship Publication Program "Class of 2016"
  • On December 4th, Vice Chancellor Ginger Waters welcomed the 18th cohort of faculty members selected to participate in the Faculty Fellowship Publication Program (“FFPP”), a CUNY-wide mentoring program administered by the Office of Human Resources Management in support of the University’s ongoing commitment to equal opportunity and increasing diversity among the faculty ranks. Initiated in 1998, the program seeks to cultivate the careers of junior CUNY faculty by assisting them in the design, execution and publication of the scholarly writing projects that are essential to their progress toward tenure. Writing projects range from articles for juried journals to books for scholarly presses.
  • OHRM in the News - OHRM's Website Gets a Facelift
  • OHRM is pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved website! After months of hard work, the new website went live on October 26, 2015.
  • OHRM Insights Newsletter - March 2015
  • In This Issue:

    New Faces at OHRM
    Spring Forward with PDLM
    HCM Training for CUNY HR Staff
    CUNY HR Recaps Productivity Awards
    Diversity Briefs: Implicit Bias
    Mythbusters: Search Secrets Revealed!
    CUNY Time & Leave Project Update
    OHRM Employee Awards 2014
  • OHRM Insights Newsletter - Fall 2014
  • In This Issue:

    Workplace Violence Prevention Training
    Time and Leave Project Moves Forward
    Queens College Wins Art Brown Award
    CUNY Diversity Reception
    (Many) New Faces at OHRM
    Everybody Asks Raymond
    Recruiting News You Can Use
    CUNY HR Conference Recap
    CUNY Executive Leadership Program
  • OHRM Insights Newsletter - Winter 2014
  • In This Issue:

    "Spring" Into Training with PDLM
    Memorial Art Brown Award
    Upcoming CUNY HR Events
    Campuses Gather For "Trainers Forum"
    Everybody Asks Raymond
    Becoming a Diversity Ally
    By The Numbers: TAM Usage
    Hands Across CUNY HR
    OHRM Names 2013 "Stars" and "Employee of the Year"
  • OHRM Insights Newsletter - Fall 2013 Issue
  • In This Issue:

    Fall Training Series with PDLM
    New Faces at OHRM
    CUNY Campaign Kick-Off
    Everybody Asks Raymond
    Diversity Briefs: Microaggressions
    CUNY Recruitment Survey
    OHRM Issues New Personnel Orders
    OHRM "Spotlight on Achievement"
  • OHRM Insights Newsletter - Summer 2013 Issue
  • In This Issue:

    BRAVO! at John Jay
    Retiree Email
    New Director of HR Investigations
    Everybody Asks Raymond
    The New TAM
    New Central Office Onboarding Website
    CUNYfirst Training to HR Personnel
    OHRM "Spotlight on Achievement"
  • OHRM Insights Newsletter - Winter 2013 Issue
  • In This Issue:

    CUNY's Faculty Diversity Conference
    Workplace Violence Prevention Year
    Everybody Asks Raymond
    The Benefits of Diversity
    Recruitment Metrics
    New Faces at OHRM
    OHRM "Stars" and "Employee of the Year"
  • OHRM Insights Newsletter - Winter 2011 Issue
  • In This Issue:

    Assistance for Employees Affected by Crisis in Japan
    Everybody Asks Raymond
    New Multiple Position Policy
    FOCUS on Employee Turnover
    Final Tally for ERI-2010
    A Payroll Office Grows in Brooklyn
    Chancellor Authorizes Diversity Study
    New Campus Representative
    ORD Welcomes New Diversity Professionals
    Professional Development for CUNY Employees
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