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I hope you have enjoyed Paint. Draw. Create. Newsletter. I would like to announce the name and look has changed to Observer. Artist. Watercolorist. Dale L Popovich. The newsletter will still be filled full tips & good advice, classes, workshops and show info. Remember, you can still find archived copies of Paint.Draw.Create. at http://tinyurl.com/Paint-Draw-Create. Please pass my newsletter to fellow artists. Let them know it will be sent out monthly a long with emails promoting my classes, shows, workshops and noteworthy information.

This month's newsletter offers up how I spent my summer and artist business best practices.

Don't forget to review the classes at the Palette & Chisel. Robert Krajecki and I will be offering Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting 101, 102, 103 starting January 2014. This series of classes has been popular at the P&C since 2004. In addition, I also am offering my watercolor class on Thursday afternoons at the P&C. I also teach out of my studio and still have openings on Tuesdays from 11:00am -1:00pm.

Thanks and let's start painting.  
Dale L Popovich
The 29th 
National Illinois Watercolor Society 
Cortona, Italy
�2013 Dale L Popovich
Yondota Falls II
�2013 Robert J Krajecki

The Illinois Watercolor Society's 29th National Exhibition reception was held on May 7th featuring a demo by Judge of Awards Ratindra Das, AWS.df, NWS, TWSA.MS. Awards ceremony followed. Show ran from  May 7 - June 1 at the The Next Picture Show Gallery in Dixon, IL.

The mission of the Illinois Watercolor Society is to advance the education and caliber of watercolor painting throughout Illinois. They hold monthly meetings and demonstrations and host two annual shows. All are welcome.


To view the entire show visit the Illinois Watercolor Society website and find out more about the IWS click here.
Popovich Places 2nd at the
Illiana Artists 15th Juried Exhibition
The Illiana Artists 15th Juried Exhibition Reception and Awards Ceremony took place at the Chesterton Art Center  www.chestertonart .com in Chesterton, IN on August 25, 2013. Dale Popovich won 2nd Place for his painting titled Alaska "Denali".

This year's judge was landscape painter, Didier Nolet.
The Illiana Artists organization "Artists Helping Artists" is dedicated to expanding personal and community horizons through artists growth, exhibition, and demonstrations. Members also strive to promote art awareness and appreciation in the community and to share cultural experiences.

To find out more about Illiana Artists click here.
�Dale L Popovich The Great Panda
�Dale L Popovich
The Great Panda
�Dale L Popovich Autumn Romance in Brown County 
�Dale L Popovich
Autumn Romance in Brown County
Dale had two paintings juried into this year's 2013 Indiana Heritage Arts 35th Annual Exhibition. The show was held at the Brown County Art Gallery 1 Artist Drive in Nashville, IN.The show ran from June 8 through 22nd. The prize winners collected approximately 90 thousand dollars in awards and purchases.    


Franklin, Tennessee artist Dawn Whitelaw served as the 2013 judge. She narrowed the field from 341 paintings to 120 entries and then picked the prize winners.


IHA has a statewide membership of artists and patrons and depends on generous donors including corporate sponsors, local merchants, along with loyal collectors, to continue the mission of supporting Indiana's top artists.


To learn more about this prestigious show and the IHA click here



popovich 2013 workshop
Dale held a workshop in his Indiana studio this past summer. The all day event reviewed transparent watercolor painting principles. The first half of the day Popovich demonstrated the the techniques of capturing a landscape in a transparent medium. Class broke for homemade chicken pot pie, salad and lemon curd tartlets. 

In the afternoon Popovich summer 2013 watercolor workshopstudents took brush to paper. Their skill sets ranged from never dabbling in watercolors to more advance students. All of Popovich's workshops and classes focus on personal attention to each student's needs and skill sets.

The workshop ended with a glass of wine and critique of each student's afternoon painting.

Dale periodically holds popovich 2013 workshop afternoonworkshops in his studio. If you would like more information on his studio workshops or you or your organization would like to hold a workshop feel free to contact him at 219-838-8645.


One of the things I regret not doing in my art career was keeping better records in the early days. I wonder what the paintings I created look like now that were presented in my first group show at the 212 Gallery in the Palmer House, Chicago, exactly which 35 paintings were in my first One-Man Show in Oak Park, IL in 1986 and the names of the many, many people who bought my art. No slides, no notes and no records. All I wanted to do was paint - not concerned about my history. Well, things has changed. Every time a painting is completed it's photographed and an inventory sheet is started. Additional notes are written on the back and receipts stapled to it, all kept in a ring-binder. Digital photos are stored on a separate external hard drive.  

Attached is an editable PDF form of my own Inventory Sheet. Place your curser in the light violet box and type. If you are using Adobe Acrobat full version you can attach photo(s) to the Inventory Sheet. I have also included a Word docx. Place your curser above the fill-in line and type. Please note when you import your image: insert > picture > from file -- the image will not fall in the indicated Image Box Area (top left.) Simple fix, right click > arrange > in front of text, place and size. Of course you can printout the sheet and do it old school with a pencil or pen.
This article also includes my personal library pick. It's 'I'd Rather Be in the Studio! The Artist's No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion' by Alyson B. Stanfield. Her sage advice is a must have book. She walks you through every step of getting your art out of the studio and in front of buyers and collectors. This would make a great Holiday gift and a perfect way to start your New Years resolution. I personally ordered from her website and received a PDF--great for my iPad, a printed book and two recordings for a few bucks more than Amazon. http://artbizcoach.com, http://artbizblog.com and http://facebook.com/artbizcoach

Here's an excerpt from Alyson's book regarding keeping a record of your artwork 
alyson Stanfield book

I have an instructional story to share with you. I met with an elderly man (I'll call him Mr. Smith) whose wife had Alzheimer's. She had been a painter and was now in a nursing home. He was interested in selling off her works. It wasn't money he was after. He was simply trying to find nice homes for the paintings.

Mr. Smith showed me his wife's r�sum� along with slides (unlabeled) of her work. Her r�sum� revealed that she had exhibited in a variety of annual shows in her home state, but no dates were given. Mr. Smith wanted me to estimate a value for the paintings so that he could price them. I don't appraise artwork, but I often talk with artists about pricing their art and could have worked with him on that. However . . .Mr. and Mrs. Smith may indeed have had many more records, but they were probably packed away without much order and it would have required a great deal of effort to get
to them. It was effort he didn't seem willing to make. Without dates and sales records, it was difficult to devise a fair pricing scale.

There are three lessons to be learned from this story.
1. Keep a meticulous inventory of your art. If you don't have an updated inventory list, it's hard to tell what you have available. No one-not even you-would beable to tell quickly what titles you have, what the works are, what the dimensions are, and which works have sold.

2. Track your sales record. If you don't keep track of dates and prove that your reputation has grown and sales have increased, there is no reason to believe that your works would have gone up in value. (Try telling the IRS that you don't know where things are or what happened to them.)
Don't leave the dirty work for someone else to tackle when you're gone.

Keep this story in mind whenever you question spending time inventorying your artwork. If you're just starting out, keeping an inventory may seem like overkill. As your career blossoms, you'll be thrilled you set up systems to grow with you.

To read more from Alyson's book regarding Categories for Your Inventory click here...
2013-2014 WINTER 
palette and chisel logo
Palette & Chisel
Academy of Fine Art

of Drawing 
and Painting 
101, 102, 103
Rooted on the Edge
�2013 Dale L Popovich
book cover painting
Nelson Lake Road
� 2013 Robert J Krajeck
Session #2:
Jan 7-Mar 13, 2014


Session #3: 
Mar. 19-May 23, 2013


Ten Weeks


Tuesdays and Thursdays  


TUITION: $560 (includes $35 P&C reregistration fee) 


Class size: 16  
This course is vital all students wishing to pursue a successful art career, as well as students who wish to improve their drawing or painting skills. This course begins with Fundamentals 101, which stresses drawing and composition, then continues with Fundamentals 102, which stresses color theory and application. In 103, students put the practical theories and applications learned in 101 and 102 through several landscape paintings. Each assignment is designed specifically for both the beginning fine artist as well as the intermediate students. This course covers the basics of theory and practice, composition, linear perspective, and many of the various techniques of painting. Following the tradition of the Academy method of instruction, all three levels are taught  in the same classroom, which encourages reinforcement of theories and practices within all levels.  


Fundamentals 201: All students that have completed the Fundamentals 101, 102, and 103 can continue with 201 class to choose areas that they wish to improve.


All assignments will be individually designed to help the student in the area or areas that they choose. Each assignment will be incorporated with painting landscapes, seascapes, and still life or figures.

How to Paint in Watercolor
�2013 Dale L Popovich Autumn Sundown
Class #912
Jan 9-Feb 6, 2014 
Meets 1:30 PM-4:00 PM on Thursdays 
Medium: Fundamentals, Watercolor    
Level: All Levels
Tuition: $175.00 (includes $35 P&C registration fee)
Status: Available

Class #913
Feb 13-Mar 13, 2014 
Meets 1:30 PM-4:00 PM on Thursdays 
Medium: Fundamentals, Watercolor    
Level: All Levels
Tuition: $175.00 (includes $35 P&C registration fee)
Status: Available

In this class you will learn to implement key concepts and watercolor painting techniques that will allow you to have a deeper understanding of the medium. Each art lesson includes one-on-one guidance with focus on the top principles of creating a solid painting:

* How to draw
* Value relationships
* How to paint color interpretation* Composition
* Watercolor techniques
* How to use your art supplies

As you understand these elements through painting pictures, you will have better control of the medium and gain a deeper understanding of the creative process of transparent watercolor painting.
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Dale Popovich
and Bob Krajecki
are offering Gift Certificates
for their Palette & Chisel classes this year.

Bob Krajecki and Dale Popovich are offering Gift Certificates for their Palette & Chisel classes this year. Give creativity to your friends, family and business associates this holiday season.

Gift certificates are available for:

* Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting with Bob Krajecki and Dale Popovich

* How to Paint in Watercolor with Dale Popovich

For more information please contact
William J. Ewers
The Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Phone: (312) 642-4590

Dale L. Popovich 
Studio: (219) 838-8645  dale-popovich
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Dale L. Popovich is an award-winning watercolorist and teacher who is passionate about capturing the raw beauty of the American landscape with the fluid stroke of a brush. Talent and training aside, it's Dale's vision that best informs his work. Temporarily blinded at age 20 for 1-1/2 years, Dale learned to rely on his mind's eye to sustain him. After a nine hour major brain surgery removing a cyst on his optic nerve, he had to learn how to walk, talk and write again. With vision finally restored, he discovered he could see more clearly than before, easily filtering out the visual "noise" around him to focus on a subject's essentials. His paintings began to reflect a certain purity of perception, and this "way of seeing" became the hallmark of his painting.  


Spending his childhood summers in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Dale learned to love its colors, textures, denizens and moods. Today, his paintings celebrate these American landscapes and man's humble efforts to tame it. 
Trained at The American Academy of Art in Chicago by Director and President, Irving Shapiro, AWS. Dale was deeply inspired by this great American twentieth-century watercolorist. Dale later taught for many years at The American Academy of Art. Currently, he teaches at the prestigious Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Art in Chicago, and in his own studio. Devoted to both painting and teaching, Dale's work hangs in collections around the country.

Recent awards and shows include:
2013 - Illiana Artists, Chesterton, IN - Second Place
2013 - Indiana Heritage Arts, Nashville, IN
2013 - Illinois Watercolor Society, Dixon, IL
2012 - Indiana Heritage Arts, Nashville, IN - Award of Merit 
2011- Indiana Heritage Arts, Nashville, IN - Award of Merit  
2010 - Indiana Heritage Arts, Nashville, IN - Award of Merit   
2006 - Indiana Heritage Arts, Nashville, IN - Award of Excellence 

� 2013 Observer. Artist. Watercolorist. Dale L Popovich    � 2013 Dale L Popovich     All rights reserve. 

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